Swimming with a Menstrual Cup

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Let’s cut to the chase. Can you safely go swimming while wearing a menstrual cup? The short answer is a definitive YES! Now, let’s back that up with some facts, stats and some personal user stories.

A menstrual cup is worn completely internally, so there is no need to worry about wings or strings! The cup will create a slight seal prohibiting menstrual flow from leaking out or water leaking in. It also holds more volume than a tampon, so you’ll be able to enjoy your swim for a longer length of time.


We Do Recommend That You Empty Your Cup Before Taking The Plunge

To avoid overflowing your menstrual cup, it is suggested that you empty it before taking the plunge. This will reset your wearing time and allow you a fresh cup to use while you enjoy the water.

If you’re a new user, we suggest getting comfortable with the cup before jumping in! It’s a good idea to work out any learning curves that you may have before going for a swim. Make sure that your cup is completely open and situated right under or around your cervix. You’ll also want to give the cup a gentle tug to make sure that it has a proper seal – check out our article on creating a good seal.

In Fact, It May Be Quite a Bit More Comfortable to Swim With a Menstrual Cup Compared To a Tampon

I know we haven’t mentioned pads, but you already know that you’re pretty much shore-bound or limited to knee-high wading with those. That’s no fun!

For tampon users, I’m sure you’re well aware of that feeling when a tampon absorbs pool or ocean water and the associated fear of finding it running down your leg when you get out.

A menstrual cup will keep everything contained until you’re ready to empty it. Plus, there’s no worrying about the pesky string or feeling it pull if it’s tucked in the wrong way.

Additionally, Because Menstrual Cups Don’t Absorb…

There’s less chance of vaginal infections. Dirty or chemically treated water will not be absorbed by a tampon and kept within the vagina canal, which lessens the chance of increasing bad bacterial growth.

Some users had questions about swimming and going upside down while using the menstrual cup, concerned that blood might flow back into the body. Rest assured this is not the case and it is perfectly safe to go upside down in swimming or other activities with a menstrual cup in place!

Let’s Hear From Some Real Users From Around The World!

I had heard the advice about trying the menstrual cup out a few times to make sure it fit properly before going ahead and running into the local swimming house. And it was good advice as I did have a bit of an issue. It was easy to find the solution in the FAQ forms about leakage with the most common reason being wearing the cup too high in the vagina. Once I figured this out, it worked perfectly and I was able to join my mates the whole summer on our outings to the lake. One happy girl here! – Carla, UK

I used to go swimming with tampons, but always felt I had to put shorts on as well. I had no confidence. Whereas, when I switched over to a menstrual cup a few years ago, I found I was a lot more confident going swimming – no shorts or constantly checking for leaks. – Jasmine, America

Have been using a menstrual cup for a while now. I recently went on holiday without it and had to go back to using conventional products while I was away. Using them again reminded me how amazing a menstrual cup is and prompted me to share my story. I live a very active life and have taken part in many activities whilst using my cup. Running, swimming, climbing, surfing, bike riding, horse riding… during any and all of my activities, I can never tell it is there and I have 100% confidence – in fact, I have forgotten it was there! It’s cheaper and easy and comfortable for any day, heavy/light. The only shame is that more women do not know what they are missing! – Kali Prema, India

When I first decided to try a menstrual cup, I admit I was somewhat skeptical. Now, I couldn’t imagine my life without it. I can wear sexy underwear and go swimming and feel like a normal person. Thank you to the makers of menstrual cups! You have changed my life for the better! – Janet, Australia

Don’t give up on the cup! First time I used it, I couldn’t get on with it at all. But of course my latest period showed up on a day I planned to go swimming, so I gave my menstrual cup another chance. After a couple practices, taking it in and out was as easy (and clean) as a tampon. It doesn’t leak which means swimming (and sleeping naked) are stress free again. It has helped me feel connected to and respectful of my body. Periods used to be a pain, not anymore! – Denise, Canada


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