Dutchess Cup ® Review – Is it a Hit or Miss?


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Dutchess Cup Sizes and Models

The Dutchess Cup is a menstrual cup that is manufactured in China. It is made of silicone and comes in 2 different sizes/models:
Dutchess Cup
Small (B)
42 mm
62 mm
52 mm
10 mm
20 ml
25 ml
2.5 /5
3 /5
3 /5
Dutchess Cup
Large (A)
45 mm
65 mm
55 mm
10 mm
25 ml
30 ml
3 /5
2.5 /5
3 /5
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  1. Overall Score

    I purchased these cups in two colors in the large size as I find this the snuggest fit for me without any discomfort. While the price was a factor in my decision to purchase, so was the design at the cup bottom as I have had difficulties in the ‘pull’ they add on there and these were the type I don’t have an issue with as they are shorter and have no sharp areas to poke inside with. The thickness of the silicone of the cup is impressive and strong which creates a good solid suction inside to prevent leakage and yet they are not difficult for me to remove daily.

    Now for what my concerns are: There was no plastic bag sealed around the cup I received. This is a problem for me because I cannot tell if the cup was returned and new or not. The box arrived smashed so if there was a seal on it I don’t know but either way, the cup itself should have been sealed after sanitization for our protection. I asked the seller about this and they assured me they do come in sealed plastic bags and will look into this to prevent future issues with this concern. I was then instructed to return it to Amazon and this is the cause of my issue with it possibly being an already returned item. There is no way to know if they are simply resold without sanitization or being resealed prior and my advice is to pay close attention to this detail. If you buy one that isn’t in sealed plastic don’t use it and return it immediately to protect yourself since we can’t be sure they do.

    + PROS: Thick solid silicone construction
    - CONS: No protective plastic bag on mine to tell if it is new
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  2. Overall Score

    I recently bought this and it’s my 1 see time I ever used a cup. It going in easily and I haven’t had any leakage. Sometimes it can be hard to get a grip on. If I push down on my muscles a little then I can punch the bottom of it to remove it. It’s very comfortable I don’t even know it’s in.

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  3. Overall Score

    This has been one of the best purchases I have ever made! I love the Dutchess Cup as I can quantify how much blood I use with the measurement lines inside the cup. It is super easy to use and easy to clean which I really appreciate. I have been using it now for 4 months without one leakage. I have not kept in the cup longer than 12 hours and would say I have a heavy flow.

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  4. Overall Score

    I really like my Duchess Cup. It’s the only cup I’ve tried, but it fits me fine and I haven’t had any serious issues. One of the first nights I tried it, I did have leakage, but from what I read, that’s a normal part of the trial and error in learning how to use one.

    + PROS: Less expensive than some other options(I paid about $20 for a 2 pack) Works Stem isn't too long
    - CONS: The shades of the colors available feel dated. The 2 pack only came with one pouch.
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