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Sub of Use of Menstrual Cups FAQS: Removal
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What is the best positioning and technique to use to remove the menstrual cup?

You should be fine removing the menstrual cup in the same position that you commonly use to insert it. However, users of menstrual cups note that it is helpful to sit on the toilet with your legs spread apart during the removal procedure. This helps just in case there is a problem or spillage of the cup’s contents it goes into the toilet and not on the floor.
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I am having problems removing the menstrual cup, what if it is stuck?

If in the case the cup is located higher in your vagina and you cannot reach the stem to grab it and pull it out, you should breathe and not panic. Take deep breaths and relax and this will help your vaginal muscles relax at an unclenched point so you can easily remove it.

You can try a few steps to get it to a lower point in your vaginal canal. Push down with your vaginal muscles and usually gravity will help the situation. If you are sitting, stand up and push down. You can also prop your leg up so you can reach into your vagina to get a grip on the stem. Once this is resolved, you may want to consider a menstrual cup with a longer stem or just practice more so that you are confident knowing that the menstrual cup will not get stuck!
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Is removing the menstrual cup a messy process?

For new menstrual cup users, the process of removing the menstrual cup can begin messy as new users have to get the techniques down to lessen the ick factor of it. It can spill sometimes, and some also have to accommodate with the process of cleaning the cup after each use, however this is a short-lived learning curve that gets easier and cleaner each time the individual uses the cup more. Beginners are advised to remove the cup while positioned on the toilet to catch any spillages and prevent messes.
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Do stems help you to remove the menstrual cup?

Yes. Stems on menstrual cups play a huge role in easing the removal of a menstrual cup. The different types serve different purposes for users, but they are all there as a feature of the cup that is easy to grip and pull the cup out with. Users of the menstrual cup have varying preferences of which stem they think is best, because it is all about opinion and differential circumstances that make each stem type good or bad for a person.
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    Red Herring December 27, 2017 at 6:57 am

    Stems help you reach the cup, but you don’t want to use the stem to “pull the cup out”.
    First of all, if your cup has created a seal/suction, you’ll need to break it. You can do this by pinching the base of the cup, collapsing the side of it, or pulling back or down on the rim.
    If there is a seal/suction and you tug on the cup, you can also tug on your cervix which may cause discomfort, pain and even some cramping.
    You’ll only want to use the stem to be able to reach the base of the cup. The stem itself will not support the weight of the cup when you remove it from your body, especially if it contains fluid.

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