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Removing a Menstrual Cup | Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best positioning and technique to use to remove the menstrual cup?

1) Sitting on the toilet with knees apart is one of the most common ways to remove and empty a menstrual cup. The user can empty the contents directly into the toilet, so there is no reason to keep the cup level while removing it.
2) Squatting in the shower or tub is another simple option. Squatting involuntarily causes the user to bear down with their muscles, which brings the cup closer to the vaginal opening. If you’re having difficulties reaching the cup, this is a good option and then you can easily empty the contents down the drain. New users might prefer this technique because there is no worry about dropping the cup into the toilet and it makes for easy cleanup.

I am having problems removing the menstrual cup, what if it is stuck?

1) If the menstrual cup is situated higher in the vagina canal, it is best to be in a squatting position, preferably in the tub (just in case you tip the cup). Squatting involuntarily causes the muscles to bear down, bringing the cup closer to the vaginal opening. You may need to contract and relax your muscles (like having a bowel movement) several times to get the cup to move down enough to reach it.
2) Make sure to pinch the base of the cup to release the seal or suction. If the cup still has a seal, it may tug on the cervix and cause some pain.
3) Once this is resolved, you may want to consider a menstrual cup with more length or a longer stem

Is removing the menstrual cup a messy process?

There will always be blood, just like there would be with a disposable menstrual product. However, with practice, it will become easier to remove and will be less messy to handle:
1) Make sure to pinch and hold the base of the cup when removing it. The stem alone will not support its weight and you may end up with a mess.
2) When rinsing the cup in the sink, keep the water pressure light and the cup positioned low in the sink to avoid splashing.

Do stems help you to remove the menstrual cup?

In a sense, yes. The stem on a menstrual cup helps locate the cup itself. You can use it to wiggle the cup down enough until you are able to reach the base of the cup. The stem alone will not support the weight of the cup, especially if it’s filled, so you’ll want to pinch and hold the base before the cup is completely removed or you might end up with a huge mess!

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  1. Stems help you reach the cup, but you don’t want to use the stem to “pull the cup out”.
    First of all, if your cup has created a seal/suction, you’ll need to break it. You can do this by pinching the base of the cup, collapsing the side of it, or pulling back or down on the rim.
    If there is a seal/suction and you tug on the cup, you can also tug on your cervix which may cause discomfort, pain and even some cramping.
    You’ll only want to use the stem to be able to reach the base of the cup. The stem itself will not support the weight of the cup when you remove it from your body, especially if it contains fluid.

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