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Lunette Sizes and Models

The Lunette is a menstrual cup that is manufactured in Finland. It is made of Silicon and comes in 2 different sizes/models:
Small (1)
41 mm
72 mm
47 mm
25 mm
20 ml
25 ml
4 /5
4 /5
4 /5
Large (2)
45 mm
72 mm
53 mm
19 mm
25 ml
30 ml
4 /5
3.5 /5
4 /5
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The notion of having an alternative of menstrual protection that does not “have strings attached’ is profoundly appealing. Perhaps that is why menstrual cups are rapidly becoming one of the #1 chosen menstrual care products of the new generation. They are good for the environment, beneficially economical, conveniently liberating, and ultimately the safest option in female sanitary hygiene.

Menstrual cups are available in all shapes, makes, sizes, and brands- however the Finland-originated Lunette, menstrual cup is one of a handful of menstrual cups that has garnered hundreds of positive consumer reviews. The Lunette menstrual cup has been around for over a decade and is now sold all over the world to female consumers who say that the Lunette Cup is the best menstrual cup to ever be sold.



The Lunette Menstrual Cup Sizes and Specs

The Lunette is a menstrual cup that has a shelf-life of up to 10 years, it is made out of the safest tested and proven, medical-grade silicone that is used in many medical products today.

The Lunette comes in two unique sizes and also is offered in limited-edition colors.


Sizes of Lunette

Model 1

Model 1 in the Lunette is the smaller of the two size options that the Lunette Cup is offered in. It has the following specs and features:

  • Softest silicone in Lunette – Softer form and texture than Model 2 Lunette
  • For young women and teens – The Lunette Model 1 is small so that it can be used and worn comfortably by women who are young teens, young adults that have not given birth to a child.
  • Menstrual flow – The Lunette Model 1 provides the best protection for women who experience a light-moderate menstrual flow regularly.

Model 2

Model 2 in the Lunette is the Larger of the two size options that the Lunette Cup is offered in. It has the following specs and features:

  • Soft Silicone but firmer than Model 1 – The Lunette Model 2 is made out of medical grade silicone that is soft, however the silicone form of Model 2 is a bit more firmer than the one consisted in the Model 1.
  • For more mature adult women – The Model 2 of the Lunette is specifically designed for the mature adult woman who has had a baby vaginally previously and that is more sexually and physically mature.
  • Menstrual flow – Lunette Model 2 is designed and made to accommodate a moderate to heavy menstrual flow.


Need Help Choosing the Right Size?

Check out the Size Tables and Guide on the Lunette’s Official Website


Lunette Limited Edition Color Options

Lunette offers a special limited edition of colors that are available in each size and capacity:

Lunette Selene (blue), Lunette Diana (light green), Lunette Cynthia (purple), Lunette Aine (coral red), and Lunette Lucia (yellow.)



9 Folds for the Lunette Menstrual Cup

Lunette Special Features

The Lunette, menstrual cup boasts a wide-selection of positive attributes that enable it to be very different than other brands of menstrual cups presently sold on the market.

  • The Lunette has a life-span of 10 years.
  • Not only just FDA approved, but also certified according to Finnish Standards and Australian standards.
  • The Lunette scored higher on a customer survey performed on females who used various brands of menstrual cups- Lunette was favored over the Divacup, Iriscup, and many other top ten reviewed menstrual cup brands.
  • Only requires emptying 2-6 times a day.
  • Ultra-safe for young women who are still virgins or just started their period.
  • Sold all over the world and has received a vast amount of recognition, awards, and reviews that testify it is one of the best menstrual cups to ever be sold.


The Upside of Using the Lunette Menstrual Cup

There are innumerable reasons why women all over the globe have chosen the Lunette as their super-menstrual cup.

