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Lady Cup Sizes and Models

The Lady Cup is a menstrual cup that is manufactured in Europe. It is made of silicone and comes in 2 different sizes/models:
Lady Cup
40 mm
65 mm
46 mm
19 mm
15 ml
21 ml
3 /5
3 /5
3 /5
Lady Cup
46 mm
66 mm
53 mm
13 mm
26 ml
34 ml
3 /5
3 /5
3 /5
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Since the invention of the menstrual cup, many companies have tried to make their designs feature something that sets them apart from other types of menstrual cups. Many cups still remain very like others, however the Ladycup is very unique and different from other menstrual cup versions in a multitude of ways, even though it is made from medical-grade silicone like other menstrual cups on the market.

The Ladycup set the bar for menstrual cups years ago when it first entered the market by offering the first colored, menstrual cups. The Ladycup also boasts a sleek, modern, and smooth design that makes it simple to care for, use, and clean. It features a shelf-life of 15 years, consists of bumps on the stem for an easy grasp when removing, and has slanted holes on the rim that come clean with running water.




Ladycup Sizes, Color, and Other Options

All Ladycups come with a recycled box, instructions, and a bright printed, 100% cotton storage bag (print determined with color choice.) The Ladycup, menstrual cup is available in two sizes, 13 assorted (bright and glossy) colors, and in a number of options in combination with other Ladycup products and accessories.


Sizes for Ladycup

Small (S)

The Small Ladycup size is recommended for young teens (LadyTeen), women who have not had a child yet or have not given birth vaginally, and women who are under the age of 25.

Large (L)

The Large Ladycup size is recommended best for more adult women who have had a baby vaginally, or that are over the age of 25.

* Like many other menstrual cups the stem on the Ladycup can be trimmed to shorten its length and make it more a customized fit for you. Only remove a small amount at a time, and be certain not to damage the cup while cutting it.



Ladycup Color Options

As aforementioned, the Ladycup was the first brand of menstrual cups to offer color options to female customers.

Ladycups are available in the largest color selection of any menstrual cup brand- and has 13 brilliant colors for you to choose from: Transparent, Touch of Lavender, Wild Cherry, Summer Plum, Sweet Strawberry, Turquoise, Wild Honeysuckle, Green, Yellow, Blue, Pink, Orange and Lilac


The Ladycup website is also holding a vote for the next color poll, so that customers can choose the color that they release next- so there will be another color introduced soon.



Ladycup Pacs, Limited Edition Set, and Gift Sets

Ladycup offers their Ladycup menstrual cup for sale in single form, but they also have a number of packs, gift sets, and even a limited edition set of 7 cups, so that you can get more value out of their Ladycup products.


Economic Pac

Included 1 Ladycup (choice of color & size), instructions, plastic bag, and cotton pouch.


Duo Pac

Includes 2 Ladycups (Choice of 2 colors & sizes), instructions, two plastic bags, and 2 cotton pouches.


Gift Set 1

Includes 1 Ladycup (Choice of color & size), instructions, one plastic bag, 1 cotton pouch, 1 Milton sterilizing tablet, 2 Ladywipes, and 50 ml bottle of Lady Sanitizer.


Gift Set 2

Includes 1 Ladycup (Choice of color & size), instructions, one plastic bag, 1 cotton pouch, 1 box (28 ct.) Milton sterilizing tablets, and 2 Ladywipes.


Gift Set 3

Includes 1 Ladycup (Choice of color & size), instructions, one plastic bag, 1 cotton pouch, 2 Milton sterilizing tablets, 2 Ladywipes, and 1-300 ml of Ladygel.


Gift Set 4

Includes 1 Ladycup (Choice of color & size), instructions, one plastic bag, 1 cotton pouch, 1 Milton sterilizing tablet, 2 Ladywipes, and 1-300 ml bottle of Lady Sanitizer.


Limited Edition

Choose Your Colors of the Week- You can purchase your week of colors from Ladycup in limited edition which includes: 7 reusable Ladycups (your choice of colors and sizes), 7 bright-print pouches (your choices), 1 case, 1 sticker.




Ladycup and Ladyteen

From the same manufacturer of Ladycup- there has been a Ladyteen “brand name and individual website” established which caters and targets female teenagers who have just started their periods and learning about their bodies. The Ladycup is sold on this website as well in both sizes, as well as many other Ladycup made and owned products.



Ladycup Special Features and Attributes

Here are a few special features and attributes which make the Ladycup, menstrual cup irreplaceable to some women.

