Super Jennie Cup ® Review – Is it a Winner or Loser?




What once was a market lacking in menstrual cup brands and options, has not become flooded with different brands releasing their own menstrual cup designs constantly. Last year alone gave birth to at least 10 new types of menstrual cups.

This array of brands and designs enables you as a woman to be able to better choose an ideal menstrual cup.

The Super Jennie is a menstrual cup that is relatively basic, however it does bring its own uniqueness and features that allow it to also stand apart from other menstrual cups being currently manufactured.

When shopping for the right menstrual cup, you should consider all of the factors, pros, cons, and what reviewers also had to say about their personal experiences with this particular menstrual cup.

So to help you better decide amongst all the cups, we took a deeper investigative look into the Super Jennie to determine if it falls short of consumer expectations or if it indeed is a viable contender in the saturated market of menstrual cups made today.




Super Jennie: Specs

The Super Jennie menstrual cup is a basic menstrual cup offered in two different sizes (small & large) and three different colors: Teal, Blue and Clear color.  It features a very short, rounded tip stem (similar to a ball stem, but not quite.)



Super Jennie: Included With Purchase

  • 1 Super Jennie Cup (Small or Large)
  • 1 Instruction Manual
  • 1 Cloth Super Jennie Storage Bag

Note: You can also purchase the Super Jennie, menstrual cup in packs of two.



Sizes of the Super Jennie

The Super Jennie cup is made in 2 unique sizes that you can select from:


Small Super Jennie:

This small size Super Jennie is recommended for women who have NOT yet had a child by vaginal birth, for younger women & teens who experience a light-medium period flow.

Measurements of Small Super Jennie:

  • Diameter: 43mm (Largest Diameter)
  • Cup length: 47.5mm
  • Stem Length: 15mm (short rounded stem)
  • Total Length: 62.5mm
  • Capacity up to the air-holes is unstated.
  • Capacity: 32ml (Up to the rim)



Large Super Jennie:

The large size Super Jennie is recommended for women who HAVE experienced a vaginal birth, that are more mature, and for women who experience a medium- heavy period flow.

Measurements of Large Super Jennie:

  • Diameter: 47mm (Largest Diameter)
  • Cup length: 52mm
  • Stem Length: 16mm (short rounded stem)
  • Total Length: 68mm
  • Capacity up to the air-holes is unstated.
  • Capacity: 41.6ml (Up to the rim)



Super Jennie: Features and Attributes

The Super Jennie is one of many menstrual cup brands introduced in the past few years. In order to provide you with a clear, precise picture of what this specific menstrual cup brand has to offer you, we have listed the many unique features and attributes associated with this menstrual cup below:

  • Made in the USA menstrual cup
  • FDA Approved Produce
  • Medical-Grade Silicone Based Menstrual Cup
  • Short rounded-tip stem (cannot be trimmed)
  • Available in 2 sizes (Small & Large)
  • Capacity is larger than the average menstrual cup in both sizes (32ML small, 41 ML large.)
  • Widespread availability online
  • BPA clear, dye-free menstrual cup




Super Jennie: Pros

As we gathered and browsed the many reviews produced on the net regarding the performance, quality, and effectiveness of the Super Jennie cup – we found that buyers best liked the following pros of this cup:

Large holding capacity- in top 5% of largest holding capacities of all cups on the market in comparison. Women noted they liked this cup because of its holding capacity in both sizes.
Buyers of the Super Jennie have also commented that this menstrual cup is a Soft cup that is comfortable while being used.
The short, rounded stem is unique and non-invasive into the cup (it almost appears as if it is a part of the cup instead of attached to the bell of the cup.
The cup is very soft, but springy enough that insertion/removal can be performed easily without hassle by the simple, menstrual cup c-fold.
The stars on the grip rings near the base of the cup, are aesthetically unique and decorative.
Users recommend this cup for women who have a low or high cervix and a heavy flow.
Cup’s finish and design is nice and professional, appealing.


Super Jennie: Cons

When we searched for disadvantages and disadvantages, adversities of using this menstrual cup, we discovered that users noted the following cons of this particular menstrual cup brand including:

The overall sizes of the cup is large which could be problematic for women who are used to smaller cups in diameter and length.
Cup does not come with a full set of instructions, although instructions for use of the Super Jennie can be accessed at the Super Jennie website.