Stem is well-designed – The stem is well designed on the Lunette in comparison to other menstrual cup brands which have a poky stem that can be both uncomfortable and difficult to grasp in the process of removal.
The holes in the cup of the Lunette are larger – The holes in the rim of the cup enable a person to get the residue out when cleaning and washing the cup.
Both Lunette model (1&2) sizes are more petite than other brands but have higher holding capacity – Consumers who used the Lunette after trying the other menstrual cup brands have noted that the Lunette in both sizes is more petite than the Divacup and Mooncup. This makes it easier for someone to reach their ideal fit for the best menstrual protection that you can find in a product.
Can be used time and time again without fail – Users of the Lunette still remark on their go-to menstrual cup choice. They state that the Lunette is still like new and just as effective after several years of use.


The Downside of the Lunette Menstrual Cup

More expensive than other menstrual cup brands – Through all of the reviews I perused and read online, the most prominent valid complaint on the Lunette menstrual cup was that it a tad more pricy than other menstrual cups. However, for the quality and durability (10 year shelf-life) the few dollars more spent on the Lunette proves as a wise investment. Especially in comparison to other cheaper menstrual cups that only last for a year.


What Lunette Cup Customers Say

Besides the obvious that it offers the best period experience of any other menstrual cup brand- the Lunette has captured the hearts of women everywhere for its superior performance on a multi-level of facets.

“I went with model 1 for Lunette. It’s absolutely perfect, does everything it’s supposed to, and no leaks. Far better fit and experience than the Divacup.” (

“I decided the Lunette Model 1 would be a good fit for me. And it has been, for 3 years now. What I like most about my Lunette cup is that it doesn’t leak. By using my cup for the last 3 years instead of buying organic cotton tampons, I’ve probably saved $200 by now. One less thing to worry about buying each month!” (

“I started with the moon cup and had trouble avoiding leaks and overflow. Too small. And the hollow stem had to be trimmed–too uncomfortable. I received my Lunette cup yesterday and I love it so far. It fit nicely with the c fold and is easy to remove. Huge upgrade!” (



Lunette Frequently Asked Questions

There may be some questions that you want answered before you make a purchase of one of the best menstrual cups offered to women of this modern generation. Here we have addressed some of the most frequently posed questions that most menstrual cup consumers need to know before purchasing the Lunette, menstrual cup:
What size Lunette should I use if I have a very sensitive bladder?

The Lunette Model 1 is ideal for someone who has a very tender and sensitive bladder. Because it is ultra-soft and cut smaller it will be a better fit so it does not cause pressure on your bladder.

What is the volume holding capacity in ml in both Lunette models?

The Lunette Model 1 has a holding capacity of 25 ml. and the larger model in Lunette, the Model 2 has a holding capacity of 30 ml.

I noticed some vendors selling a Lunette product, but it looks as if it is not the official Lunette Brand?

There are some Lunette’s out there being sold in our brand name- you can tell the official Lunette from knock-offs by the way it is packaged and whether it has the Finland trademark seal.

The Lunette cup was awarded the Key Flag Emblem for safety, what does this mean?

The Key Flag Emblem is a big note that the Lunette cup adheres to the business practice and the utmost safest materials in the manufacturing and production of the Lunette.

I am having big problems removing the Lunette, I think it’s stuck in me?

It is not possible for the Lunette to get permanently stuck inside your vagina. If you feel as if it is stuck and you are having issues removing the Lunette- take a deep breath and relax. The Lunette site has some helpful strategies listed for newbies of the Lunette to use when troubleshooting the circumstances that arise that work themselves out through learning techniques and tricks of inserting and removing the Lunette.

If I leave the Lunette in for a full 12 hours does it pose a threat to my health?

No. The Lunette can be used safely for up to 12 hours. If you forget that you are wearing it- then just empty it as soon as possible to avoid any accidents that may be caused from the cup filling up too much.

Can the Lunette be safely used with an IUD or contraceptive ring?

Yes. The Lunette is perfectly compatible and safe when worn in combination with either an IUD used for contraception and birth control or a contraceptive ring.

Can I wear the Lunette right after having a baby?

NO. Most physicians recommend not even wearing tampons or using anything internally inserted into the vagina after having a baby for many reasons- with a large one being to avoid risk of infection.

Which size Lunette is ideal for a woman who is very physically active?

The Lunette company recommends both models for women who are very physically active, however Model 1 is best suited in shape and form for those women who participate in many physical activities and rugged sports.

Can I wear the Lunette if I am a virgin or just started my period?