  • Big variety of options in colors
  • Smooth design makes it easy to use, and simple to wash
  • Optimal shape for best comfort
  • Great overall quality-lasts for up to 15 years
  • Slanted holes in the rim boast easy cleaning and rinsing
  • Stem is customizable and can be trimmed according to preference
  • Bumps instead of holes on the stem for easy-grip removal
  • Maximum flexibility form, soft yet firm for best performance and experience with use
  • Affordable- features return in investment after 4 months






LadyCup Pros

Bumps in the base and stem make the cup easy to remove – The Ladycup contains bumps all over it that help with removing and inserting it, but that cause no discomfort.
The colors in the cups are glossy and bright – Consumers remark that the color availability in the Ladycup is awesome and that when they receive their cups that the colors are bright and the glossy finish of the cup adds a nice touch to the presentation of the cup.
Very compatible with all menstrual cup folds to insert – Users state that the Ladycup is very easy to insert and that any fold technique can be used to properly insert it.
Slant on the holes contained on the rim point down for easy washing and cleaning – Customers of the Ladycup state that the slant on the holes are different than other menstrual cup types. You can hold the cup slanted downward underneath running water and easily rinse any residue of fluid that gets trapped in them.
Both sizes are interchangeable and smaller than other menstrual cups – The small is smaller than most brands so it can accommodate teens menstrual feminine needs better- Reviewers report that the sizes in the Ladycup run smaller than other menstrual cup brands and that this is a perfect cup for a menstrual cup beginner or for a young teen that has just started menstruating.


LadyCup Cons

Out of all the reviews perused on the Ladycup, menstrual cup. There was really only one single negative comment on it that stood out by one consumer not pleased with a few trivial aspects of the Ladycup.

The silicone is sticky, and the cotton from the bag leaves a film on the cup – This particular negative insight into the Ladycup- was a single customer’s experience. The Ladycup is soft silicone so it should be a little sticky- to ease insertion one can remedy insertion and removal by using a lubricant while inserting, and removing it with dry hands. Additionally, the cotton film that is left by storing it in the bag can be rinsed off with washing, or removed by using a sterilizing tablet.



Ladycup Customer Reviews and Remarks



Ladycup Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that you may have some questions about the Ladycup, menstrual cup before you decide to buy it- so we have addressed some of the questions that get asked frequently on the Ladycup. They are listed below:
What is the difference between Ladycup and Ladyteen?

Ladycup is a menstrual cup brand that offers solely menstrual cup products (individually and in kits) on the website which are available in a number of sizes and colors. The Ladyteen company is the same company that has branched out to market other products to the genre of young adults just beginning to understand menstruation. The Ladyteen site sells the Ladycup, menstrual cup in all color choices and sizes, and also sells other products that the Ladycup company produces such as lubricants, cloth pads, sterilizing tablets, accessories, the LadyP, and more.

Is the Ladycup suitable for women who menstruate heavily?

Yes, the Ladycup offers a gracious holding capacity in both sizes and can be used by women who experience heavy menstruation.

How long can I wear the Ladycup without emptying it?

The Ladycup can be worn for up to 12 hours without requiring you to empty it, however individual circumstances (heavy flow), smaller size, and more can impact how often that you should empty your Ladycup.

What material is the Ladycup made from?

The Ladycup is made from liquid silicone that is medically certified as safe for use when in contact with the female body and skin.

What is the best way to sterilize and clean the Ladycup?

The Ladycup can be cleaned and washed with gentle soap and warm water. When no water is available or in public restrooms- you can wipe the ladycup out with wet wipes or with toilet paper. Additionally, the Ladycup company offers a pack of sterilization tablets that work very well to sterilize your cups between uses. These tablets are available separately or in gift sets.

How long can I expect my Ladycup to last before replacing it?

The Ladycup will last up to 15 years without need for replacing when cared for well.

Is the Ladycup shipped discreetly?

Yes, the Ladycup is shipped in discreet packaging so that you have no worries that anyone will know what the package contains.

Will the Ladycup leak?

One average you should experience no leaks with the ladycup, menstrual cup. However, leaks may occur in beginning use while you learn how to insert the cup- so it is advised to wear panty-liners in the beginning. Also if you experience leaks with the Ladycup, and you sure you have inserted it properly you should check the size to make certain that you have chosen the right one for you.

Is the Ladycup safer than tampons?

Yes, the Ladycup is much better for your body, health and the environment. There is no risk of TSS (toxic shock syndrome) with the use of the Ladycup.

Is there a guarantee offered with the purchase of a Ladycup?

The Ladycup does come with a 2-year product guarantee and can be returned if damaged or if chosen in the wrong size unused for a refund, replacement cup, or replacement cup in a different size.



