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Dutchess Cup Sizes and Models

Dutchess Cup is a menstrual cup that is manufactured in China. It is made out from Silicon and comes in 2 different sizes/models:
Dutchess Cup
Small (B)
42 mm
62 mm
52 mm
10 mm
20 ml
25 ml
0 /5
0 /5
0 /5
Dutchess Cup
Large (A)
45 mm
65 mm
55 mm
10 mm
25 ml
30 ml
0 /5
0 /5
0 /5
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In the past few years, menstrual cups have evolved immensely. Now there are a lot more types, models, and brands to consider when looking for the ultimate menstrual cup that services all of your feminine needs.

The Dutchess Cup, menstrual cup is one more cup to add to your list of menstrual cups to try. Whether you want to swap out your old brand or are searching for a more cost-effective alternative- there are a few reasons to consider this relatively new menstrual cup brand.




In this review, we will give you all the details including what consumer ratings indicate, what the product has to offer, and present this menstrual cup’s uniqueness when compared to other menstrual cups like it to allow you to decide if indeed it is worthy enough of your time, efforts, money, and consideration.


Dutchess Cup: Specs

The Dutchess Cup is made out of medical-grade silicone, it is only available in a pack of 2 cups which has a single pink and a single purple cup (of your chosen size.)

The Dutchess cup is available in 2 sizes (Size-B, small and Size A, large.)

The Dutchess Cup features a short thin, stem- along with an average holding capacity. It also does possess marked measuring lines on the cup.

Out of the box your Dutchess Cup includes the following contents: Instructional manual, 2 Dutchess menstrual cups (purple and pink), and a storage pouch.

Sizes of the Dutchess Cup

The Dutchess Cup is designed and available in two different size choices.


Colors of the Dutchess Cup

The Dutchess Cup is manufactured in two colors (light pink, and lavender) each dual pack sold has one of each color included in it. There are no other single packs offered, or other colors manufactured by the Dutchess brand yet.





Dutchess Cup: Features and Attributes

As we perused the many reviews, and information available about the Dutchess Cup we delved deeper to find the best honest accounts of which features and attributes that it possesses that stand out among all other comparable menstrual cup brands:

  • It has garnered and average rating of 4.5 stars among all reviewers that provided their accounts on Amazon.
  • The Dutchess Cup is soft yet pliable so it easily can be used
  • The Dutchess Cup is cost effective and widely available through Online resources
  • Very Unique specs and measurements of sizes to allow for more options for women who have not found their ‘it’ menstrual cup.
  • The Dutchess Company has 24/7 customer support for its loyal patrons
  • The cup is made from medical grade silicone is, BPA free, and FDA approved for safe use.
  • Is available in a dual pack of two different colors that offers more options and double the investment into its product.


Dutchess Cup Pros

When searching through reviews, we found that many women recommended and praised the Dutchess Cup for possessing the following benefits and pros:

Dutchess cup actually provides certain leakage protection when inserted and used properly
The pink and purple cups in a dual pack are a good touch that makes the product all the more cost-effective
Super comfortable menstrual cup- most women do not notice it’s there
Works efficiently for even the heaviest period flow and clots
The divided lines and measuring definition markings are very helpful
It is easy to care for maintain, and it does last a long time- worth the investment
Good beginner’s menstrual cup or better the reason to make the switch


Dutchess Cup Cons

When realistically appraising the Dutchess Cup in this review, we discovered that some consumers had the following adversities that they reported and noted that the Dutchess Cup was related to:

Too soft after boiling on initial use could result in faulty leakage
Glitches with orders that only supply a single cup instead of two



What Dutchess Cup Customers Say

Among around a total of 455 reviews given by buyers of the Dutchess Cup an average of 89% rated the cup with 4-5 stars. Here are a few comments that they left regarding their experience with the Dutchess Cup :

“First few days were weird, but after getting used to taking it out and putting it in it was amazing easy. Definitely recommend this to any female that’s willing to try new things. Did not leak at all, even at night! Amazing product” (Tristen Alexander, Amazon.com)

“This is my second menstrual cup experience. My first cup was the Diva Cup because I honestly didn’t realize how many options there were and so didn’t do my research. It was a good experience simply because it’s a menstrual cup making it superior to pads and tampons. When it came time to replace it I decided to see what else was available. After discovering the plethora of options I decided on the Duchess Cup because it is the most cost effective option on Amazon when you buy a set of two and has favorable reviews.” (S Roberts, Amazon Rating given 5 stars)

“I’ve tried other menstrual cups and none feel as comfortable as this one! Before switching to toxic free cups, I could only use the tiniest tampons. This cup is so unbelievably comfortable!” (Mary Steinie, Amazon Rating given 5 stars)