Yes. Model 1 in the Lunette is great for young teens who have just started menstruating in their life. In addition those girls who have not ever partaken in sexual intercourse can safely wear the Lunette (but only if they understand the risk of their hymen being torn from normal wear and if they have been previously comfortable with using tampons.



Lunette Company Profile & Info

The Lune Group Oy Ltd. Headquarters resides in Juupajoki, Finland and has been manufacturing safe and effective feminine products since 2004. All of the Lune Group’s products are monitored closely by the Finnish Health Authority and the Lunette, menstrual cup was also awarded with the “Key Flag Emblem” which is a certification that lauds that a product is manufactured and designed in Finland and is of the highest quality, class, and safety.

They have business partners scattered all over the globe, and have become a great International success by producing mainstream feminine hygiene products such as the Lunette menstrual cup, feminine wipes, feminine washes, and feminine creams. All of the Lune Group’s products come highly recommended by customers from all walks of life, origins, creeds, and country of residence who emphatically praise the Lunette for its best performance as a menstrual cup.



Lunette Menstrual Cup Review: Bottom Line

The Lunette, menstrual cup has done more than the average menstrual cup to prove itself as a superior menstrual cup brand. Not only is its quality effectiveness and performance on an overall immeasurable scale, but on a level of experience is the best example- the Lunette is heavily substantiated by consumer surveys, testimonials, and reviews which provide outstanding testimony that it really is a phenomenal menstrual cup used by countless women as the ultimate go-to product for the highest amount of menstrual protection possible.


Where to Buy Lunette

The Lunette is sold all over the world at retailers and drug stores located in your local area. However, for the best shopping and purchasing experience, we recommend that you take advantage of purchasing the official Lunette, menstrual cup securely and discreetly online (from the link list on the top of this page).

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  1. Overall Score

    33, no idea where my cervix is, with super strong pelvic muscles that it’s a problem during sex, but it also means no incontinence.

    1st time cup user and was suggested the Lunette. couldn’t be more thankful I got it even if it was more expensive. with help from facebook & reddit users, I got prepared well. tried it a few days before my period but it was a no go. tried it on my period and was amazed how easily it went in.

    taking it out was a different story, because too strong pelvic muscles. best moments were when I knew I was super relaxed, and seated & bowing on the toilet bowl. I might do better the 2nd cycle to be able to compute how much I bleed because the 1st 2 times it was just a mess. the last 2 times were a clean taking out. whole period flow lasted 46 hours. wore cloth liners afterwards.

    their customer service wasn’t the quickest, but they were most reassuring when they got back to me after a weekend (I may have messaged them on a Friday night to ask about the tracking number of my parcel). will thank them later!

    + PROS: - there are lots of reviews and tutorials out there and the safety certifications & its good reputation definitely gave me peace of mind - firm enough to open on its own when inside & almost never leaked unless it felt full - not too firm that I could not pee nor poop, but it did make my usual soft menstrual poop turn into ordinary day poop (had to make effort) - great suction - good bottom grip for pulling out slowly and carefully when it's slippery down inside - the stem is flat & helped with the grip when I was taking it out - best ever decision I may have made in my road to zero waste & best suggestion by a cup quiz out there (for me)
    - CONS: - 50% more expensive than a local brand we have here which is probably made in China - it's a sinker when it boils and I was anxious during the 1st boil of 20 minutes (their recommendation) that I had to use another kitchen tool to keep it afloat... not the prettiest part of the story because I didn't choose the right tool...but I was able to give it a good clean in the end - leaked a teeny tiny bit when I let it stay 12 hours on my heaviest hours - great suction could make one panic - the stem is long, but it can be trimmed
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  2. Overall Score

    I’m 11 years old
    I love this cup!!!!!!
    it’s the first one I’ve ever used and my first period using it.
    I could NOT do a try run, it was impossible, but that’s ok because it was fine when I put it in.
    The first time I put it in, I felt full, bug that went away after a while. if u try to take it out, without fully de-suctioning it, it hurts, A LOT. it was a little difficult taking it out, it was difficult for me to get my fingers in there to take it out, but I ended up fine.
    I said a lot of cons, but this is amazing.

