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Bella Cup Sizes and Models

The Bella Cup is a menstrual cup that is manufactured in Korea. It is made of silicone and comes in 2 different sizes/models:
Bella Cup
41 mm
72 mm
48 mm
24 mm
20 ml
26 ml
3 /5
3 /5
3.5 /5
Bella Cup
45.5 mm
73 mm
53 mm
20 mm
30 ml
37 ml
2.5 /5
3 /5
3 /5
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The Bella Cup, menstrual cup is much like other menstrual cups in that it offers a woman more freedom in light of the monthly-time that makes being a woman restrictive and unpleasant. The Bella Cup is a sound alternative in comparison to other menstrual cup brands (that may not be a good fit), bulky sanitary pads, and costly tampons. It is comfortable, eco-friendly, cost-effective, and overall healthier than any other menstrual aid product.

The word Bella means beautiful– and the name of the Bella Cup symbolizes feeling beautiful. The Bella Cup boasts 2 sizes (small and large), contains no harmful dyes, BPA’s, or adversities that will cause infections or ill effects with use. It features a flat tab stem that can be trimmed down, is of medium firmness/softness ratio, and can be reused over and over for up to 5 years without needing to be replaced.

Bella Cup Specs, Sizes, and Options

The Bella Cup offers the minimal basics in a menstrual cup of sizes, options, and no color choices (only manufactured in the transparent/clear model. However its design offers a uniqueness all of its own- which may be well-suited for a woman who has not yet found the perfect menstrual cup for her.









Available Sizes of the Bella Cup

The Bella Cup offers two sizes (“S” – Small, “L” – Large) for your convenience to accommodate women who are over the age of 30 and under.

The size that you should select is dependent upon your individual circumstances of heredity, fitness, age, and whether you have yet had a child vaginally.


Small Bella Cup (includes dark green / bright grey pouch)

The small Bella Cup, menstrual cup is recommended for young teens, women under the age of 30 who have not had a child vaginally, and also for those who experience a light-medium flow.



Large Bella Cup (includes dark green / bright grey pouch)

The large Bella Cup, menstrual cup is recommended for more mature women over the age of 30 who have had a child vaginally, and also for those who experience a medium-heavy flow.




Bella Cup Special Features

The Bella Cup, menstrual cup has many features that make it unique from other menstrual cups as well as ideal for women who are looking for the perfect menstrual cup for them.

  • Can be reused for up to 5 years without needing replacing
  • Made from tested and medically approved silicone
  • Features a flat tab stem that can be trimmed for a custom fit
  • Well-designed with 4 suction holes, and smooth finish
  • Available in 2 sizes for your convenience (small and large)
  • Made in Korea and widely available all over the world
  • Offered at a competitive price less than most other menstrual cups
  • Squishier than the Ruby Cup








Bella Cup Pros

The Bella Cup is rated very highly in the plethora of reviews that we have found floating around the net. Here are some of the best features and attributes of the Bella Cup which female consumers seem to love about the Bella Cup, menstrual cup:

Smooth and squishy – Users really appear to like that smoothness and squishiness of the Bella Cup. It is very soft in comparison to many other cup brands which makes it seamless to wear unnoticeably.
Nice velvet pouch is easy for storage – The storage pouch that the Bella Cup comes with is velvet and boasts a drawstring which consumer’s state is very nice for storing the cup in the pouch discreetly.
Comfortable to wear, easy to use – The finish of the cup and overall design are much commented on by reviewers and users of this menstrual cup. Most state that it is comfortable cup and is fairly easy to remove and insert when used in the right size and folded correctly.
Bella Cup is a cinch to clean – The design, holes on the rim, and smooth finish of the beautiful- Bella cup make the cup easy to rinse, clean, preserve, and sterilize for best use and performance.
Stem design and texture to benefit for insertion and removal – One of the most liked features of the Bella Cup, menstrual cup by consumers is the stem design which consists of textured ridges which provide a good handle for grasping when removing it.
Inside does not having raised writing on it – The inside of the Bella cup consists of no raised writing. Some menstrual cups do have raised textured writing on their cup designs which can contribute to discomfort experienced while being worn.


