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FemmyCycle Sizes and Models

The FemmyCycle is a menstrual cup that is manufactured in USA. It is made of Silicon and comes in 3 different sizes/models:
Teen (Petite)
31 mm
57 mm
38 mm
19 mm
17.5 ml
17.5 ml
3 /5
3 /5
3 /5
Low Cervix
36 mm
50 mm
43 mm
13 mm
30 ml
30 ml
3 /5
3 /5
3 /5
36 mm
63 mm
43 mm
20 mm
30 ml
30 ml
3 /5
3 /5
3 /5
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Although the menstrual cup has been around for ages, it is just now coming around full circle where it is accepted as a viable alternative to other feminine menstrual hygiene products. With this new-found popularity more women are discovering what makes the menstrual cup so beneficial, and what they have been missing out on all this time.

The Femmycycle menstrual cup produced and manufactured by the Femcap Inc. corporation is a new and up & coming menstrual cup product that has not been on the market very long, but that is garnering much attention for being a product with the greatest market potential.


FemmyCycle Special Product Features:

In the two years since the Femmycycle debuted on the market, it has received an exceptional amount of positive reviews, has even earned several awards, and has established numerous accreditations for being a significant breakthrough product in the menstrual cup industry. It boasts a number of features that make it unique and appealing:




  • FemmyCycle is offered in 3 sizes (more details below)
  • Available in Twin Value Pack and Single Pack (2 Femmycycle cups, and a single Femmycycle cup pack)
  • FDA Approved and Established in 2012
  • Special Spill-Proof Design Makes Leaks Impossible
  • 2013 Award Winner at the BioCom Medfest Expo
  • Made from Medical-Grade Silicone
  • Reusable with Shelf-Life of a Year
  • Is only available in the clear cup color


FemmyCycle Specs and Sizes

The Femmycycle cup is available in single pack and in a twin value pack.

Single pack

1 Femmycycle menstrual cup (lasts a year), retail: $39.99

Twin pack

2 Femmycycle menstrual cups (lasts 1 year each), retail $59.99

Femmycycle Sizes

The Femmycycle menstrual cup comes in 3 sizes to accommodate the variations between a female’s unique body and personal menstrual care needs:

  • 1. Teen (Small Model) – The Teen Femmycycle cup is for teenagers who have just started their periods, are virgins, and who also are familiar with the use of tampons. The Teen Femmycycle is the smallest size made for light- medium flow.
  • 2. Regular (Full Size Model) – For women with an average level Cervix. The Regular Femmycup is for women that have been sexually active or had children, this is the regular size that is long, holds the most fluid, and that accommodates a light- to very heavy flow.
  • 3. Low Cervix (Shorter Model) – For women with a low Cervix. The Low Cervix model and size of the Femmycycle cup is specifically designed with a shorter cup size to be comfortably worn by women who have a low cervix or short vaginal canal. It can be used for any type of flow.


Choosing the Right Femmycycle Cup Size

For the best leakage protection and most comfortable experience with the Femmcycle menstrual cup, the manufacturer recommends that you “check yourself” to see if you may have a smaller/larger/shorter vaginal canal and cervix.

Check Yourself –
Stand by the toilet as you prop your leg up (with knee) bent and take your index finger and place it in your vagina.

  1. If you cannot detect your cervix with your index finger inserted as high and far as it will go. Then you have a high cervix or a normal cervix and it is best recommended that you use the high cervix/regular size Femmycycle cup for best use.
  2. If your index finger touches your cervix, then you most likely have a cervix that sets low in the vaginal canal. Your best option of Femmycycle cup size is the low cervix model.

FemmyCycle Starter Kit –

If you not sure if you have a low curvix, you can get the starter kit – that contains one regular and one low cervix.






Insertion and Removal Instructions

Many females become turned off by the learning curve of using the menstrual cup properly. This can cause them to ditch a product without giving it the opportunity to work adequately.

The Femcap. Inc website for Femmycycle notes the learning curve and provides some extensive instructions and details for inserting and removing the cup properly to provide customers with the best odds of using their feminine hygiene product properly- I find this extremely novel of them in their best way to honestly present and market their product.