    + PROS: comfy cost efficient easy insertion good for begginners first time I got it in , in about 3 minutes the first time I tried
    - CONS: feels weird for the first few minutes of putting it in.
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  3. Overall Score

    I have used the Diva cup for years, but was on holiday (without the cup), got my period, and couldnt find anything other than a Lunette cup to buy. It is so much worse than the DIva. The Lunette cup is too firm for me. After multitple inserts/removals during my period I was sore. It’s just too firm for me. Like inserting a dog toy into your vagina. It’s not smooth, and it’s just too hard. The Diva cup is by far better. Softer so doesnt end up being irritating after days of use. I’m angry I spent $45 USD for the Lunette. Won’t ever use it again, and no one wants a “used” menstrual cup! Waste of money and now it’s garbage.

    + PROS: none
    - CONS: too hard too expensive
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  4. Overall Score

    Have it for one year now and really recommend it! Takes a bit of practise to get used to it, but makes my life so much easier now.

    + PROS: Comfortable, doesn't need to be "changed" as often, makes me feel better in general!
    - CONS: You do have to get used to look at your own period, but it gets easier after a while!
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  5. Overall Score

    I have almost finished my first cycle with the Lunette 2.
    I am 36 and have not given birth naturally.
    I found inserting much easier. I started off with the c fold but the punch fold is easier to insert. I have basically cut off the whole stem. I find i forget i have my period ad i cant not feel anything, no leaks at all and have worn overnight.
    The cup is quite firm and for a few days it hurt to remove… im still working on it but i almost thought about getting a softer cup but i flund sitting on the toilet and wiggling and angle it right and its not as painful so hoping ill get that more downpat.
    Apart from that i am sooo in love with the cup. I just rinse with water . I can go with only changing at night before bed and in the morning.
    It feels more hygienic and so much easier than i thought. I have still considered trying the lunette 1 as I am not heavy and the 1 is slightly softer.

    + PROS: Easy to insert and opens easily Good quality Great Colours Able to cut off stem to suit
    - CONS: Working on the removal being painfree but with more practise im gerting better at it already.
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  6. I am 39 years old, never had kids. I had heard that the size 2 was a good choice for age, and heavy low. I bought violet color cup. I really wanted this cup to work, but after having tried 3 cycles I’m afraid this cup is not for me. It made me hurt. I could fell something inside me, even I couldn’t sit for a while.

  7. Overall Score

    I just used this lunette for the first time. It seemed to work well, although I had a little discomfort after a couple hours – I may try cutting the stem as after reading these reviews it looks like that helps with discomfort.

    HOWEVER, it was horrible to try and remove! I had to completely remove my pants and underwear. It was painful and uncomfortable having to reach two fingers in and up around the base of the cup. Then, it was really hard to grip (hello vaginal fluids!) and every time I tried to squeeze it to unseal the suction, or start to pull it out it just slipped through my fingers. I spent a good half an hour trying this, and eventually I managed to pull it so the stem was sticking out, grab the stem with my other hand while my first hand was trying desperately to keep hold of the cup and wiggle it out, and with two hands, no pants and an awkward squat position I finally managed to get it out! It was a very painful experience. And to make matters worse, when it did pop free from my vagina it spilt all over the floor.

    I’m upset I spent the money for this. If anyone has some tips on how to remove it without it being painful, slippery or messy please let me know. Although I am not sure I’ll have the courage to try it again after that experience.

    + PROS: Good for the environment
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  8. Overall Score

    I am 25, 161cm, 57kg, no births, slender, and moderately active – I got the Lunette size 1 which I used for a year before moving on. I would say this is a good starter cup – it has 4 really good holes which help suction and cleaning, and for me the dimensions are a good fit. However, the reason I moved on is that the cup is simply too soft. Whenever I lay down I would get leaks (sleeping in it was simply impossible) and I really struggled to get it to open. A bit of research made me realise my pelvic floor was crushing the cup, and I switched to the MeLuna M Sport which fixed this.

