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Athena Cup Sizes and Models

The Athena Cup is a menstrual cup that is manufactured in China. It is made of silicone and comes in 2 different sizes/models:

Note: Similar cup design/model can be found under the following name(s): Blossom, Sunsmiler, Lola Cup, Rose Cup, Brisa Cup, Neat Cup, Vida Cup, Luna Cup, BodyBay, California Cup, Skinco, Rustic Art, Flower Pot, Ava Loona, Easy Cup, EasyMoon, Charlene, Cup'ax, Diamond Cup, Femma's Cup, Femme Essentials, Playtamx, Sileu, Sure Cycle, Vubino, Happy Girl, Liberte, Aneer, iCare, Spequix, Coomammy, Timkdle, Fairyfox Cup and many more! May also be sold without a "brand" name.
Athena Cup
Small (1)
42 mm
62 mm
51 mm
11 mm
20 ml
28 ml
2.5 /5
3 /5
3 /5
Athena Cup
Large (2)
45 mm
65 mm
54 mm
11 mm
25 ml
34 ml
3 /5
2.5 /5
3 /5
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    I was a little nervous to switch to a menstrual cup, but I knew it was something I was interested in trying. After quite a bit of research on different brands of cups, I settled on the Athena Cup, as it seemed to be the best price for the highest quality cup. There was definitely a steep learning curve with this cup. It took several tries to insert it correctly the first few times using it, but once it’s in it is comfortable. I still wear a liner for my own peace of mind, but I haven’t experienced any leaks. It’s such a relief to be able to sleep through the night without worrying about over wearing a tampon or feeling wet with a pad. After 5 months of using this cup, I still sometimes struggle to insert it properly, and at times simply give up and use a tampon. However, I am getting better and insertion gets easier each time, so my costs for tampons and other menstrual products has decreased significantly, which makes me very happy! Overall, I am very happy with this product!

    + PROS: - safe to wear for 12 hours... meaning you can change it in the morning and in the evening from the comforts of home, and wear it safely overnight - cheaper in the long run when you stop buying tampons and pads - comfortable - easy to sanitize
    - CONS: - insertion can be difficult at times
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