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The Brazilian manufactured Unique Menstrual Disc first launched in 2018.  It was only available in Brazil at the time and under the name Easy Disc which fell in line with the rest of their Easy Cup Menstrual Cups.  One Easy Disc made it to the USA and soon after to the UK.  It then got a name change and packaging facelift and was offered worldwide through a FaceBook group sales page, shipping from the USA, and the UK.  From there, the company found vendors to sell their goods and no longer needed the FaceBook group.

The Unique Disc is the only one of its kind to offer various sizes; small, medium, and large.  It also features a long stem that is not found on any other disc that is easily available (there is one in China that has not been seen on the market yet).  Although this stem is very long, it is meant to locate the disc and not actually use it to pull and remove it.  It can be trimmed down or completely off as needed.

Although Unique can be found in various online shops, the best value is through their site directly.  The company offers a buy 1 get 1 deal in which you can mix and match colors and sizes for $42 (for two discs).  

Lumma Unique Menstrual Disc | Review

What’s Included

The Unique Disc arrives in a box which includes a user manual and silicone carrying/storage case.

Who is it Meant For?

Since the Unique is available in three different sizes, users can customize their experience by choosing a disc that is suitable for them.  Like all menstrual discs on the market, the Unique can be worn for mess-free period sex. 

How it works?

Unlike menstrual cups, the disc is pinched at the center and then inserted beyond the cervix into the vaginal fornix nearest to the rectum and tucked above the pubic bone.  The soft reservoir collects menstrual fluid for up to 12 hours. 

Special Features

Type of material –  The Unique Disc is made of silicone and can be reused.  

Out of all of my menstrual cups and disc, I find that the clear or transparent colors tend to stain a lot quicker.  I also noticed that one of my transparent colored discs got sticky after only a few months with regular washing and soaking in peroxide like I normally would with a stained cup.  The only thing that I did differently was that the disc was soaked more often in peroxide than any other of my period products.  That disc is now no longer in use.
Please check with the company before using Hydrogen Peroxide on any of your cups or disc.

Rim – The rim of the Unique is a perfect circle that will spring back to its original shape after a few seconds. 

  • The rim of the small Unique Disc measures 54 mm in diameter.  
  • The rim of the medium Unique Disc measures 62 mm in diameter.  
  • The rim of the large Unique Disc measures 70 mm in diameter.  

Although it may seem wide, discs are folded and positioned differently than a standard menstrual cup.  

Reservoir – The reservoir on the Unique is thicker than any other disc on the market, although it is still thin enough not to be detected by you or a partner.  This thin silicone film collects the menstrual flow.  While it holds a high capacity fully expanded, users have found that this is not always the case.  When the disc is inside of the body, the film may not expand to its full extent.

Firmness of rim – The rim of the Unique is medium-firm.  This firmness helps get the disc to open even though it has a wide diameter. 

Out of all of the menstrual discs available to me in the USA, this has been the easiest to insert, and most comfortable to wear.  I have never felt like it was going to slide down or out, and didn’t have any issues with removal.  

Firmness of reservoir – Although it is still a thin film, the reservoir is thicker on the Unique than any other menstrual disc that I own.  Because it’s not as lightweight as the other reservoirs, it seems to expand and hold more even if other discs hold about the same capacity.  As mentioned before, it should not be detectable by you or your partner if used while having penetrative intercourse.

Size (only one has different sizes) – 

  • The small Unique Disc is suitable for users with a low to a medium cervix.
  • The medium Unique Disc has been reported to feel comfortable for any cervical height.
  • The large Unique Disc may be more comfortable for users with a medium to high cervix.

As a user with a medium to a high cervix, I prefer the large no matter where my cervix is located.  It has been easy to use and comfortable to wear.  Although the medium has never failed me, I tend to choose larger sizes for the extra capacity and wear time.

Capacity – 

  • The small Unique holds a maximum of 30 ml when fully expanded.
  • The medium Unique holds a maximum of 55 ml when fully expanded. 
  • The large Unique holds a maximum of 60 ml when fully expanded.

Remember that the reservoir may not fully expand during use.

Colors –

Detailed User Manual

The Unique website offers brief and general insertion and removal instructions with illustrations.  While the instructions aren’t very detailed, the illustrations are a nice visual to follow.

Alternatives to the Unique Disc

At this time, the Unique Disc is just that, unique.  There are no other discs easily obtainable that are exactly like it.  The three sizes and location stem set this cup apart from the rest. 

If you’re looking for a disc that may open easily, the SoftDisc/Flex Disc would be the firmer option.  However, it is not made of silicone and is not reusable.  The SoftDisc/Flex Disc has the same diameter as the largest Unique Disc.


The Unique Disc offers a size for all menstruators no matter what their cervical height.  They also included a handy stem to locate the disc if it is needed or can be trimmed if not.  Their affordable price for two discs makes this a good deal for new or avid users.

There were complaints about the quality of the silicone and the finished product when they first launched.  These included jagged and uneven cuts, gauged silicone, extra silicone, rough sanding, unidentified particles melted into the silicone, etc., but I haven’t heard or read anything lately (2020).

The discs that I received didn’t have any major issues like the ones listed above.  It ended up being my favorite of the few discs offered on the market.  It may stain easier and faster than most of my cups and discs, but that’s a small price to pay for the ease, comfort, and freedom that it provides me.  

I’m not a huge fan of using menstrual discs everyday/all-day, but I like to use them almost every night while on my period just in case the mood is right 🙂

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you insert Lumma discs?

The disc is pinched at the center and inserted into the vagina to expand under the cervix.  It can be worn for up to 12 hours to collect the menstrual flow and then removed, rinsed or washed, and reused, or stored away for your next period.

Are Lumma 'Unique' discs FDA registered?

Although the Unique Disc is not manufactured in the USA, the specific establishment that handles distribution is registered with the FDA.

Are Lumma 'Unique' discs safe?

The Unique Disc is safe to use for up to 12 hours.  However, it may need to be emptied before that.

Can you pee and poop while wearing Lumma menstrual discs?

Yes, the Unique Disc can be left in place while you use the toilet.  Since the disc is worn internally, no part of it should interfere.

  1. I have been using them for a three months and already notice major staining. I previously used cups and never gave any issues with smell but lately when I empty them I notice a smell. The disc also now is stained and smells too. Is it just me?

  2. Thanks for the review!!! It helps me a lot. May I ask why yoyu’re not a fan of using the discs for day time?

    • Hello Felicia!

      In my experience (from the first time using a menstrual cup to recently), I find that if I bear down too much, the disc will drop low enough to not just leak, but gush :O
      There are users who bear down on purpose to empty their discs while they’re on the toilet without removing it. However, this same action happens to me when I stand up from a sitting position, when I cough, laugh, sneeze, or lift something (like my small dogs).
      I just don’t feel confident using a disc while I’m away from home if I have anything more than a light period, but I’m glad that many others are able to get them to work so well.

      Good Luck!
      <3 Red Herring
      RedHerringTV on YouTube

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