    + PROS: Good dimensions Good design Easy to clean Nice storage bag
    - CONS: Too soft for more active younger women: Leaks Hard to open
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  9. Reply
    menstrualcupconvert! October 30, 2017 at 7:34 am

    link many others i’ve been reading about menstrual cups for a few years, i’d always left it in the too scared/too hard basket!! i finally just went for it and reading through the reviews on here went for the lunette (model 1) and i am absolutely in love with it!!!! i tried it on the first month, and it felt uncomfortable (didnt know whether it had opened or not – this was quickly resolved), it kept digging into my vaginal walls so i took it out (cut the stem) and put it away. the next month it was still jabbing me, kept cutting the stem off until there was none left and it was perfect! now i know i have a short cervix (im 5’2 so this makes logical sense? not a doc though dont quote)

    so the first month i used it went perfectly!! no leaks! even forgot i was on my period!!

    absolutely love this, mostly just feel great about the little i can do for the environment for another ~25 years! anyone wanting to do i highly reccomend just go for it give it a go (though if you tend to faint at icky things i would probably give it a miss)

  10. Overall Score

    For a few months, I had been wanting to make the switch to a menstrual cup, and I finally did! I had done some research, and decided that the Lunette cup was the best one out there for size and comfort. I am a teenager with a heavy flow, so I thought I might want the bigger size (even though Lunette doesn’t suggest this, and the sizing guide doesn’t relate to that). I ordered the big size, and big surprise, it didn’t fit. So just an FYI for other girls thinking the same thing, don’t do it! I am giving the bigger one to my mom, so no money wasted after all. I ordered the smaller size and it wasn’t that hard to get it up there on my first try. I found that the triangle fold worked best for me. After I had put it in, I never felt it again! I left it in for 9 hours (I’m forgetful) and it worked great! I found it works best to clean it out while you’re showering. The purple color is a nice touch, too. Overall, I am super happy with this product. I don’t plan on buying any other period products for my lifetime! It’s the best feeling in the world.

    + PROS: - Can't feel it after you put it in - Can wear it for a long time (up to 12 hours) - Can leave it in overnight - Easy to clean
    - CONS: - Harder to change/clean if you're in a public setting
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  11. Overall Score

    Lunette customer service is shocking, I have written to them twice with no reply ??

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  12. Overall Score

    This is a good cup. It’s comfortable with a decent capacity.

    + PROS: Comfortable Good quality
    - CONS: Expensive
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  13. Overall Score

    Amazing first cup! I bought the model 1 when I was 14 and I never went back.

    + PROS: Perfect medium firmness Gentle but efficient grip rings Great as a first cup for young teens
    - CONS: Sometimes leaks
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  14. Overall Score

    I have been a diva cup user for over a year now and decided to try out Lunette because of the non absorbent silicon as opposed to diva cup’s just medical grade silicon. I prefer the fit and feel of Lunette but mine came with a small knick along the rim and it seems to always leak a tiny bit. I have a super light flow, am in my early 20’s and have never had children, so I’m pretty sure I picked the right size. And I have a year of experience inserting menstrual cups so I don’t think that’s the problem either. I would still choose my Lunette cup over the diva cup though, the fit alone outweighs a tiny leak.

    + PROS: Fit, feel, insert & removal all preferred to Diva Cup
    - CONS: Tiny imperfection in rim and small leak even though my flow is light, I am inserting correctly and I picked the correct model according to size guide provided.
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  15. Overall Score

    WOW. Why didn’t I hear about these cups when I was 18 ? Can’t believe I have slogged it out with pads and tampons most of my adult life without ever knowing there was an eco alternative better for my body, the planet and my savings account. Lunette this is a great product. Comfy, easy to whip in and take out……love the funky colours. Clear instructions and awesome advice on answering my questions. 10 out of 10…do yourself a favour and try a cup today !

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  16. Overall Score

    After trying two other cups Lunette was my ‘Goldilocks cup’ and I’ve used it ever since. Really nice shape, softer silicone and love the colours! I got the coral one to begin with but then treated myself to a purple one too!

