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Although the Flex Disc launched late in 2016, the hype was put on hold when people didn’t receive their discs months after it was expected.  The company was frowned upon even more when people learned that the Flex Disc was the same as the SoftDisc.  In fact, the Flex Fits Company obtained the brand and design when they found out that the SoftDisc brand was going to be discontinued.  They changed the color of the rim from pink to black and renamed it as their own.  They now own both the SoftDisc & the Flex Disc.

Both the SoftDisc and Flex Disc can be found in some big chain stores in the USA, as well as some smaller drug stores, you can also find them online on several different selling platforms.  The Flex Discs can be found in their online shop through subscription.  If you plan to purchase one of these discs, check around to compare prices and buying options that will be right for you. 

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Flex Menstrual Disc | Review

What’s Included

When setting up your first purchase of the Flex Disc, you will have the option to select a subscription depending on your flow; light, medium, or heavy.  

  1. If you choose a light flow, you will receive eight individually wrapped discs which is a two month supply.  Your refill will auto-ship every two months.  
  2. If you choose a medium flow, you will receive eight individually wrapped discs.  Your refill will auto-ship every month.
  3. If you choose a heavy flow, you will receive twelve individually wrapped discs.  Your refill will auto-ship every month.
  4. All initial boxes will include a user manual.
  5. Refills will arrive packaged in a resealable bag.
  6. You can pause or cancel your subscription at any time.

Who is it Meant For

The Flex Disc is only available in one size, so they are assuming that it works for anyone who bleeds.  However, the reviews say otherwise.  Many people don’t feel that they have a good fit or can’t insert it all the way.

How it works?

Unlike menstrual cups, the disc is pinched at the center and then inserted to expand and collect menstrual fluid for up to 12 hours.  According to the company, it sits above the vaginal canal.  It is meant to be removed and thrown out after each use.

Special Features

Type of material –  The Flex Disc is made of medical-grade polymers.  Possibly high-performance resins, rubbers, and/or flexible plastic materials specifically for healthcare.  These materials offer flexibility and strength to the disc rim (ring) and collection reservoir.

Rim – The diameter of the rim is 70 mm.  Although it may seem very wide, discs are folded and positioned differently than a menstrual cup.  

Reservoir – The reservoir is a thin film that collects the menstrual flow.  While it holds a high capacity fully expanded, users have found that this is not always the case.  When the disc is inside of the body, the film is so lightweight that it may stay wrinkled.

One of the main complaints about these (Flex Disc & SoftDisc) is that the reservoir is like plastic and makes a lot of noise when handling it.

Firmness of rim – The rim of the Flex Disc is the firmest of all of the menstrual discs, aside from the SoftDisc which is the same disc under a different brand name and color.  Unlike silicone, the polymer doesn’t fully return to its original shape after the pinch is released.   According to the company, the rim is supposed to soften and mold to the shape of your anatomy.

Personally, the rim was too rigid for my liking.  Although it was easy to fold and insert, it was not very soft or pliable and I was not always able to get the whole disc to insert comfortably or easily.  This resulted in bad placement, leaking, and possible dislodging throughout the day.

I don’t feel like the rim molded to my anatomy with warmth.  The rim always felt very firm and I could feel it if I sat a certain way.  If I unintentionally pushed down with my pelvic floor such as when coughing or sneezing, the disc would dislodge enough to not just leak, but gush its contents.

Firmness of reservoir – The reservoir material is very thin. Since it is so lightweight it may not fully expand. It is plastic like and makes a lot of noise when handled.

Size (only one has different sizes) – This disc is only available in one size and has been reported to feel too large by some users.

Capacity – According to the company, a single Flex Disc can hold the equivalent of five tampons.  The size of the tampon was not specified.  However, many users feel that this is a false claim as the collection reservoir may not fully expand to hold that capacity while it’s inserted.

Detailed User Manual

The Flex Fits online manual includes animated gifs and illustrations on how to position, fold, insert, place, use, remove, and dispose of the Flex Disc. They also included some helpful troubleshooting tips for common issues.