Ladycup Company Profile

The Ladycup Company is ran by Swiss management, but their manufacturing and distributing is monitored & governed by European standards. The Ladycup company has been in business since 2010 and has now also launched a “sister” website ‘Ladyteen’ which targets the feminine hygiene needs of young adults coming of age and also sells the Ladycup, menstrual cups in all available options.

In addition to menstrual cups, the Ladycup company also produces a number of other female hygienic products such as wipes, the LadyP (a feminine cup for urination), sterilization tablets, cloth menstrual pads, feminine wipes, lubrication gel, antibacterial gels, and a number of other accessories. The Ladycup company has become a highly respected company that supplies a large-base of products that are commonly used by women all over the world.



Ladycup Bottom Line- A Fantastic Product for All Women

The color options and wide-spread availability of the Ladycup menstrual cups make them delightful to use- and are one of the main reasons why the Ladycup has remained so popular for so long.

Ladycup has been a leading brand in menstrual cups forever now, and as a firmly established, well-trusted, menstrual cup brand – they permeate quality through delivering satisfaction to women of all walks and ages of life for good reason as you can clearly see from the comments that are made when women discover the advantages of using the Ladycup, menstrual cup.




Where to Buy Ladycup

We do not affiliate with any brands of menstrual cups we review. However, the Ladycup is offered internationally by all sorts of retailers. It can be purchased online conveniently, discreetly and securely through the vendors we have linked on the top of this page.

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  1. I’ve had this cup for about 5 years and love it. The size of the large is slightly smaller than other brands. The rim is medium firm, but the body of the cup (the curved part) is much softer. After trying another cup of a similar shape (Lunette) I found it was much firmer, and therefore harder and more uncomfortable to remove. I’m going to buy the LadyCup again instead. Its also a lot cheaper than other brands, even with postage and currency conversion if you’re not in Europe. It also comes with a cotton breathable bag, and you can get the cup in lots of different colours.

  2. Overall Score


    I’ve just bought this one based on the information you provided. And it’s been misleading. You say this cup is medium softness. But the rim is way firmer than the fleurcup for example. It’s a nightmare getting it out. I thought I was upgrading since I had some issues with my old fleurcup like peeing and pooing.

    I am really sad. I can not afford another cup and I thought this was it. Being a medium stiffness. But no. It’s not a 3. I’ve seen this now in other websites. They give this cup a 5 out of 5 in firmness.

    I’m really mad about this.

    + PROS: Opens effortlessly
    - CONS: Getting it out is painful. I'm not new to cups and I didn't have to do a c fold to try and get it out until this cup. And it's messy because of that.
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  3. This cup is another cup that is one of the most comfortable I’ve tried. I’ve collected a total of about 20 cups, and after trading and getting rid of what I didn’t want, this cup is among the ones I’m keeping.

  4. Overall Score

    I’ve used this brand of cup now for about a year and have to say that I’m really happy with it. Following the advice of the salesperson I talked to and a friend, I found it very easy to insert and remove, as long as I follow the directions.
    Another friend of mine used hers for about ten years before buying another of the same brand, because she’s been so happy with it.
    My sister has really bad menstrual cramps, so she’s never been able to use tampons. She can’t use this cup for the first day or two, because of the added pressure, but afterwards it works like a charm and doesn’t make the cramps worse! I would recommend it to anyone looking and plan to buy another in ten to fifteen years from now.

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  5. Overall Score

    After reading all the reviews, I decided to give this menstrual cup a try. The company was awesome and the delivery was as expected. The sanitizing tablets were a wonderful surprise because I thought boiling the cup was the only other option to sanitize the cup. The holes were easy to rinse out, came out cleaner after three days and the silicone was much softer and wider than the two others I have tried. Once I cut the stem off, I forgot it was even in there. Saved lots of money and landfills using this and lasts to up to 15 years. I find that my periods are more comfortable, menstrual cramps have lessened, swimming is fun any day, clean underwear for up to 12 hours at night and nearly scent free! I only use the disposables when I forget to bring the cup with me. Even then I regret using the regular menstrual pads because it is so smelly, creates garbage, messy, bulky, noisy, too much moisture, rashes my skin and restricting.

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  6. Overall Score

    Cheap, hard plastic, and very painful when it pops open. When I received the cup, it looked like it had been delivered on a pony through bad weather. It was so dirty and carelessly sent, I was apprehensive about using it. Terrible company and crummy cup. I ought two by the way… They both suck.

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  7. Overall Score

    I really like the smooth texture, comfortable feel of this lilac menstrual cup bought in 2010. I have tried two other brands and they hurt! I am glad I have settled with this one. Thanks.

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