These clear cut instructions make it very easy for anyone to understand to properly utilize and benefit from the femmycycle array of advantages:

  1. When you are removing or inserting the cup it is key to relax completely.
  2. Make sure your bladder is empty before inserting or removing the Femmycup.
  3. Stand with one leg propped up (on the toilet) while inserting and removing the Femmy cup.
  4. Get familiar with your cervix- even if you cannot touch it the Femmy needs to gently cradle your cervix to adequately collect menstrual fluid.
  5. When inserting the Femmy cup be sure to perform this slowly, the cup is meant to open a bit- but is also developed not to open all the way.
  6. It helps to lubricate the Femmycup to ease the insertion process use a 100% safe lubricant such as coconut jelly or KY.
  7. When using the C-fold be certain that the C open point is directed towards your rectum.


The Pro’s of the Femmycycle Menstrual Cup

Femcap Inc. provides clear-cut instructions on using and caring for their Femmycycle menstrual cup product on their website and included in their product packaging.
Instead of 2 sizes like most menstrual cups, the Femmycup is offered in 3 sizes to provide more options of a better fit for women.
25% larger collecting and holding capacity (40ml) than any other cup on the market.
Not stiff, and very flexible in comparison to the Keeper, Evacup, and Divacup
It has a ring instead of a stem that is not intrusive and that enables a better ease of removal than products that have stems or bulbs at the base.
The ring consisted in Femmcycle also makes this menstrual cup easier to clean.
The transparent color of the Femmycycle cup allows you to see what needs to be cleaned in comparison to other products that are available in colors and made out of other materials.


The Con’s of the Femmycycle Menstrual Cup

The strong suction of the cup can cause the Femmycycle cup to invert, causing a mess while removing it.
Because of the lack of tiny holes in the rim, sometimes it fails to open properly to enable the fit required to avoid leaks.


Customer Reviews, Ratings, and Testimonials

When I looked at all the pleasant reviews posted throughout the Internet on Femmycycle, they confirmed that BioCom accurately predicted this menstrual product’s bright future. As more and more people are discovering the Femmycycle, consumers are selecting it prominently over other menstrual cup brands and proclaiming it as the #1 best menstrual cup.

“It works as promised. I had to try it a few times to get it right. Read the directions that come with it. I’ve used mine for about 8 months now and love the freedom. Plus it actually made my flow lighter.” (Amazon.com)

“I gave it 5 stars! When I initially received the product I was a bit nervous about trying it out. When I first started using it, it was a bit awkward, but I got the hang of it and love it! I prefer it over my Skoon Cup. It can be worn partially collapsed and has a spill guard on top. I liked the idea of the top and feel more comfortable wearing it at night. No leaks and can’t feel it. Don’t get discouraged, keep trying it out (dry runs are great). If not this cup, try another, but this one is FANTASTIC. I bought it directly from the company, their customer service is great if you have any questions about the product!” (Amazon.com)

“I just finished my first trial with my menstrual cycle and I simply loved it!
For folding, I used c-curve and had no problem inserting after trying a few times. I didn’t feel any pressure at all. Lube helps when inserting. The ring is very helpful when taking it out. Cleaning is also easy. Just empty it and I like to wash mine with feminine wash under warm water.” (Amazon.com)


FemmyCycle Menstrual Cup FAQS

“If my experience with the Femmycycle is less than satisfactory, can I return the Femmycup for a refund?”

Because the Femmycycle is intimately used, once it is used we cannot except it as a return. The Femmycycle cup is non-returnable for the better safety of everyone.

“Can the Femmycycle be worn during sexual intercourse safely?”

No the Femmycycle menstrual cup is not designed to be worn safely when taking part in penetrative intercourse.

“Why is the shelf-life for the Femmycycle menstrual cup only a single year, while there are other menstrual cup brands that last for 10-15 years?”

The Femmycycle is made out of a safe, medical grade silicone that is very durable. But it is also softer than some other brand models on the market, and is more pliable and flexible for your better benefit of comfort, insertion, and removal, and overall use. It is exposed to normal wear and tear and is not as effective after a year’s time period on average. Additionally, it is just good practice and for the greater good of your health to avoid infections to replace your femmy cup regularly.

“How does Femmycycle prevent menstrual odor?”

Because the femmycycle collects instead of absorbing, the fluid scent is not released into the air. This helps to prevent menstrual odors.

“Does the Femmycup touch my cervix at all?”

No. The femmycup when placed accurately, will sit right below your cervix comfortably and properly.

“Is there a special size available in the Femmycycle to accommodate a femle with a short vagina or a low cervix?”

Yes. For women who have short vaginas and a low cervix- femmycycle has designed a low cervix size which is ideal.

“Can I use the Femmycycle menstrual cup if I have an IUD?”

