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Mia Cup Sizes and Models

The Mia Cup is a menstrual cup that is manufactured in South Africa. It is made of silicone and comes in 2 different sizes/models:
Mia Cup
Small (1)
43 mm
70 mm
46 mm
24 mm
20 ml
25 ml
3 /5
3 /5
3 /5
Mia Cup
Large (2)
46 mm
70 mm
50 mm
20 mm
25 ml
30 ml
3 /5
3 /5
3 /5
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Menstrual Cup manufacturers did not really make an appearance on the market until the mid-years of 2000. However, there are a few cup brands that have had the pleasure of being the first few of many menstrual cups that were introduced.

The Mia Cup is a South African based menstrual cup that has been on the market since 2008. It is a very popular menstrual cup that countless women have made their ideal choice in menstrual cups.

The Mia Cup consists of a single menstrual cup made from silicone that is only offered in bright purple (their trademark color) and in 2 individual sizes small and large ( 1 & 2.) It features an average capacity, large holes for easy cleaning, a flat tab stem with grooves that can be altered, and a great softness/hardness ratio.




Mia Cup Spec, Sizes, and Options

When you purchase the Mia Cup you will get a set of instructions, 1 Mia Cup, menstrual cup in your choice of size (small or large), and a maroon/bright purple carrying pouch.


Sizes of the Mia Cup Menstrual Cup

Small- Size 1

For women of age 30 and under, who have never given birth vaginally.

Large- Size 2

For women who are over the age of 30, who have had a child vaginally.

Note: The previous model of the Mia Cup was of a lighter hue of purple more pinkish and also the newer model features 4 holes in the rim, instead of 2 as the older version featured.


Mia Cup Special Features and Attributes

  • Mia Cup Comes with a 6-Month Guarantee
  • Bright Purple Color is a Trademark of the brand
  • Long-Establishment on the Market Since 2007
  • Great Customer Service and Experience
  • Wide-Spread Availability (International and Local)
  • Boasts 4 Large Rim-Holes for Maintenance and Cleaning Purposes
  • Can Be Reused for Several Years (5-10 on Average)
  • A Percentage of Money in Each Purchase of the Mia cup is Contributed to Food & Trees of Africa



How to Insert the MiaCup Menstrual Cup


Mia Cup Pros

Exceptional customer service – Consumers who have asked or been requested to try and review the Mia Cup menstrual cup highly praise the customer service that they receive when dealing with the brand and company itself. This includes the company goes to every extent to assure a very positive experience with this brand of menstrual cup.
Great quality and very comfortable – The faithful and very loyal users of the Mia Cup proclaim that the cup itself is just of the best quality, the firmness/softness, and design of this cup is unbeatable. Not to mention that most women love the fact that the Mia Cup is soooo comfortable to wear.
Nice packaging and such as classy product overall – The Mia Cup comes with a very pretty satin pouch with the brand logo on it, it is also packaged very elegantly- it is presented so well that most people state that the Mia Cup is the classiest menstrual cup of them all.
4 Rim Holes – Nice to Clean – The older version of the Mia Cup included only two small holes in the rim, but after feedback from loyal patrons the Mia Cup company took it into account and released a newer, more improved Mia Cup that has 4 large holes- which all women seem to just love as it makes for it to be much simpler to rinse, wash, and clean.

Mia Cup Cons

Steep Price in Comparison to 80% of Menstrual Cups – The Mia Cup has an average retail price of about $50.00 in U.S. trade. This is considerable expensive in comparison to most of the popular brand names that average from $30-$40. Although the price is a bit more than what you would pay for others, users proclaim that it is well-worth the little extra to get this classy cup and experience the luxury of it!


Mia Cup Customer Comments and Remarks

There are literally thousands of proud reviewers and customers of this amazing menstrual cup brand- as you can tell most customers cannot say enough rave comments and remarks about this extremely good brand of menstrual cup.