    + PROS: Only coloured cup I could find in Australian stores (who wants clear!). Feels softer than other cups I've used. i like the measuring lines
    - CONS: Please make pink!!
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  17. Overall Score

    I love my Lunette, after 4 children and very heavy periods, Lunette has been a game changer for me. I have a clear one which I have used for around 9 years, it is still in perfect condition, I look forward to getting another one so I can choose one of the bright colours.

    + PROS: Easy to clean, unable to feel it.
    - CONS: Can't think of any.
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  18. Overall Score

    I have been using the lunette cup for a little less than a year. Having my period has never been easier, I don’t have to worry about it when I am at work or working out. I got the small and large size but since my flow is heavier I only really use the large.

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  19. Overall Score

    Better one!

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  20. Overall Score

    This is my first (and only) menstrual cup. I was very nervous to try them out and did a lot of research before buying. I really love this cup, It’s easy to use & comfortable & I like the design. I can forget I’m wearing it and if I’m on a light day I can even forget I have my period at all!

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    • Overall Score

      I forgot to mention, I also liked that the Lunette cups are sized according to your menstrual flow level (heavy or light) rather than your age like a lot of other cups. My flow is fairly light because I’m on the contraception pill, but most cup brands would place me in the larger cup size range because I’m over 30 years old. I went with the smaller Lunette cup size and it was perfect.

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  21. Overall Score

    So after getting accustomed to my Lunette I want to loose some words, too.

    Firstly about myself: I’m eighteen years old and use the cups for about half a year now.
    Additionally, I want to encourage virgins out there to not be afraid of the cup. I’m one of the relatively rare women that have something called a septate hymen and after finding out about it and how to deal with it, I have no problems. Yet again,be aware that there is the possibility that it can hurt, too. The hymem can be stretched without breaking but take it into consideration.

    My story begins with annoyingly strong menstruations. I could change the super tampons about every 3 hours.
    They hurt after a few changes because they suck up everything, not only blood.
    Then there was the variation in my period from the third day on. Either it was a few last drops or it started full flow again, no telling which size to use.
    My next problem was next to the huge amount of waste I produced the accompanying smell.
    Then I stumbled upon the cup one day – the MeLuna. And after I researched I was hell bent on trying that thing.
    I went to a drug store in Germany and got the MeLuna S.
    The MeLuna is a bit smaller and slimmer than the Lunette. And has a different material. It’s not silicon but TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) and… Well, soft.
    I have strong pelvic muscles as it seems because the MeLuna just couldn’t hold up and was literally squished. She was in and technically open but pushed flat by my muscles and therefore didn’t really fulfilled it’s use.
    Then, I did some more research and got the Lunette 1.
    And what can I say? After three months I got the hang of it and am incredibly happy with her!
    I travel often by train and I’ve never been more carefree with my period than now. Sometimes I don’t even realize I have my menstruation.
    I don’t produce any waste, I don’t spend money and potentially harmful bleached cotton that sucks me dry.
    Two last points I can not prove but subjectively feel like they’re right:
    On my first cycle the little suction (or strangeness) of the MeLuna made my cramps worse. Now it feels as if the suction actually helps!
    During my period at least…
    And it seems that my period shortened by about one day?
    So, yeah. No con’s for me (I’m quite happy I know how much blood I loose and that I have a stronger connection to my body and know how it works).
    And while I have a transparent Cup that changes it’s colour a bit, that is easily solved with cleansing tablets for the third teeth or something similar. Sterilized and transparent again!

    I just can encourage anyone to give it a try. The cost is in after about four months and you easily need three cycles/months to get accustomed to it, so it’s worth a try.

    With best regards!

    PS.: English is not my mothertongue, I’m sorry for any mistakes.

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  22. Overall Score

    I have used Lunette 8 years now and still works as perfectly as in the beginning. Easy to use and can always to be trusted. Makes life so much easier! 🙂

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  23. Overall Score

    Very Good quality and comfortable.