Yes. The Femmycycle menstrual cup can be compatibly and most safely worn & used by women who have IUD’s.

“Are there any risks of obstruction in the opening of the Femmycycle by blood-clots?”

The vacuum seal effect of the Femmycycle allows blood-clots to pass through without problem.

“What holding capacity does the Femmycycle have?”

The Femmycycle menstrual cup boasts the largest holding capacity of any other menstrual cup available on the market. It can hold up to 40 ml of fluid.

“How can I make the process of inserting the Femmycycle menstrual cup easier?”

You can follow the instructions that came with the Femmycycle cup, and also use a safe, natural lubricant to make it easier to slide in and out upon insertion and removal procedures.


About FemmyCycle Company

Femcap Inc. is based out of San Diego, California and was established in 2012 by founder and CEO, Alfred Shihata. Alfred Shihata developed the company’s main product- the Femmycycle, menstrual cup. The Femmycup has received high praise for its rave performance as a menstrual hygiene alternative to tampons and was recently awarded and recognized as the most innovative product with the greatest market potential at the BioCom Medfest Expo.

The Femmycycle was explained as a “game-changer” by chief nurse executive and Biocom Medfest Judge, Lorie Shoemaker. She also furthered her statement by proclaiming that the FemmyCycle is, “simple, safe, money sparing, and it saves the planet and can save your life.” The company’s motto is “What is there not to love about the Femmycycle?”



FemmyCycle Menstrual Cup; What is not to love?

Even though it is a fairly new menstrual cup to be introduced to the market, the Femmycycle cup is making large strides in catching up with the menstrual cups that have been around longer.

It offers an array of benefits that make other brands of menstrual cups pale by comparison.

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  1. Overall Score

    If I could give Femmycycle 100 starts I would. I have tried many different menstrual cups and Femmycycle rules them all. I use the regular because I have quite a high cervix and it is perfect for me. I’m 32 years old and have three children (vaginally). This cup does not slip, does not leak, opens every time, and I love the fact that as long as the rim is open the body can remain partially collapsed and still collect flow perfectly. It really knocks off the last step of using most other menstrual cups which is to make sure there are not dents in your cup. I was used to more traditional cups when I purchased my femmycycle and it took me a full cycle to get the hang of it. The first couple of days I was experiencing some minor leaks but that was user error and nothing to do with the cup. I empty my Femmycycle twice a day, once in the morning when I wake up and once before bed, even on my heavy days this cup has never overflowed. I also really like the no spill rim of this cup. I will say that the seal and suction are very strong, which I like because it holds up for my workouts perfectly. It is a little pricier than other cups, especially considering it is recommended that this cup be replaced every year, compared to the 5-10 years some other cups can last. Either way I still love this cup and I would pay double for it if I had to. It is so comfortable (can’t feel it at all) and I love the removal ring. Like I said before, I have a high cervix and the ring makes removal very easy.

    + PROS: Soft Easy to use No leaks No spill rim comfortable holds for 12 hours easy removal easy insertion strong seal
    - CONS: expensive doesn't last as long as other cups has its own learning curve
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  2. Overall Score

    I’ve tried menstrual cups in the past and never liked using them because I found removing them difficult. The FemmyCup is incredibly easy to insert and remove! I have not experienced any leaks or spills. Really happy with this product and happy to have found an environmentally-conscious alternative to tampons!

    + PROS: Easy to insert and remove, no leaks or spills, can't feel it when inside
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  3. Overall Score

    I absolutely love this cup! My period is not messy anymore at all. I’ll never use something else again.
    There are a few things to be aware of, though, especially if you’re not an experienced cup user.

    I started using a cup when I was still a virgin. My regular size FemmeCycle would definitely have been too big for me then. I am sexually active now, but it is still very tight to get it out. The company offers a petite size that might be a better fit, but knowing how tight I was, I doubt even that would have fitted me.
    For me, the size is now a perfect fit. The lower part of the cup is wide compared to other models, making it sit rock-solid once it is in place properly. However, getting it there can be a bit of a hassle. It needs to be above your pelvic floor muscles, with the opening over your cervix. That is pretty deep in your vagina! I also go around the entire thing with my finger to make sure it is properly placed over my cervix. If you are not comfortable touching yourself inside, this is not the product for you.
    Once it is where it is supposed to be, my pelvic floor keeps it there and the anti-leak design means I can finally sleep without having to worry about finding blood in my bed the next morning. My previous cup with a normal design would be fine during the day, but I could not lay down without leaking. There is no such problem with the FemmeCycle. I can forget I am having my period until I need to empty it. I love it. Every other product I’ve tried still gives a certain amount of mess. This is the only one that is absolutely leak proof for me. But you do need to stick with it in the beginning, because it is not easy.

