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Calla Cup Sizes and Models

The Calla Cup is a menstrual cup that is manufactured in China. It is made of silicone and comes in 2 different sizes/models:

Note: Similar cup design/model can be found under the following name(s): Bloody Buddy, Spequix, Leasen, Timkdle, Zen Gina
Calla Cup
Small (A)
43 mm
74 mm
51 mm
23 mm
22 ml
31 ml
4 /5
3.5 /5
4 /5
Calla Cup
Large (B)
46 mm
78 mm
55 mm
23 mm
28 ml
38 ml
4 /5
3.5 /5
4 /5
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The Calla menstrual cup is referred to only by the name “Calla” on its website. No doubt, this translucent period cup is named after the elegant Calla Lily that has a unique, trumpet-shaped flower— in a way the Calla flower does resemble this menstrual cup!

Calla is a menstrual cup that can hold up to six times more fluid than a regular tampon or pad. It’s molded from FDA-approved, medical-grade silicone and is designed for a woman’s safety and comfort. Calla can be worn for up to 12 hours, and it should last for a full decade if it’s cared for properly.

The bottom of the cup is ribbed so that it will be easier to grip during removal. It has a flattened stem that you can trim to the length of your preference. Calla sits low in the vaginal canal, so you can’t wear it during sex without it getting in the way. The Calla Cup comes in two sizes, described below.


Calla cups A and B

Calla A is recommended for women who are younger than 25 years old or who haven’t given birth.

Calla B is the cup to choose if you are over the age of 25 and have given birth vaginally. It may also be a better cup for you if you have heavy menstrual flow since it can hold 30ml of fluid compared to the Calla A’s capacity of 23ml.


How to use the Calla cup

Calla cup insertion. To insert Calla, first run it under water to rinse it off and get it wet. Then, punch the cup around the rim and fold the cup in half. Insert the cup and once it’s up far enough, remove your fingers to release the cup. It should unfold and open up. Gently twist the cup to make sure it has made a leak-proof seal with the walls of your vaginal canal. That’s it!

Calla cup removal. When it’s time to remove Calla, give the bottom of the cup a little squeeze to break the seal then slowly withdraw the cup. Empty the cup’s contents into the toilet, then rinse or wipe with a tissue and reinsert.

Calla cup care. Call recommends that after each period, you wash and sterilize Calla by submerging it in boiling water for five minutes. Store Calla in the included satin-like storage pouch.


About the company

Calla is based in London, England, but it appears that their cups are made in China based on the sample that they sent to us. Calla’s website says that if you aren’t happy with your Calla cup, email them to let them know and they will issue a full refund.

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