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  24. Overall Score

    Dear friends,

    Today is the end of day 1 using a menstrual cup. You have no idea how private i am. It is likely that the only person i will tell about this is my sister! And you. Because i have to tell SOMEONE! Life just changed for me. I’m so glad that I didn’t wait even one more month to try this!!!! At this moment i am sitting on the floor in my jammies and i don’t even know that i’m on my period. No more lady diapers and all the nasty things those entail. No more massive cramps (not to mention the other yucky things like strings etc.). My friends this is the best thing ever. i have had no problems at all. I was scared about it at first and read the other reviews for advice (which was a good plan!) I had no problems. I didn’t need to cut anything or adjust anything and i have been able to take care of changing and cleaning it at home and in public restrooms with ease. If you’re thinking about it, go ahead and do it! Best money spent in a long time!!

    I’m 35, have had kids, am athletic and in shape. I’m 5’5″. I ordered the Lunette size one (smaller size). Super happy. Can you tell?!

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  25. Overall Score

    Very useful saves a lot of money but I ordered one and it came ripped and I want a new one

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  26. Overall Score

    I love this cup! I have been using it for about a year and it is perfect for me. I’ve been using a cup for 15 years but I’m so glad I found this one because it is perfect for me.

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  27. Overall Score

    I was skeptical but I honestly love my lunette cup!
    I find it easier to use than tampons
    Its so much more hygienic and you can hardly feel it at all!
    I dont dred my period anymore so great and easy to use
    Love that you dont have to stress about doing anything during the day. And so easy to clean in shower and with wipes in morning
    So happy I tried it at 21 years old

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  28. Overall Score

    Love, Love, LOVE my Lunette!!!! I got the smallest size (1, I believe) and it fits perfectly!! I do yoga and workout every day and have pretty tight pelvic floor muscles. I have had 2 children by C-section and this cup fits like a dream. Can’t feel it and it took no time at all to get used to inserting/removing. When it’s needed, I will be repurchasing!! Highly recommend this product!

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  29. Great but thick. I started my menstrucal cup life with a moon cup US, it soon became clear it was not for me, it was too small and did not hold enough so the seal would break and there was leaking. I switched to lunette after i researched it was one of the ones for my type of body that hold the most fluid.
    What I love:
    perfect for people with regular cervix (it tends to move up during my day but not nearly as much as the moon cup US), holds a lot of flow and the stem as it is not hollow does not scratch me.

    What I do not love:
    It is really hard in comparisson to the moon cup (US) and thus it is a bit to put in, if it had been my first cup I would not have been able to do it, I am used now but it took a lot of practice!

  30. Overall Score

    The Lunette Lucia (yellow) model 2 is my go to cup during my period! The silicone is stiff enough to open every time inside my vagina and not leak; but it’s soft enough to be comfortable when I’m cramping. I loved all of the different color choices and that the company named each color of cup and included a back story (go check them out of you’re interested). I love this cup because it opens every time, it’s easy to insert/remove, I don’t have to worry about the cup leaking, it’s easy to maintain, it’s eco-friendly, and it’s hygienic and safe for my body.

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  31. This was my second brand of menstrual cup (disastrous first experience with Diva Cup) and I’m so, so glad I tried it. Not only are the color choices great, but it’s a much more comfortable fit for my body. Inserts and removes easily, no leakage from the first go. The little pull tip on this cup is softer than the Diva, which is great because the Diva’s tip caused me pain while sitting. This is the cup that swore me off tampons forever! I’d highly recommend trying this cup. As a woman who never gave birth but over 30, I went with the size 2 and that was a good choice — some other cups don’t give that recommendation and I might have gone with the smaller size for non-mothers. This is one of the of more expensive cups but it’s worth it! Unfortunately I’m ordering my second Lunette cup now because my dog hunted it down inside my purse to pull it out of its bag and chewed the tip off. So beware, your labrador may treat this a slightly mom’s-vagina-flavored chew toy from heaven. I have to be extra cautious to keep it stored high up behind a closed door to keep it safe from the pup.

  32. Overall Score

    Comfortable and easy to use. I found another make of cup uncomfortable, as the bit at the bottom rubbed and irritated. The bottom of this one is soft and flexible. Which now means I use it every cycle instead of being lazy and using tampons.