“I think the best part is the two mL markings. They helped me track my flow and realize that the amount I bled was above what is considered normal and I was able to make an appointment with my doctor. Before using this I had no idea that I was suffering from Menorrhagia (excessive bleeding). I thought that my periods were normal.” (Tawnya Loeing, Amazon Rating given 5 stars)

“It works wonderfully, is easy to clean, handles boiling to sanitize well, and has saved me lots of money not having to buy tampons or pads. I highly recommend it.” (5ismyfavoritenumber, Amazon Rating given 5 stars)


Dutchess Cup FAQS

We understand that every woman may have certain questions that they seek answers to in regards to a menstrual cup product, and to oblige you here is a list of FAQS regarding the Dutchess Cup:
Where is the Dutchess Cup actually manufactured?

The Dutchess Cup was devised in America. However, to spare costs on the product- the manufacturer and distributor is located in China. This product still adheres to all the US criteria that ensures your best safety with use of the product.

Can you sanitize and clean the Dutchess menstrual cup by boiling it?

Yes, for the Dutchess Cup you should boil water, and place it in the boiling water for at least 3 minutes to set it upon first use- and also to sterilize it in between each use.

If there are two cups included with purchase, does that mean two pouches to store it in are included?

Actually Yes. Even though the cups come in a single pack upon any purchase- you will receive a cotton storage pouch for each Dutchess Cup.

Sometimes I experience blood when wearing the cup upon urination is this normal?

Yes, this is common. It may because the cup has not been emptied in a timely manner or it could also mean that the cup has or was not been inserted properly.

Can this cup be safely used when there is an IUD in place for birth control?

Yes. This menstrual cup will not interfere or cause any issues if you have an IUD implant, But it is important to know that you cannot expect or use a menstrual cup as a means of birth control. And this menstrual cup should not be worn while participating in penetrative sexual intercourse.

Does the Dutchess Cup have marked lines of measurement present on the cup?

Yes. The Dutchess Cup does have very visual, marked lines of measurement that are embedded/embossed into the cup.



Dutchess Cup Company Info

The Dutchess Cup was originally idealized in the U.S.A., but to keep costs down for those needing an affordable option in feminine hygiene in the product of a menstrual cup- the manufacturer was outsourced to China. This cup has been on the market since 2014 and has made great strides as establishing a good reputation as a viable menstrual cup product contending with others that have been around longer. This cup offers affordability, comfort, ease of use, and has received wide appraisal for delivering what it claims to.



Final Recommendation

As the menstrual cup market becomes more saturated with brands and models- each menstrual cup that is introduced demonstrates more and more proficiency, effectiveness, simple options, and unique traits that allow the female more options than ever when seeking the right menstrual cup for them.

The Dutchess cup- may not yet be considered ‘Royalty’ among the competition it is contending with- but it sure does have a lot of steam in its features, price, quality, and rapidly decent reputation that can make you reconsider your current menstrual cup brand- or even to consider it as your very first, beginner- menstrual cup choice.


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  1. Reply
    Melissa April 25, 2018 at 1:07 am
    Overall Score

    I really love my cup. I really love that i can do my part and not use tampons anymore. i do still use panty liners on the heavy flow days or when i go to the gym. I liked the cost since this is my first cup and that it came with 2 cups.

    + PROS: I love that i don't have to buy tampons anymore. Easy to get used to. I love the baggies for storage it comes with.
    - CONS: I have a heavier flow than most so i back my cup up with a pantie liner on the heavy days. When i was at the gym doing sit ups or crunches i did notice i had a lot of leaking.
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  2. Reply
    Nimisha March 21, 2018 at 9:23 am
    Overall Score

    I recently started to use it. It is my first cup and I just loved it. Same time it is indeed cost-effective. Most important is very neat and clean feeling in those heavy flow days.

    Helpful(3) Unhelpful(2)You have already voted this
  3. Reply
    Ali January 14, 2017 at 7:56 am
    Overall Score

    This is my first time using a cup and it has been really easy. Very easily inserted, I was daunted by the size but it fits fine and I don’t feel it. Very cost effective as you get two cups in the pack, easy to clean and sterilise. I highly recommend this product and wish I’d switched from tampons earlier.

    Helpful(5) Unhelpful(6)You have already voted this
  4. Reply
    Liz Temperton April 11, 2016 at 10:16 pm
    Overall Score

    Ive used the Dutchess Cups for 2 years now and find them to be awesome. My life has changed. I wish I had known about the Dutchess Cups sooner. I think I have saved on average about $500 a year on menstrual products since having the cup so it has more than paid for itself. Its really soft and comfortable and the most noticeble for me was that I no longer experience menstrual cramps like I used to, I feel healthier and I feel cleaner! Also having 2 is great. I keep one in my handbag and one at home. Im totally covered. Love it.!

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