Customer Service

I was one of many who received their order a couple of months after expected.  When contacting the company, I received a prompt reply that seemed automated.  Since it was a known issue, they may have set up an auto-reply for that time.  I have not had any contact with the company since but see that they reply to questions frequently on Amazon.

Alternatives to Flex Disc

The SoftDisc and Flex Disc are disposable and are the only two of their kind.  However, the closest comparison in firmness to these cups would be the Unique Disc by Lumma.

Unique Disc – The Unique Disc is available in three different sizes; small, medium, and large.  This disc also includes a long “stem” that can be trimmed if need or not need at all.  While the Unique is not nearly as firm as the Flex Disc, it is the next firmest disc on the market. This menstrual disc is made of silicone and is reusable for at least up to two years.  The largest disc available is the same diameter as the Flex Disc.


There has been a lot of reviews on both sides of the line.  Many who love the Flex Disc and many others who do not.  Those who love it feel that it gives them the freedom to do anything and everything they want, including having mess-free period sex.  Those who chose not to purchase them, have stayed away from the brand/s for various reasons. 

When I used the Instead SoftCup back in 96’ or 97’, I was sure that I found the product to ease my period woes.  However, instead of a comfortable, mess, and leak-free period, I was met by extra pressure, irritating rubbing, leaking, gushing, and ruined floor rugs.

If the rim was a little softer and more pliable, the collection reservoir quieter, and the diameter a bit narrower, I think this particular brand might have work.  But then again, that would be a whole new cup!  

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a flex disc?

The Flex Disc is a one-time use period product that is worn internally for up to 12 hours depending on your flow.  It sits below the cervix to collect the menstrual flow and can be worn during penetrative intercourse.

How to use the Flex Disc?

The disc is pinched at the center and inserted into the vagina to expand under the cervix.  It can be worn for up to 12 hours to collect the menstrual flow and then removed and disposed of.

Can you reuse Flex disc?

The Flex Disc is a one-time use item that is meant to be thrown out at every removal.

How to Insert the Flex Disc?

Unlike a menstrual cup, the disc is pinched at the center and then inserted into the vaginal canal.  It is then positioned into the vaginal fornix nearest to the rectum and tucked above the pubic bone.

How much does a flex disc hold?

The Flex Fits company claims that the disc can hold the equivalent of five tampons.  The size of the tampon was not specified.

How do I know if my Flex is inserted correctly?

The best way to check that the disc is inserted correctly is to insert a finger and feel for your cervix.  The cervix should be on the other side of the collection reservoir and the disc should not slide out of place.  You should also not be able to feel the disc while using it. 

Can you pee with flex in?

You can use the toilet freely without removing the Flex Disc.  If you don’t feel comfortable doing so, you can also remove it before using the toilet, but it should be replaced with a new disc afterward.

Why is my flex disc leaking?

If the Flex Disc is leaking the placement is incorrect.  Check to make sure that you have placed the rim beyond the cervix and then tuck the other half above the pubic bone.

Does Flex disc leak?

If used correctly and well fitted, the Flex Disc should not leak.

Are Flex discs safe?

The Flex Disc is safe to use for up to 12 hours.  However, it may need to be emptied before that.

Can you sleep in a flex disc?

You can do any activity while wearing the Flex Disc, including penetrative intercourse.

Can you poop with a flex Cup in?

Yes, the Flex Disc can be left in place while you use the toilet.  Since the disc is worn internally, no part of it should interfere.

  1. I felt my Softdisc leaking overnight and decided to get up and pee and change it. It dislodged on my way to the bathroom, after having it in for 4 hours. So much mess. Carpet, rugs, tiling. I found my way here to see if the Flex disc had the same risk. I guess I have my answer, thank you!

  2. I absolutely love the flex disc. First time using it was yesterday. I did have to change it more than expected. I do flow quite heavily. It took a few insertion techniques to make it comfortable an assure no leaking but I’m pretty sure I will never go back to tampons and I wear a panty liner in case of a leak but overall I live this new way to deal with my monthly. Wish this were available years ago.

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