7 Reasons Menstrual Cups Make Periods Easier

There are so many different menstrual products to use for your monthly flow, from sanitary pads and tampons to period panties. However, many agree that nothing beats menstrual cups, as they’re super convenient! The following are 7 great reasons to use a menstrual cup; 7 reasons that prove they’re the best choice when it comes to your period, as they make life a whole lot easier!

1. It Requires a Change Every 12 Hours

All us ladies know, when you’re having a heavy flow, usually on days two and three of your period, you’re going to have to change your sanitary pads and tampons on the hour. If not, they get wet and uncomfortable and start giving off a bad odor.

However, with a menstrual cup in place, especially one like the Venus Cup which holds more capacity than most the cups on the market, you can comfortably go about your day not having to worry about taking it out every few hours to replace it, as it lasts 12 hours – perfect for heavy flow days.

2. There’s No Worry When You Poop

Let’s face the truth, ladies, when we bleed – we poop a lot too! A big reason is the fact that we eat so much during our periods, so our bodies need to constantly excrete what we’re putting in. When wearing tampons, all the squeezing and pushing that can come from pooping, especially constipation and the actions taken on the toilet when that happens, can cause the tampon to shoot out – fun right?!!

When you’re wearing a menstrual cup, this doesn’t happen, which is much more hygienic and cleaner at the end of the day.

3. There’s Less Worry When Fooling Around

When you hook up with a guy you like and you’re wearing a sanitary pad, it can be quite embarrassing. You really don’t want him to touch you while you’re wearing one, and if you remove your underwear to proceed with intercourse and have a pad attached, it’s pretty graphic indeed.

The same goes with a tampon. It’s embarrassing if you’re having fun, get undressed, and the string of your tampon is hanging out – it’s just not appealing.

At least with a menstrual cup, everything is neat and hidden. Yes, it’s best to remove the cup if you decide to have intercourse while menstruating, but at least you get to have a lot of fun doing everything but sex while wearing a cup, and your partner wouldn’t know the difference!

4. You Won’t Wake Up with Blood on Your Sheets

When bleeding heavily, you can have moments where you wake up with blood having seeped through on to your sheets during the night. However, this doesn’t happen when wearing a menstrual cup. That’s great news if you’re sleeping over at a friend or at a hotel, and the thought of someone else finding your period blood on their sheets is just mortifying.

Also, you don’t need to worry about constantly changing your own sheets, or not using white sheets during this time.

5. It Doesn’t make Your Vagina Feel Dry

There are changes in your hormones that happen when experiencing a period, mainly a drop in estrogen levels at the beginning of your period, which leads to a dry vagina. This feels terrible when removing cotton tampons that feel stuck to your vaginal walls. It seems ironic that this occurs when so much liquid is coming out.

However, you don’t need to worry about this with a menstrual cup, as it’s made out of silicone, and doesn’t need excessive removal.

6. There’s No Need to Pack Extras

When menstruating and going to the office or college, you’ve probably got a box of tampons neatly packed away in your bag, or at least 8 sanitary pads stuffed away ready to be used. If you use period panties, you’ll definitely carry an extra pair, and a packet to put the used one inside.

However, this isn’t the case with a menstrual cup. When it has reached its capacity, simply go to the bathroom, empty it, rinse it under cold water and slip it back in – no mess, no fuss, and no need to pack extras.

7. Menstrual Cups Can Be Personalized

When purchasing tampons or sanitary pads from a pharmacy, they’re usually all the same, white, standard, either big or small. However, when choosing menstrual cups, you get to choose different colors, shapes (bell-shaped, V-shaped, round-shaped, and ergonomic cups) and sizes. It’s your body and your choice of what cup you want to use.



Getting your monthly is never fun – cramps, blood, cravings and generally a hiatus from sex are all the things you go through! So, make life easier by using a menstrual cup and say goodbye to sanitary pads and tampons forever!

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