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Casco Bay menstrual cup, aka “Freedom Cup”, “Green Cup of Maine”, “Life Cup”, “Lincup”, “V-Cups” and more, is marketed as an environmentally friendly, reusable cup, just like most every other non-disposable menstrual cup out there. However, the Casco cup is made in the USA in an ISO-certified factory. That means it meets standardized requirements when it comes to the production of this class of product, unlike menstrual cups that are made in China where much of the production is unregulated. This cup isn’t green in color, in fact, it’s only available in clear. That’s because it’s dye-free in an effort to keep this cup as pure as possible.

This cup is made from Class VI, medical/healthcare-grade silicone. The material is FDA-approved. It doesn’t have latex, BPAs, dyes or rubber. This cup has a rounded stem for comfort. No more getting poked by a jagged menstrual cup stem!


Casco Bay Cup Sizes and Details –
Everything You Need to Know



Casco Bay Details:


– Clear


Firmness Rating:

-Rim Firmness: 2.5

-Body Firmness: 2.5


You can get a Casco Cup in a small or large size. Casco Bay Cup’s literature says that most women can wear the large or small equally well. They recommend the small size for light flow and the large size for heavy menstrual flow. Unfortunately, I can’t find measurements or capacity information for the Casco Cup, so if you know the exact capacity you need, there’s no way to confirm that this cup will fit the bill unless you buy the cup and try it for yourself.


SMALL Size – Measurements:

-Diameter: n/a

 -Cup length: n/a

-Stem Length: n/a

-Total Length:  n/a

-Capacity (Up to the air-holes): n/a

-Capacity (Up to the rim):n/a


LARGE Size – Measurements:

-Diameter: n/a

 -Cup length: n/a

-Stem Length: n/a

-Total Length:  n/a

-Capacity (Up to the air-holes): n/a

-Capacity (Up to the rim):n/a


How to use the Casco Cup 

Casco Cup insertion. To insert the Casco Cup, follow the usual instructions for using menstrual cups, as follows: Fold your cup to make it smaller for insertion. You can sit, stand, squat or place your leg on the seat of the toilet or other raised surface. Try to relax and move aside your labia with your free hand. Point the cup toward your backbone as you place it into the vagina. Once it’s in place, release your hold on the cup, and it will unfold inside. Many women like to give their menstrual cup a twist to make sure it’s formed a leak-proof seal.

Casco Cup removal. Wash your hands before removing your Casco Cup. Again, taking some deep breaths and relaxing will help. Find the base of the cup using your fingers. Don’t pull out on the stem until you have grasped the base of the cup and squeezed it to release it’s suctioned grip. Then slide the cup out and empty it into the toilet.

Casco Cup care. During your period, you should care for your Casco Cup by washing it with mild soap and cold water. Store it in a cotton bag.


Customer feedback and Videos

Customers report that this cup is somewhat long and narrow. It sounds like it might be better suited for women who have a high cervix.


About the company

The Casco Cup is manufactured in Maine, but the company that sells it, Calabash LLC, has an address in Virginia. They donate a portion of their proceeds to charity.


Where to buy 

We just review menstrual cups; we aren’t a menstrual cup seller. You can get the best deals on Casco Cups here.

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    Cassie B. February 5, 2018 at 8:42 pm
    Overall Score

    I have the small GCoM and it’s the same size as my small Diva Cup. I believe it’s the exact same cup as the Casco Cup, just branded differently. They are produced in the same facility and probably with the same molds. I liked it a lot, as I found the Diva too firm at first, but I had to switch back to the Diva because I stopped being able to get the GCoM to open. I don’t know if I got fatter or more tense down there or what. I do like that smaller folds can be used on the Diva, it makes insertion easier than the GCoM for beginners. I have a high cervix, so high I have never been able to find it, but cups don’t really fit up there as well when I’m not menstruating or close to menstruating, so I think maybe I loosen up right around then.

    + PROS: Made in USA with quality confirmed Comes with storage bag Packaging is recyclable Softer than Diva Cup Stem is very comfy and squishy and is not hollow
    - CONS: Some folds cannot be used as they won't open Might not open up for some people, as it's on the softer side
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