Mia Cup Frequently Asked Questions

You probably have some questions and concerns regarding using and purchasing he Mia cup, menstrual cup. We have taken the opportunity to address some of the most popular questions and answers in lieu of everything you want and need to know about the Mia Cup, menstrual cup.
What are the capacities of each Mia Cup size?

The small- Size 1 in the Mia cup can hold up to 25 ml of fluid and the large-Size 2 in the Mia Cup can hold up to 30 ml of fluid.

Can I wear the Mia Cup during sexual activity?

No. The Mia Cup, menstrual cup should not be worn during sexual activity that involves anything being inserted into the vagina.

How often should I empty the Mia Cup?

You will get the hang of knowing according to your unique circumstances and variation in light to heavy menstrual flow- when it is best to empty the Mia Cup. Although on average you can wear the Mia Cup for up to 12 hours without experiencing any leaks or accidents.

Can the stem of the Mia Cup be trimmed to make it shorter?

Yes. The Mia Cup stem can be trimmed to accommodate your personal needs of length of stem for you. Just be certain not to accidentally cut into the cup or you could wind up damaging it permanently.

Will the Mia Cup cause TSS (toxic shock syndrome) or any other negative health effects?

No. Most menstrual cups like the Mia Cup do not pose any ill effects such as (TSS) Toxic Shock Syndrome and other infections and irritations. The material is a medical grade silicone approved for use in close contact with skin, and tissue.

How should I clean my Mia Cup when I am in a public restroom?

If you find yourself in a public restroom, or needing to empty your Mia Cup in a place where there is no running water- then you can use a cloth, wipe, or toilet tissue and wipe it out after emptying the contents into the toilet.

Are the directions of inserting and removing the Mia Cup clear and helpful?

The full instructions that are included with the purchase of the Mia Cup are very clear, descriptive, and explanatory. Most consumers compliment this company for providing such great instructions to help patrons better use the product.

How should I sterilize my Mia Cup between uses?

You can sterilize the Mia Cup by boiling it on the stove for 5-6 minutes and letting it cool, and then storing it discreetly in a cool, dry place. Also you should never bleach, run the Mia Cup through a dishwasher or use harsh chemicals or cleaners to clean or sterilize the cup. Just gentle soap and warm water will wash your cup ideally.

Is the dye in the Mia Cup harmful or toxic?

NO, the dye used to color the Mia Cup purple is completely safe and not toxic at all. It is also FDA approved and hypo-allergenic.

Can I use the Mia Cup right after having a baby?

No. Your vagina could be prone to infection whether having a baby b c-section or vaginally it is not recommended that you wear the Mia Cup for 6-8 weeks after having a baby.


Mia Cup Company Profile

The Mia Cup was founded in 2007 and made its debut on the market in 2008. After several years and an introduction of a new version of the Mia Cup, females are more enthralled with this menstrual cup than ever! The company itself delivers complete satisfaction with every single cup that it sells, and it this menstrual cup is offered on all far reaches of the planet.

The FDA approved purple cup is silicone-made and has been tested, proven, certified safe for sell in the United States. The company also donates a percentage of its profits generated from each sell of the Mia Cup towards food & trees for Africa. Which is just one more good reason that the Mia Cup manufacturer is so well-liked and critically acclaimed.


Mia Cup Bottom Line

The Mia Cup is one of the most pronounced and highly praised menstrual cups of its kind. It has earned itself a good reputation for being a high-quality menstrual cup that offers the female one of the best fits and menstrual cup experiences.

It has a bit higher price-tag, but most would agree that once you try the Mia Cup you will not have any doubts about paying a bit more for the one-and-only South African made luxury menstrual cups.

Mia Cup – Where to Buy

The Mia Cup is so wide-spread available over nearly every region of the world. You can find it sold by mainly retailers online, however we have listed (at the top of this page) a few links to credible sources where you can find and buy the Mia Cup, menstrual cup.

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    I don’t know why this cup isn’t more popular. Unless it’s from the price or lack of advertising. It’s a comfortable cup that pops right open. I have a handful of cups now, and this one is among the ones I’ll keep.

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    - CONS: Price
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