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LaliCup Sizes and Models

The LaliCup is a menstrual cup that is manufactured in Slovenia. It is made of Silicon and comes in 3 different sizes/models:
40 mm
72 mm
47 mm
25 mm
20 ml
27 ml
3 /5
3 /5
3 /5
44 mm
73 mm
52 mm
21 mm
28 ml
36 ml
3 /5
3 /5
3 /5
47 mm
73 mm
55 mm
18 mm
31 ml
40 ml
3 /5
3 /5
3 /5
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LaliCup Menstrual Cup – Choose From Three Sizes for your Goldilocks “Just Right” Fit

Slovenia is a heavily forested country in south central Europe that’s known for its 10,000+ caves, huge brown bear population and abundance of wineries. And now it can also be known as the home of the LaliCup menstrual cup, which is produced by a company based out of Slovenia’s capital city, Ljubljana.

This menstrual cup is formed from soft, 100 percent medical-grade silicone and is free from potentially irritating latex and that bad stuff known as BPA. The LaliCup website goes into great detail about their production process and their emphasis on using the most hygienic, high-quality silicones. 

Their cups are listed as having an impressive capacity for holding fluid, which they say is due to their innovative design. These cups also have a channel built into them that makes it easier to fold the cup smaller for insertion.

The air holes near the rim are slightly larger than what you might normally see in a menstrual cup; this is so that the holes will be easier to clean. LaliCup also says the base of their cup has been specially designed to prevent the cup from rotating while you’re wearing it. LaliCup offers a selection of colors and sizes, which are described in detail below.


LaliCup Sizes and Details – Everything You Need to Know

LaliCup Models S, M and L

All LaliCups come in your choice of four colors, and you can also choose from three sizes or “models” as LaliCup calls them.  Each cup comes with a super-cute zippered pouch for storing your cup. Here are the details on the models.


  • Clear
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green

LaliCup model S is recommended for women with strong vaginal muscles (yoni egg users, perhaps?), or for women with a light menstrual flow, or those who have never had vaginal intercourse. It’s made of a very soft, flexible silicone.

LaliCup model M is the cup to choose if you experience a medium-to-heavy flow.

LaliCup Model L is the cup that is suggested for use by older women who may have weaker vaginal muscles. It’s also the best choice in LaliCups if you experience heavy periods or have given birth vaginally.


How to use the LaliCup

LaliCup insertion. Fold your LaliCup into a smaller size for insertion. LaliCup goes into painstaking detail on their website about the different ways to fold the cup. Insert the cup into the lower part of the vagina. Once it feels comfortable in place, release your grip on it.

LaliCup removal. Relax and squeeze the base of the cup firmly. It should be easy to pull the cup out of the vagina; if it’s not, that means you need to squeeze the base some more to release the seal.

LaliCup care. During your period, wash the cup with tap water. You could also wipe it clean with intimate wipes. To sterilize the cup, submerge it in boiling water for two to five minutes.


Customer feedback

The majority of customers praise the high quality of the LaliCup. One customer complained that it was difficult to remove because the rounded base is hard to grip.


About the company

LaliCup is based in Ljubljiana, Slovenia. They started their company because they’d been importing menstrual cups from other countries and weren’t happy with their quality. They also offer period panties, cloth pads, intimate wipes, sponge tampons and other items for women on their website.


Where to buy 

We’re just reviewers of the LaliCup, we don’t sell it. However, you can get the best deals on LaliCups by shopping from the links in the top of this page.

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  1. Overall Score

    I Must say that LaliCup was worth every penny I spent on it! I don’t know why I didn’t try it sooner. Since I have heavy period flow, I purchased model L and it never once leaked or overflowed. At first I was worried about how I would be able to work out or swim with a menstrual cup (will I feel it, will the stem be problematic, will it leak…) but LaliCup stays in place during all physical activities and the stem is flexible so it does not bother me at all.
    Women go for it, you will definitely not regret it! =)

    + PROS: + high capacity cup for my heavy period + doesn't leak + doesn't irritate
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  2. Overall Score

    I can’t seem to find anything wrong with this cup. It’s not too soft, not too firm, has a high capacity, and isn’t uncomfortable at all. I was actually able to have a BM while wearing it, and that’s not something I can normally do. I do wish it were cheaper, but at the same time, I certainly don’t regret paying the price. I think I’m done searching for cups.

    + PROS: Right firmness High capacity comfortable
    - CONS: Price maybe?
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  3. I just got this cup yesterday and am eager to try it and so have so far only done a dry run. So far it’s very comfortable and easy to insert and open. I don’t know about leaks yet, but I’ll repost another review when I used it on my cycle
    This cup is a wee bit on the soft side, so I had to use a 7 fold to open it up. The stiffer cups I can use a C fold with.

  4. Overall Score

    I received the Lalicup very quickly and i am super impressed with it. Absolutely no leaks or any other issues! It has a great bell-shaped body and suits my anatomy perfectly. It is soft and comfortable and easy to remove. I’ve been using menstrual cups for 3 years now and Lali cup is far my favorite cup. The silicon is well made, the stem is soft and flexible so you don`t feel it at all and the grip marks are very strong so the cup is easy to reach.The capacity of 40,1 ml is great. I have heavy flow and volume of this cup is perfect for me. I’m very satisfied that I have found my ‘goldilocks’ cup and would recommend it to any woman who is looking for a good, medium firm cup with great capacity.

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