    + PROS: -No leaking, even when sleeping/laying down -Stays in place
    - CONS: -Quite big -Need to be very comfortable with your body to insert
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  4. Overall Score

    Love this menstrual cup. It’s the only one I use

    + PROS: A really awesome cup. Only have to empty it morning and night except for my heaviest day I empty it an extra time. Doesn't spill. Great for a low cervix. Has good suction so doesn't move when you are doing any different to normal activity.
    - CONS: Can be difficult to get the hang of putting it in. Once you've used it for 4 or 5 cycles though you figure out the best technique to insert.
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  5. Overall Score

    Pros: The short model is a good fit for a low cervix and it doesn’t rub or hang out if properly inserted.
    Cons: I have used this cup for 6 cycles now and I hate it. It is extremely difficult to get it inserted properly so it doesn’t leak. I have followed the instructions to the letter, tried other insertion methods and still cannot find one way to get it in every time. I spend lots of time in the bathroom trying to adjust it for leaks, or wondering if it is leaking.
    The no spill removal feature isn’t that helpful, it works okay but you have to stick your finger into the full cup to open it for emptying and is harder to clean with the ribs in the middle. If you don’t get it inserted properly it pushes against the urethra and makes it impossible to urinate. It comes out with a bowel movement – every time, so a double mess to deal with.
    On at least one occasion every heavy night of my period I have had to change my pajamas in the middle of the night due to heavy leaking after carefully checking insertion and waiting for a while. It leaks and spills badly and I have to now back it up with a big pad, which is counterproductive but the only way to make sure that doesn’t happen. Even on a good insertion when it finally works after a few tries, I still have to change my panty liner several times per day. I am done with this cup, I hate it and am going to go with a firmer model that opens all the way and stays over the cervix and still fits a shorter cervix. I see there are some other options.

    - CONS: I have used this cup for 6 cycles now and I hate it. It is extremely difficult to get it inserted properly so it doesn't leak. I have followed the instructions to the letter, tried other insertion methods and still cannot find one way to get it in every time. I spend lots of time in the bathroom trying to adjust it for leaks, or wondering if it is leaking. The no spill removal feature isn't that helpful, it works okay but you have to stick your finger into the full cup to open it for emptying and is harder to clean with the ribs in the middle. If you don't get it inserted properly it pushes against the urethra and makes it impossible to urinate. It comes out with a bowel movement - every time, so a double mess to deal with. On at least one occasion every heavy night of my period I have had to change my pajamas in the middle of the night due to heavy leaking after carefully checking insertion and waiting for a while. It leaks and spills badly and I have to now back it up with a big pad, which is counterproductive but the only way to make sure that doesn't happen. Even on a good insertion when it finally works after a few tries, I still have to change my panty liner several times per day. I am done with this cup, I hate it and am going to go with a firmer model that opens all the way and stays over the cervix and still fits a shorter cervix. I see there are some other options.
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  6. Overall Score

