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Amy Cups are made in Italy from soft, medical-grade silicone and TPEs (thermoplastic elastomers) that meet ISO certifications for safety. AmyCups are available in pharmacies throughout Italy, and you can also purchase them online. AmyCup claims that the fluid-capacity of their AmyCup Crystal is one of the largest you will find.

It seems that this company started with the AmyCup original, which they have now rebranded as the AmyCup In&Out. The AmyCup Crystal is a more traditional type of menstrual cup compared to the AmyCup In&Out.


AmyCup Models (Sizes and Details)
Everything You Need to Know:


1. The AmyCup Crystal

The AmyCup Crystal is a traditional menstrual cup in comparison to the AmyCup In&Out. It comes in two sizes.

Colors: Dark aqua

Firmness Rating:

-Rim Firmness: n/a

-Body Firmness: 5

AmyCup Crystal Small details:

  • Diameter: 42 mm
  • Cup length: 4.5 cm
  • Stem Length: 2.2 cm
  • Total Length: 7cm
  • Capacity to rim: 24 ml
  • Capacity to air holes: 28 ml

AmyCup Crystal Medium details:

  • Diameter: 47 mm
  • Cup length: 4.8 cm
  • Stem Length: 2.2 cm
  • Total Length: 7.0 cm
  • Capacity to rim: 34 ml
  • Capacity to air holes: 38 ml

How to use the the AmyCup Crystal

  • AmyCup Crystal insertion. Get into the position that you’re most comfortable— either sitting on the toilet, standing, squatting or kneeling. Fold your AmyCup and hold it firmly between your thumb and index finger. Use your other hand to clear the way and insert the Amy cup and guide it upward with your fingers. Release your hold, and the cup will expand for a snug fit inside the vagina.
  • AmyCup Crystal removal. To remove the AmyCup Crystal, find the stem with your fingers and use that as a guide to find the base of your cup. Squeeze the base, or the rim if you can reach it, to release its hold. Then gently pull the AmyCup Crystal out, dump the contents, preferably into the toilet, and rinse the cup off with water and, optionally, mild soap before reinserting.
  • AmyCup Crystal care. To care for your Amy cup, sterilize it each month by boiling it for three minutes in a sauce pan filled with water, kind of like if you were sterilizing a baby bottle. Otherwise, wash your cup with warm water and neutral soap.


2. AmyCup IN & OUT

The IN&OUT cup kind of looks like a lightbulb with its screw-in bottom, and it doesn’t have a stem that you can trim. This product is really interesting– AmyCup describes it as the most “evolved” menstrual cup because it can be inserted and removed without ever having to put your fingers inside your vagina. Both the cup and In&Out applicator are made from the same medical grade silicone. When you order the AmyCup In&Out kit you get a case, an In&Out applicator, the menstrual cup and cup lubricating gel. I could not find any verifiable measurements for the IN&OUT cup.

Colors: Light pink

Firmness Rating:

-Rim Firmness: n/a

-Body Firmness: 4


AmyCup IN&OUT Small details:

  • Diameter: n/a
  • Cup length: n/a
  • Stem Length: n/a
  • Total Length: n/a
  • Capacity to holes: n/a
  • Capacity to rim: n/a


AmyCup IN&OUT Medium details:

  • Diameter: n/a
  • Cup length: n/a
  • Stem Length: n/a
  • Total Length: n/a
  • Capacity to holes: n/a
  • Capacity to rim: n/a


How to use the AmyCup In&Out

  • AmyCup In&Out insertion. Put some lubricant around the rim of the applicator. Then, fold down the cup and stick it into the applicator so that just the rim of the cup is above the top of the applicator. Apply lubricant around the rim of the cup to make insertion easier. Then insert the cup and applicator like you would insert a tampon. Then put your finger in the open end of the applicator and push the cup out of the applicator. Withdraw the applicator, and you’re done.
  • AmyCup In&Out removal.  Take the applicator and lubricate the inside and outside threads. Then find the bottom of the menstrual cup, insert the applicator and twist it a few times so that it has a hold on the cup. Rather than squeezing the base of the cup with your fingers, you should jiggle the applicator so that the cup releases the suction from your body. Then gently remove the applicator and the cup.
  • AmyCup In&Out care. I couldn’t find any instructions for this, but since it’s made from medical-grade silicone, I’m sure it’s fine to boil it periodically and to wash it with water and mild soap.



Customer feedback and Videos

The AmyCup Crystal, the more traditional menstrual cup of the two offered by AmyCup, has decent customer ratings although the base is very round and can be difficult to grip.

However, per customer reviews, it seems like the In&Out cup with applicator might be a better idea than it is an actual product. For one, you can’t trim any part of this cup to make it more comfortable to wear if you need it to be shorter. Also, when it comes to removal, it’s very hard to break the cup’s suction just by jiggling the cup. It’s simpler to reach in and give the cup a squeeze with your fingers. It sounds like the best thing to do is use the applicator for insertion, but then use your fingers to remove the AmyCup In&Out.


About the company

The AmyCup company is based in Italy. I was unable to find any detailed information about them.



Where to buy

We thoroughly review menstrual cups, but we aren’t a menstrual cup retailer. If you’d like to buy an AmyCup, please go here.

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