Where To Buy Menstrual Cups? Online and in Person

Now that menstrual cups are becoming more popular, more stores and online shops have been popping up. You might even be able to find either a physical or an online store that is locally-owned. However, they’re still not as widely popular as disposable tampons and pads, so you might be doing some hunting.

You can directly check the website of the brand that you are interested in and see if they ship to your country or if they have distributors local to you. Sometimes it’s not stated, so you might benefit from contacting them if you cannot find that information on their website.


So Where Can you Buy a Menstrual Cup?

1. Online Stores

There are also a few shops that offer to ship worldwide and carry several menstrual cup options as well as other menstrual hygiene products; however, they all operate differently.

Sites such as:

Stock their products and ship directly to you. The benefit of making a purchase through a site like this is that you are able to purchase your cup(s) and other menstrual items from a single shop. Some of these shops might also offer products that are otherwise unavailable in your country. 

Other sites such as MenstrualCup.co do not stock their items; rather, it acts as a middleperson who accepts an order and places it with the manufacturing company, which then ships the order to you. The downside of purchasing items from a site like this is that the order will be shipped separately from different countries, and you may be waiting longer than expected for all of your items to arrive. Some cup companies listed may not ship to certain countries even if the rest of your order does. Lastly, if any issues occur with your order, you may need to contact the cup company directly because the site owner is not the one who packaged or shipped your order.

ClariCup, DivaCup, EvaCup, FemmyCycle, JuJu, LadyCup, LaliCup, LoulouCup, Lunette, MeLuna, Merula Cup, OrganiCup, Super Jennie, and Yuuki Cup are a few cups that can be commonly found through these sites.

2. Buying in Person

If you would rather buy a cup in person, you can check a local big-chain store, drug store, health food store, pharmacist/chemist or even a Planned Parenthood. 

Where to Buy Menstrual Cups in The USA

In the USA, several big-chain stores such as WalMart and Target stock the Diva Cup, Lily Cup, and Tampax Cup. Drug stores such as Walgreens and CVS may have the Diva Cup.

Health food stores have been reported to carry a some cups including the Lunette. I, myself, have seen the Lunette at my local Planned Parenthood.

Although it’s great to have access to a cup on demand through a physical store, they normally do not have a wide selection of shapes and sizes to choose from, so the most variety will be available online.

3. Amazon

If you live in the USA, Amazon is probably one of the best places to buy a menstrual cup. The variety is large – you can find dozens of menstrual cups such as Venus Cup, Lena Cup, Diva Cup, Dutchess, Saalt Cup, Luna Cup and many many more.

Many of these cups are can be shipped internationally. For example, Venus Cup is sold on Amazon and can be shipped to Australia, Canada, India, most of Europe and many other countries.

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  1. You can order it online. Just need a bit of a research before you order, measure the height of your cervix, did you give birth, how heavy the flow is, etc. I did a small test on intimina.com and it helped me decide which one to order. I am more than happy with my lily compact B 🙂

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