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CleoCup Sizes and Models

The CleoCup is a menstrual cup that is manufactured in China. It is made of silicone and comes in 2 different sizes/models:
Small (1)
43 mm
73 mm
55 mm
18 mm
22 ml
28 ml
2 /5
2 /5
2 /5
Large (2)
46 mm
76 mm
59 mm
17 mm
30 ml
38 ml
2.5 /5
2 /5
2 /5
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The Cleo Cup is similar to the Lunette but has extra rings on the stem. The company that sells it says that it’s made from FDA-approved, healthcare-grade silicone. It’s latex-, BPA- and toxin-free. It’s also free of odors, so there shouldn’t be any weird smell when you unbox it. According to the CleoCup website, when you use their product, you can be confident that your “delicate hoo-ha is in safe hands.”

Unlike other silicone-based menstrual cups, CleoCup instructs users NOT to use any lube for inserting this cup. You can use plain water, however.


CleoCup Sizes and Details – Everything You Need to Know



CleoCup models

The CleoCup comes in your choice of two sizes. Choose the small if you have a low cervix or strong pelvic muscles. If your cervix is medium-to-high, either cup will work for you. If you have weak pelvic muscles, the large cup will most likely be the best choice. CleoCup offers a starter kit that sends you both sizes. With the start kit, you can try them both to decide what model is the most comfortable and effective.


How to use the CleoCup 

Wash your CleoCup before you use it for the first time, using warm water and gentle soap.

CleoCup insertion.

Always wash your hands before inserting or removing your cup. Cleo Cup advises users to hold the cup at a 45-degree angle during insertion since that’s the typical angle of the vaginal canal. Fold the cup and insert it rim-first.

CleoCup removal. To take your CleoCup out, just squeeze the bottom of the cup to release the section and gently pull it out. Try to keep it upright to avoid spilling menstrual fluid on your hands. Once it’s out, empty its contents into a toilet or rinse it down a sink. Make sure to remove and empty your cup about twice a day. Twelve hours is the most time you should wear this cup without refreshing it.

CleoCup care. Clean you Cleo Cup with a mild cleanser that’s got a balanced pH and no perfume or oils. Avoid using vinegar, antibacterial soap or bleach on your cup because they can damage your cup and make its surface sticky or dull-looking. If you want to, you can place the CleoCup into boiling water for 5 to 7 minutes to sterilize it between cycles. Store your CleoCup in the provided carry bag.


Customer feedback

Customer’s report that the CleoCup works well. The silicone is a thick, rigid type of material but it’s flexible enough to easily fold it for insertion. Some customers say the air holes on this cup are smaller than usual and are difficult to clean out.


About the company

The company that distributes the Cleo Cup, Cleo and Co., seems to be based in Australia although the cup itself is made in China. This product has been on the market since 2015.

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