    This is an amazing product! It will take a few cycles to get used to, but once you do, it is a lifesaver! I have only leaked once at night, but I think I had the cup in wrong or it turned when I put in in. Other than that, it has never leaked! I always leaked at night before the femme cycle wearing pads or even at my heaviest with a pad and tampon while laying on my back. It made such a mess on my bed and embarrassing! I have not leaked at work or home otherwise! I would always worry at work before. It is similar to putting a Tampon in once you get used to it. It slides right up into the vagina and you know it is in place when you cannot feel it at the bottom of your vagina. The only thing you should feel when it is in place is the ring with your fingers for when you need to pull it out.
    To insert, put your left leg on the covered toilet seat and squat a little or bear down like having a bowel movement. This helps to insert the cup. Fold the cup into a c and hold firmly to create suction for when it opens into your vagina. If you release the c fold early it may not open completely or you may not have the cup in right causing leaking. Push the bottom part of the cup into your vagina slowly and then the top part until you cannot feel it anymore. You’ll only feel the ring. You will feel the cup adjusting for a while after and it feels like it is leaking but it is not. I am not sure if it is air coming out of my vagina or what after putting it in and while wearing it. I usually have minimal blood on my pantiliner, but I think it is from when I inserted the cup and there was blood pooled in my vagina. Once the cup is open enough to where it collects menstrual flow, it should not leak at all. I always feel like it is leaking, but it never it. Just wipe your labia after inserting to get any residue. You will feel some mild cramping like you would when you have a tampon in and more when you just wear a pad, but not bad. Nothing I cannot deal with. The benefits outweigh the cramping! I am able to wear the cup for at least 12 hours-an entire shift at work! I am able to wear the cup all night long! To remove the cup, bear down or sit on the toilet or over the toilet pulling the ring at the bottom slowly. You can release the suction with your fingers also. Remove the cup straight or it may leak if you hurry. It is designed to not leak upon remova due to the inverted top, but I have had it leak. I think I was hurrying causing it to jostle. It is very easy to clean also with soapy hot water. No more messy than a tampon or a pad and barely any smell! I always felt like I smelled with tampons or pads. I don’t smell nearly as much with the cup. Sometimes I forget I have the cup in as it is so comfortable when it is in. You will feel crampy more when you are gassy or need to have a bowel movement and you will need to remove the cup when having a bowel movement or it will slide down out anyway. No big deal. It is easy to reinsert after you clean your hands when done having a bowel movement. It is amazing how much this cup holds, too! This cup is rugged and meant to last for up to 2 years. The package says to change after a year. Huge savings instead of buying tampons and pads!
    Give this a try seriously! I was frustrated a few times, but after a few cycles you will get the hang of it. Obviously every cervix is different, so make sure you get the right size. If you are having leakage, check the way you insert it and reread the instructions because it should not leak! You will Love this product in time! So much less stress about leaking now and you can enjoy sleep and life without the worry of leaking. Good luck!

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  7. Overall Score

    So happy with my FemmeCup I decided to add another cup to my monthly use. But the Femmecycle is not for me, a big balloonshape that doesn’t fold to its place. And even worse, that drops down during the day! I’ve lost it more than once when I went to the toilet, it just falls out.
    Also bought one for my teenage daughter, but it’s just to big, inserting is difficult, even after several different attempts and with a lubricant, it hurts. And she feels it, very uncomfortable and hurtful inside her.

    Mother of two, with average height and weight, and somewhat weak vaginal muscle strength.
    Daughter, with average height and weight, normal teenage vaginal muscle strength.

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  8. Overall Score

    BEWARE, low cervix femme cycle has so much suction it gave me a prolapse!
    I have had a low cervix since birth of baby 18 months ago. I am 34. I got the femmycycle last week and was so excited to use it as the other cup I used fell out.
    My cervix is so low at when I put the cup in it would suck my cervix in. Trying to get it off was painful and after using it for 3 days my cervix was on the outside! Permanently!

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  9. I absolutely LOVE mine. Wish I had known about it a long time ago. I feel confident now when I use it. No more bleed thru, bad smells, inconvenience, expense, embarassment, mess, etc like with tampons and pads.
    I highly recommend the FemmyCycle above others. The design is great.
    I learned that insertion is a breeze if I put my foot up on the toilet and insert standing rather than in a seated or squatting position.
    I’ll never go back to pads/tampons.

  10. Overall Score

    I have a very heavy clotting flow. I typically use a super tampon and have to change it every couple hours.
    While at work it’s nerve wrecking hoping not to leak. A couple of years ago I tried both the instead cup but it was messy & leaked, the diva cup but that was uncomfortable plus difficult to remove. I realize that a ring to pull out the cup would be helpful.
    Well, I came across the femmycycle and was very excited to give it a try. The prospect of a cup with holding capacity & a ring for easy removal was just what I needed. Unfortunately, I was a novice with cups, gave this cup a try a handful full of times & found it difficult to insert. Once in it was great but I wasn’t ready to really use a cup. Fast forward, I came across my cup & realized that I needed a break from tampons. Gave the cup another try and am so glad I did for the reasons I mentioned before. This is an awesome cup. On my first two days I do empty it 3-4 times. However, afterwards I empty it 2x a day. The freedom of worry that it will leak or that I may smell is so liberating. Heavy clotting isn’t a problem with this cup. I’m not awaken from dead of sleep with a panic of trying to make it to the bathroom.
    The moral of my story is I almost gave up on this cup at first but gave it another try & am so glad I did. If you aren’t comfortable at first inserting use k-y or coconut oil that helped me become successful. I highly recommend it to women over 40 with heavy clotting periods.

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