When to Use a Menstrual Cup After Giving Birth

Being pregnant is natural, wonderful and best of all, it means no period for 9 months. However, after giving birth, there are certain guides you should follow with regards to menstrual cup usage. This article covers those guides!

Postpartum Bleeding

You have just given birth to a baby girl or boy, or even twins, and postnatal bleeding will occur. This lasts for 4-6 weeks. What is happening, is the contraction of your uterus, the loss of tissue, formation of clots, and the loss of much blood.

The uterus will go back to its regular size, your cervix will close, and very importantly, the muscles of your vagina will need tender loving care before inserting anything back in there.

It’s important during this time not to use a menstrual cup, as the body has to recover, and infections can occur. However, you can use period panties that will need changing every few hours.

Physiological Changes After Pregnancy

After giving birth, and dealing with vaginal stitches, your vagina may change the way it both looks and feels. Being pregnant also modifies the vaginal canal’s elasticity.

After birth your pelvic floor must get the time it needs to recover. The vaginal canal holds the menstrual cup in place, so it rests at this time. If the canal is too loose or tight, it may cause movement, leaking, or discomfort with regards to the menstrual cup. Also, your cervix may have dropped a little, or tilted, which means the angle of the menstrual cup insertion needs to change.

Because of all of this, your cup may slip out or not go in, the first time you try it after giving birth. You may need pelvic physiotherapists to help tighten or loosen the vaginal muscles, as well as the pelvis.

After Pregnancy Flow

After giving birth, the flow of your period may change. In fact, your first periods may be very heavy with a lot of cramping. Your hormones are adjusting and getting back to normalizing themselves.

Once you start using a menstrual cup again, it can help you keep track of any changes of your flow – how heavy or not heavy it is, etc.

Menstrual Cup Size Changes

After giving birth you may evaluate that you’ll need a bigger cup. However, many new mothers find that their old cups suffice perfectly. However, if you have given birth to twins or triplets, or have had multiple births in succession, you may need a larger cup that fits snugger.

Keep Clean

Hygiene is of exceptional importance once you use a menstrual cup again. Remember to boil yours if it’s in good condition, or you may want to buy a new one, or even a starter kit with both sizes to try them both out, like the Venus Menstrual Cup Starter Kit which comes with cups that can contain a very high capacity of menstrual fluid.


Menstrual cups are the ideal solution for periods after giving birth. Just remember to wait until you have fully recovered before using one again.

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