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Unboxing, Information, Reviews, Personal Experience, and Comparisons of various Menstrual Cups on the Market.





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First experience with a Menstrual Cup?

Fast forward to my first experience with a menstrual cup not of the “SoftCup” type. My first menstrual cup was a Diva Cup size 2.  I didn’t know all the information I know now.  I went in blind and bought it because it was the one cup that I knew of by name. Even though I could have purchased it at a local store, I ended up buying it online.

I didn’t have any problems inserting the cup or using it for the first time.  It was for the most part, comfortable and fit fine.  I didn’t leak and I didn’t have to empty it every ½ an hour to an hour like I would have with an Ultra Super Plus OB.  I knew I was sold on cups from that point on.

Although the Diva Cup wasn’t my “go to” or “Goldilocks” cup, it lead me on a road that has been most life changing!


Hello Blood Buddies! 

I’m Red Herring.  I began doing menstrual cups videos a couple of years ago.  After buying one, two, three…ten menstrual cups my collection grew.  I didn’t intend to purchase so many or even to do videos, but it turned out that way.  It took me a while to find a hand full of cups that I truly couldn’t live without.  On my journey to find those, I figured it would be a great idea to share my experience on my “quest for a blood cup” or my “quest for a BLOODY cup!”

I’ve been taking side by side comparison photos and videos for my viewers to help them find which cup might work for them, as well as unboxing videos to introduce cups that are out on the market.  I like to share my experience with others to remind them that they do have options.

I’m happy to help out in any way that I can.  J

Happy Cupping!


Few Important Questions

  • Favorite Color – Aquas & Greens
  • Favorite Pet – My husband 😀
  • Are You a Morning Person? Not when I first get up..but if it’s from staying up all night until morning for some fun then, YES!
  • One Tip for The Future (Except Sunscreen) – Don’t be ashamed of something natural like our periods. Be comfortable in your own skin.