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  33. Overall Score

    Lunette is my first ever menstrual cup. Initially my biggest hurdle was getting over the “yuck” factor, it just seemed like an awful lot of contact with ‘body ick’ but after the learning curve, (yes there is a learning curve, accept it, work through it and know that its a short curve:)) It’s not really anymore contact than you would get with a applicator free tampon. I’ve had mine for a little over a year, and have no issues. I have very heavy periods as in “don’t leave the house and never get more than 30min away from a tampon change” My cramping has been noticeably less and it gives me much more freedom as you can go much longer than a tampon before needing to empty. Nighttime is much more convenient as well,as the cup will get you through a night without needing to empty …un-interrupted sleep! My experience is that if there is any pain its not positioned correctly. All in all a happy Lunette user,mum of three kids.

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  34. Overall Score

    Similar shape and style to the Diva cup. The silicone is much harder – meaning you can feel it more – which is not a good thing. Just as painful. I will give it one more try before I recycle it.

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  35. Overall Score

    First time user of a menstrual cup. My experience so far is very positive. I did have to trim the stem slightly for comfort. I have found it easy to insert and remove and not as messy as I expected. I can not feel it like I can a tampon and it suits my active lifestyle. Very impressed. Wish I knew about these earlier.

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  36. Overall Score

    The thought of using a menstrual cup weirded me out so much, but in wanting to be more environmentally friendly, and save money in the long run I decided to give it a go. Having read reviews I bought a Lunette cup – yes it’s a tad more expensive than others, but it seems to be that you are paying for quality and comfort. I took my new friend to the shower with me and there tried to put her in. At first, I had her on the wrong angle and couldn’t get her in without it hurting. Once I angled her back a little further she went in like a dream and I couldn’t even feel her.

    I challenge anyone considering getting a menstrual cup to buy a Lunette and give her a go. She’s much easier than I thought and while it sounds messy, it’s actually not.
    I haven’t tried other cups, but after falling in love with my lunette, there is no point!

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  37. Overall Score

    I have the Lunette no 2 and have used it for about 6 cycles now. Took a cycle to get used to it insertion and removal techniques. The only drawback for me is sometimes when I need to pee, I really have to force it to happen. This can’t be good. The cup presses on my urethra stopping the flow, I love my cup but feel I need one with a softer rim.

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  38. Overall Score

    Cute little cup, fits perfectly. And I love the colours!

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  39. Overall Score

    I decided to try this menstual cup after getting a copper IUD fitted, i thought I would write a review as I used this site to help decide which one to buy. Very happy with my choice, I have’t tried other cups to compare but that’s ok because this one is great. Really easy to put in, super soft silicone, just as easy to take out as a tampon. Couldn’t feel it as I did day to day things like riding my bike to school with the kids. Actually more comfortable than tampons, no more trying not to wee on the tampon string because I forgot to bring a spare tampon or having to change them every couple of hours. I was also really bad at remembering to buy them and put some in my handbag! I haven’t had to empty the cup whilst out yet as it lasts all day, my routine is I empty it in the toilet before bed, wash it while in the shower and re insert. The water helps it slide in really easily.

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  40. Overall Score

    Okay so I purchased the Lunette wanting to be more eco friendly. I was hesitant at first because it was new to me. I have to say it took several tries but it was defiantly worth it. It’s not messy like you would think. It took some practice before hand though. Had a few leaks at first but i would recommend this to every woman. It’s so much better for your body and actually more comfortable than a tampon. They come in two sizes I choose the bigger size because I’ve had 3 children naturally an it’s a good fit.

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  41. Overall Score

    I tried Lunette after getting a copper IUD, which is notorious for heavy flow and having issues with regular / super tampons. I use a type 1 (no kids) and I I love it. I have minor leakage occasionally but nothing like I used to with tampons. Washing / cleansing /insertion was weird at first but after a few tries I feel much more comfortable. No cramping/ bladder issues which are huge concerns for me. Overall I love it and would recommend it any day.

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  42. Overall Score

    Good cup. Love the colors which are just beautiful. It feels like good quality silicon and the shape is nice. Its a medium firmness and while its not my favorite cup, I would not hesitate to recommend it. The Lunette rarely leaks for me. The stem is wonderful, very comfortable but also super easy to hold on to.

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