Top 4 Menstrual Discs Brands | Full Reviews

The first menstrual disc appeared on the market in the early 1990s.  It was designed like a diaphragm as it consisted of a wide rim and a collection reservoir; imagine a rolled-up condom.  While diaphragms were reusable, the first menstrual disc was not.  These were a one-time use item that was meant to be thrown out after each removal.

Menstrual discs didn’t get as much popularity as menstrual cups.  Heck, menstruation, menstrual cups, or any talk of period products are still pretty taboo, but we’re moving forward and so are menstrual discs.

To date, there are only five menstrual discs easily available on the market.  There are a couple of others but they’re not easily obtainable around the world (China and Brasil).  Not nearly as many as menstrual cups, but where a cup has more customizable features, the disc is pretty general.

Two of the menstrual discs are still disposable, but the other three are made of silicone and can be washed and reused for at least a couple of years.

What’s so special about a disc?

What made a menstrual disc stand out over a menstrual cup such as the Diva Cup, was that the disc was designed to be worn for mess-free sex while on your period.  Yes, you read that correctly!  You can use a menstrual disc at the same time as you have penetrative intercourse.

From personal experience with all five discs, I can honestly say that not all are made equally.  Comparing notes with my partner, we prefer one over another although all of them work as intended.


Lumma ‘Unique’ Menstrual Disc

The Unique Menstrual Disc was only available in Brasil when it first launched. However, after two avid cup users presented the owner with group sales, the Unique was offered to users all over the world. The Unique is now sold worldwide and can be purchased through various online shops. Again, with the help of these two avid cup users, the company offered these discs in three different sizes. This is the first and ONLY disc to be offered in more than one size, at least at the time of this entry (2023). They also requested custom colors that were only available during these large group orders and were a limited edition. However, the company still offers their discs in a couple of different colors (may depend on your location). The company took the design one step further and added a long and thin stem for easy locating. The Unique Disc often referred to as Lumma Unique (company name + disc name), is a reusable silicone menstrual disc that can be worn for mess-free period sex.


Nixit Menstrual Disc

The Canadian-based Nixit Menstrual Disc is the softest disc on the market.  The company themselves call it “ultra-soft”.  And ultra-soft it is!

It first appeared on YouTube in the early part of 2018 and launch followed soon after.  Many potential buyers were interested in the reusable, non-ergonomically shaped menstrual disc for its leak-proof double rim and that it can be worn during penetrative intercourse while on your period.

The initial price of the Nixit may seem spendy, but it will save you money in the long run.



Flex Menstrual Disc (Formerly SiftDisc)

These two are essentially the same menstrual disc.  The “Instead” was the first menstrual disc to make its appearance on the shelf back in the 1990s.  The name was changed to Instead SoftCup at some point and then got another new name in 2016 when the Flex Company found out that the SoftCup was going to be discontinued.  The Flex Company jumped on the opportunity to obtain the brand and changed its name to SoftDisc.  

While the SoftDisc retained its original pink rim as when it launched, the Flex Disc has a black rim.  Both discs are disposable.  The SoftDisc has or had a semi-reusable disc that can still be found in various areas of the EU.  It is worn for the whole duration of the period and then disposed of.  More commonly found in the USA and around the world are the one-time-use products that are meant to be thrown out after each removal.

The Flex Disc and SoftDisc can still be purchased off the shelf in many stores, as well as through online selling platforms.  The Flex Disc can also be purchased as a subscription through the Flex Fits site which mails you a specific amount depending on your menstrual flow once every month or every other month.


Intimina Ziggy ‘Cup’ Menstrual Disc

Although it took several years, another menstrual disc was finally introduced to the market late in 2017.  The Ziggy Cup is actually disc-shaped and is brought to us by the Intimina Company who are also the creators of the Lily Cup Original, Lily Cup Compact, Lily Cup One, and are known for their Kegel tools and pleasure items.

The Ziggy Cup is the first reusable menstrual disc ever to be offered, and I don’t mean just for the duration of a single period like the semi-reusable SoftDisc, but for at least up to two years!  It was also specifically designed for use during penetrative intercourse while on your period.

The Ziggy Cup is made of a soft, QUIET, silicone which was a huge change from the only other disc at the time of its launch.  A couple of other features that sets this disc apart is that it’s ergonomically shaped and has a double rim.  These features supposedly help the user have a better fit and to ensure against leaking.