Super Jennie: Customer Ratings and Reviews

Although there were few user reviews on Amazon on the Super Jennie menstrual cup, we located and tracked down an array of customer testimonials that include the following ones that were worth providing for you below:

“Ladies…. This changed my life. The first time I used this I freaked out because I had trouble removing the cup. It was a messy disaster… BUT! I got the hang of it and let me tell you I feel SO much more confident and less worrisome than wearing super plus tampons. I don’t feel any leakage with this. I do wish it came with a string, BUT it’s so friggin worth it. LOVE this product. Definitely a game changer.” (Leriou,

“I do not understand how they could make a cup so small that can hold so much, a cup that is so soft, yet can open so easily and not slip, and how they can keep the price so low, while making it attractive, with everything from the holes to the seams being nicely finished. I suspect there might be some sorcery involved. Either way, thank you Super Jennie for coming to the rescue! Five stars all around!” (Jennifer Lewis,

“I was very excited about this cup, as I heard it was soft, had a large capacity, didn’t leak and was good for a low cervix. When I first got it, it looked a little intimidating because it is a bit bigger than other cups. However, when you fold it up, it’s about the same size as a Fleurcup, so insertion isn’t an issue. I’ve always had problems with leaking after a couple of hours with most other cups. Not so with this one! It can hold more than an ounce, which would be the equivalent of 2 or 3 Super tampons, but without any risk of TSS. The silicone is good quality, it’s softer and squishier than my other cups, but it still opens easily and is easy to remove. I’ve tried probably seven other cups and this is by far my favorite, I can sleep 7 hours on a heavy night whereas with anything else I’d have to get up and run to the bathroom after maybe three hours of sleep. When you have crampy, heavy periods, there’s not much that works *perfectly*. This, for me, does. Highly recommended!” (Katrina Stone,


Online Video Reviews:



Super Jennie: FAQS

We understand that every woman may have certain questions that they seek answers to in regards to a menstrual cup product, and to oblige you here is a list of FAQS regarding the Super Jennie:
Can the stem of the Super Jennie be trimmed down?

No. The stem of the Super Jennie is rounded and made small so it does not need to be trimmed down to size.

Is the pliability of this cup too soft to make it simple to insert and remove?

According to reviews, this cup is soft enough that it is unnoticeable when used, but springy enough that it flexes during the process of insertion and removal.

Can the Super Jennie be purchased in packs of two?

Yes. Actually the Super Jennie menstrual cup is offered in a single pack (choice of size) or a double pack (choice in same size for both.)

How should I clean & sterilize the Super Jennie cup?

The best way to sanitize and sterilize the Super Jennie cup between uses is to boil it on the stove in a pot of water. Microwaving it or running it through a dishwasher could be damaging to it. (read more here)

Can I wear the Super Jennie if I have an IUD?

YES. The Super Jennie can be worn safely while you have an IUD in place. It should not cause any issues, infections, or contraindications.

Can the Super Jennie be used for Post-Partum bleeding?

NO. The Super Jennie cannot be worn 4-6 weeks after birth of a child vaginally or surgically. It could cause damage to the vaginal cavity as well as result in infection.

Why have I not heard of the Super Jennie menstrual cup before?

The Super Jennie Cup is relatively new in the market of menstrual cups so it is only now beginning to get recognized as more women try it and buy it. As it does get more purchases and wide-spread availability it should become more of a recognized and used brand name in menstrual cups.




Super Jennie: Company Info

The Super Jennie has been released since early 2014. It is a menstrual cup option that is MADE in the USA and distributed in America. The Super Jennie features a nice design and is offered at a cost-effective price in single packs and dual packs. Since its launch, the cup has gathered a decent amount of attention and averages 4-5 star ratings, although it has only been on the market nearly a year its future ratings should be able to determine and give insight of what other reviewers think of it as the Super Jennie gains more popularity and recognition.



Final Recommendation

The Super Jennie in reviews has performed really quite well as a menstrual cup contending in a very thick market. Its large holding capacity is one of the biggest of its selling points as there are not very many small/large cups in different brands that have a 42 ml of capacity. Its design, finish, and short stem also makes it stand out among other cups that boast the standard long stick stem.

If you need a large cup with a decent capacity to avoid leaks and accidents from heavy menstrual flow- the Super Jennie menstrual cup is definitely worth a second look and consideration.


Where to Buy The Super Jennie Menstrual Cup

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  1. Reply
    Tj June 29, 2016 at 6:04 pm

    This cup holds ALOT of fluid. I didn’t really have what I’d call pain while wearing it, but I did feel a slight twinge. It may have been period pains, so no need to Ruth judgment. I really like this cup and a, glad I bought it. It has a unique and interesting feature; It is stiffer on top and softer near the bottom.

    So far I have been happy with all my American made cups, and this one is no exception.

  2. Reply
    Tootles February 21, 2016 at 3:01 pm
    Overall Score

    New to menstrual cups but decided to start with this brand based on the very high reviews on SO glad I did – very pleased with this cup. Excellent high capacity, VERY soft and comfortable while in use yet rim sturdy enough to pop open well. I have had ZERO leaks. Basically, I’m in love with it – it’s totally changed my life!

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