Bella Cup Cons

Softness can make it difficult for a good fit – As some individuals particularly like the squishy soft form of the Bella Cup, others report it to be a detriment and have complained that the softness of the Bella Cup resulted in the cup slipping and sliding out (this could be caused by using a small size while needing a larger size.)



Bella Cup- What Customers Say


Bella Cup Frequently Asked Questions

We are certain that you may have some questions answered regarding the purchase, use, and details of the Bella Cup, menstrual cup and have take the time to address them in this section listed below.
Should the stem stick out of my vagina when I wear the Bella Cup?

No. If the stem of the Bella Cup protrudes outside of your vagina, either the cup is the wrong size, you have not inserted it properly, or the stem needs to be trimmed down for a better fit.

Is the Bella Cup easy to remove and insert?

Yes. The Bella cup is very easy to remove and insert, and specifically designed to be easy to use in this manner. If you are having difficulty using the Bella Cup, just remember to consult with the user guide and to also be patient as most menstrual cups come with a learning curve that will be perfected as you use the cup more and more.

Can I still use the Bella Cup if I have a scanty flow to a very heavy flow?

Yes. The Bella cup comes in two sizes with 2 different capacities that can accommodate the lightest to heaviest flow. We suggest you take a look here at the user guide for choosing the right size to get the best model for your specific flow needs.

How can I tell if the Bella Cup is inserted properly?

When the Bella Cup is inserted properly it won’t be noticed. The perfect insertion and fit will allow the cup to NOT be felt when inserted.

Is leakage common with the Bella Cup, menstrual cup?

No. You should experience no leakage with the Bella Cup UNLESS you are using the wrong size, have it inserted properly, or have not emptied it in adequate time.

Should I use the Bella Cup if I have underlying and unique circumstances which prevent me from wearing tampons?

If you have any circumstances that are unusual or that you are concerned may pose a safety risk with use of the Bella cup, you should consult with a physician BEFORE using the Bella Cup.

Will the Bella Cup prevent pregnancy or STD’s?

No. The Bella Cup is not a contraceptive device, or a preventative measure against STD’s. Additionally this menstrual cup should not be worn during sexual activity.

Do I have to remove the cup while having a bowel movement or during urination?

No. You can wear the Bella Cup while urinating or during a bowel movement.

Is the Bella Cup safe for me if I am prone to allergies?

Yes. The Bella Cup has been tested and approved to be safe for intimate use for even the female with the most sensitive skin prone to allergies.

How long can the Bella Cup be worn for before needing to be emptied?

The Bella cup can be worn for up to 12 hours without needing to be emptied, however depending on your individual circumstances, light-heavy flow, and other factors you will have to use your cup more to determine when it is best for you to empty it.



Bella Cup Company Profile

In 2013, TS International began manufacturing the Bella Cup, menstrual cup in Korea. TS International is well-known for producing an array of feminine hygiene products (namely the Bella Cup) which are made to be of the q quality. Since its introduction on the market the Bella Cup has built up a large consumer fan base of women who like the Bella Cup’s chic design, comfort, and affordability.

Although it’s only been on the market for the better part of two year, the Bella Cup has become the best menstrual cup choice for many women. It is available throughout online and offline retailers all over the world, and is also considered to be one of the best company brands of menstrual cups throughout its home-land, South Korea.



Bella Cup Makes the World of Being a Woman “Beautiful”

In comparison to other menstrual cups, the Bella Cup is very similar. But as with every menstrual cup brand, the design, firmness, sizes and capacity vary. Additionally the Bella Cup is very competitively priced and is less expensive than many other top-brands of menstrual cups.

If you haven’t found your “Goldilocks” menstrual cup yet- the Bella Cup is a beautiful contender and just may be what you have been searching for in a menstrual cup.


Where to Buy Bella Cup

The Bella Cup is available almost everywhere through retail chains and vendors all over the globe. You can also get a great deal on the Bella Cup by using one of the reputable online vendors that sells the Bella Cup.


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