Menstrual Cup Pressing on My Bladder

First of all, well done! you’re part of the exclusive club of menstrual cup users that is doing wonders for the planet, your body and pocket!

But do you ever get that feeling while using a cup as if something is pushing down on your bladder and making it harder to pee? A slight tension on your urethra which is giving you a slight discomfort? In this blog/article we will discuss the subject of menstrual cups and peeing.

We would like to start off by saying that each woman or a human with a vulva is different, each one has her own kind of menstrual cup experience and that’s totally fine. Embrace it.

Feeling as if You Need to Pee More Than Usual?

Sometimes when using a menstrual cup you may experience the need to urinate more frequently than usual during your period, we can assure you that it won’t make you pee more than usual. But you may be enduring this also due to the drop of progesterone levels in your body. Progesterone is usually in charge of retaining water in your body during your PMS stage. So that could be one of the reasons you may feel the constant need to urinate.

Can My Cup Also Collect My Urine?

Well, It can’t stop you from urinating due to the fact that the urethra is one hole and your vagina is a different hole one below to be more precise. There shouldn’t be any interference when going to pee, your menstrual cup can definitely not catch your urine, if this ever happened to you, please do share your story. 

Can My Menstrual Cup Stop Me From Peeing?

Is it possible that a menstrual cup can apply pressure to your bladder or urethra in certain cases and cause slight discomfort? Sometimes you can endure a slower urine stream or a slight feeling as if you need to take a whizz while using your menstrual cup (no worries, it happens, not a thing that you need to worry about). These discomforts can be easily resolved in a few ways that we will happily state for you here below. 

Try Changing the Position of Your Cup 

When you feel one of the stated scenarios above and feeling some sort of anxiety or you feel as if your menstrual cup is giving you a rough time when it comes to peeing. You may want to try and place your cup in a lower position within/along your vaginal canal as long as you feel comfortable with it! The lower part of your vaginal canal in most cases is further away by a few centimeters from your urethra. This may make your menstrual cup experience a little bit easier and way more enjoyable. If this doesn’t apply to you, try moving your finger along the line of the rim to check if your cup is set in the right position (sometimes that’s the case).

Try a Different Cup

If changing the position of your cup doesn’t help, you may be better off with a less firm rim or a smaller cup. Each woman is different, the same goes for your vagina, you might have a slightly different pelvic floor and may prefer a less firm cup in order to avoid any type of pressure in/to that area. We would be more than happy to assist you and help you with finding a new cup via our cup quiz, the hard work is done and all is left is for you to enjoy.

To conclude this subject, there shouldn’t be a problem with urinating while using your cup, if you do feel slight discomfort, try the solutions that we stated above such as repositioning your cup or replacing it with a more appropriate one that will just flow with your period. In the end, the menstrual cup is here in order to make your period easier, greener and inexpensive, but each woman or person with a vulva is unique. Until we meet again, may you have a pleasant carefree period.

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