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Tampax Sizes and Models

The Tampax is a menstrual cup that is manufactured in Israel. It is made of Silicon and comes in 2 different sizes/models:
48 mm
60 mm
50 mm
10 mm
18 ml
25 ml
2.5 /5
5 /5
5 /5
55 mm
61 mm
56 mm
5 mm
30 ml
38 ml
2 /5
4.5 /5
4.5 /5
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  1. Overall Score

    This isn’t a bad cup really, but it’s insanely wide. It was sore removing it because it was so wide. However, I like that it is made in Israel, and I got an opportunity to support Israelis.

    + PROS: Works well for wider vaginas
    - CONS: Cost Size is too wide if you're more narrow
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  2. Overall Score

    I purchased this cup in both sizes because it was $40.00 for a single cup and $60.00 for two, so to me, it made sense. I really like the Tampax cup and am happy cups are becoming more popular. The design of the Tampax cup makes the cup very comfortable. I can work out with the cup, pee, chase after a toddler and even poop and the cup stays put. Some woman have to remove any menstrual cup when going number two because the cup may slip out, but the tampax cups design (the wider rim) is designed to stay where it is or even move higher during bowel movements. I’ve had three children vaginally and use both sizes successfully. I go by flow with this cup. Both are extremely comfortable but I prefer the bigger cup on my heavy days. I have no had any leaks at all with either one of these cups. I like the firmness. It is firmer than the Diva cup which makes it pop open very nicely and creates a nice tight seal. I have a high cervix, but I would think even someone with a low cervix could use the tampax cups successfully because the wide rim would allow your cervix to sit inside of the cup without issue. It also has a very nice capacity. I change my cup every 12 hours (morning and before bed) and could go longer if I wanted to, even on my heaviest days (and I have a copper IUD and can have pretty heavy periods). All in all, the only think I don’t really like about this cup is the price. It isn’t a deal breaker for me because the cup is very high quality and works well and if spending $10/month on disposable products, I would save money by the 7th month with the Tampax cup and a menstrual cup can last up to 10 years with proper care! I have purchased more expensive cups and obviously cheaper cups, I find average to be between $20-30. Using a cup has been life changing for me. I literally forget I have my period for 12 hours at a time. I even have less menstrual cramps now.

    + PROS: Nice capacity, does not slip, comfort, easy to use.
    - CONS: Price
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