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Juju Cup Sizes and Models

The Juju Cup is a menstrual cup that is manufactured in Australia. It is made of silicone and comes in 4 different sizes/models:
Juju Cup
Low Cervix
48 mm
50 mm
40 mm
10 mm
23 ml
30 ml
3 /5
3.5 /5
3.5 /5
Juju Cup
40 mm
65 mm
46 mm
19 mm
16 ml
23 ml
3.5 /5
3.5 /5
3.5 /5
Juju Cup
46 mm
69 mm
50 mm
19 mm
25 ml
30 ml
3 /5
3 /5
3 /5
Juju Cup
High Cervix
40 mm
78 mm
58 mm
20 mm
22 ml
27 ml
3.5 /5
3 /5
3 /5
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Description Videos and User Reviews

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The Freedom Products, Juju menstrual cup has not reached International fame-dom yet, but it is making leaps and bounds in establishing a name for itself as a great menstrual cup product.

The Juju menstrual cup received approval to be sold in Australia in 2011, and with only being a start-up menstrual cup brand it boasts a number of features that have impressed female consumers.









Juju Cup Specs and Sizes

The Juju menstrual cup is a cup that is conformed from bio-compatible silicone is offered in a single translucent color, 2 sizes (for women before and after vaginal child birth), and contains a stem base.

It is very similar to many other menstrual cups in its features, although it is a unique brand that many women have come to rely on for providing them comfortable and reliable menstrual protection.



Model 1 (small)

For women who have not had a child vaginally.






Model 2 (large)

For women who have already had a child vaginally.









Color Pouches:

The Juju Menstrual cup company offers their pretty satin pouches for sell individually in green, purple, and blue- but a single purchase of a Juju menstrual cup will typically come with one pouch in a color of your choice.



Juju Menstrual Cup Features, Facts and Attributes

Here are a few of the features and attributes that stand out about the Juju menstrual cup:

  • Boasts a 10 year life-span
  • JuJu is an Australian Registered Therapeutic Good 
  • Features an ultra-smooth and sleek design
  • Butterflies etched in the cup to symbolize “freedom”
  • The stem on the Juju Menstrual Cup can be trimmed to customize the fit
  • Contains no latex, BPA’S, or harmful dyes that can cause irritation
  • Product Manufacturer offers a money-back guarantee
  • Easy to use, comfortable to wear, and provides reliable leakage protection
  • The Juju Website lists detailed user and product information for customers


Juju Pros

Packaged profoundly and femininely – boxes open up like a flower- Of all the reviews that I read almost every single one of them mentions the way that the Juju cup is profoundly presented when opened. It is a nice touch by the Juju company to add this feminine aesthetic touch to their feminine product.
Not too soft, not to firm – ideal firmness for opening easily- Users and reviewers of the Juju menstrual cup, state that the Juju cup is almost ideally firm for perfect use of insertion and opening correctly.
Initiates no bladder irritation or urge to urinate more frequently – Many women complain with other brands of menstrual cups that they cause irritation and put pressure to the bladder when worn. Juju customers remark that after using other brands of menstrual cups- that they find the Juju most comfortable for not causing any issues with urination.
Removing is a breeze – a pinch and a twist and its out- A lot of Juju customers have said that the Juju is very easy to remove, all you do is pinch, twist, and pull.
Can be worn safely for protection during the most strenuous activities – One of the reviews I read was by a woman who is a weight-trainer that works out strenuously almost every day. She emphasized that that was her ultimate test for the Juju cup, and that the Juju passed with flying colors unlike other menstrual cups she had used before- no leaks or discomfort.


Juju Cons

Price is a Little Steep – In comparison to other menstrual cups sold, the price typically ranges and retails for $42.00- $55.00 U.S. dollars. That’s a trite more than some of the other brands- however when considering its long-shelf life, the Australian economy, and its satisfaction guarantee- a few more dollars is certainly worth the investment into a great product. Plus if you shop around, you will find some fantastic incentives and discounts offered on the Juju cup that will make even less expensive of an initial monetary investment.


Juju Customer Reviews and Ratings

With the Juju cup being a newbie menstrual cup, there are not as many reviews and information on it available. However, there are many women who have already used the Juju cup that can’t say enough about their experience with it.



Juju FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions)

As with other products and menstrual cups, we are sure you have many questions you may need to have answered before making a choice on purchasing the Juju menstrual cup. Here are a few of the most common questions asked by consumers who like you, are interested in what the Juju menstrual cup has to offer them.
“Why aren’t Juju cups offered in color options?”

Juju has not expanded their product lines just yet. They do not offer colored cups for the moment, because they assure that their color-less cups are safe from toxic-dyes.

“Are both models of the Juju cup safe to be used during any activity?”

Yes, both the model sizes in the Juju cup can be safely worn for protection against leakage during all activities, sports, swimming, bathing, running, showering. However, the Juju cup cannot be worn during sexual intercourse.

“I suffer from many allergies, can I be allergic to the Juju cup?”

The Juju cup is hypo-allergenic (allergy-resistant) and made of medical-grade silicone that is biocompatible with intimate contact of skin and body. It should not cause any allergenic effects or reactions.

“Will the Juju cup increase my risk for getting toxic shock syndrome (TSS)?”

Because the Juju menstrual cup collects and does not absorb, you have no risk of getting toxic shock syndrome. However, TSS is highly associated with the use of tampons so by using the Juju you are making a safer decision.

“Wearing the Juju cup for me is uncomfortable, is this normal?”

The Juju cup is made to be very comfortable. Only a small 1% of all women who try menstrual cups report discomfort. If you are experiencing any discomfort with the Juju cup then you should, A.) Make certain you have the right size or try a smaller size, B.) Troubleshoot your insertion to make sure you are doing it properly.

“I am not sure what technique to use for inserting my Juju cup, can you help me?”

Try using the guide and instructions that came with the Juju cup or check out some of the videos listed on their site that demonstrates various folds to help you get the technique downà Folding Techniques.

The stem of the Juju cup is poking me and sticking out, is this normal?

Sometimes the stem or length of the Juju cup can be a bit long for women who have shorter cervices or shorter vaginal canals. The stem on the Juju can be trimmed to shorten the protrusion or discomfort.

“I have noticed the Juju cup turning yellower with use, is there something I can do about this?”

If you notice any stains with prolonged use of the Juju cup you can use rubbing alcohol to remove the stains.

“How long can I expect the Juju cup to last before replacement is required?”

The Juju menstrual cup will last on average about 10 years without needing to be replaced.

“Is the Juju menstrual cup dishwasher safe?”

No, you can clean your Juju cup with warm water, and gentle soap- BUT never place it in the dishwasher to clean as it will damage your Juju cup permanently.


Juju Company Profile

Freedom Products the manufacturer of the Juju menstrual cup, was established in 2008 by two female Australian natives named Katryna Dickinson and Brenda Tootell who made it their mission to produce a product that would help provide women with personal freedom and give them more reason to positively embrace menstruation.

After 3 long years of designing and developing the Juju cup, the company received approval to sell it by the (TGA) Therapeutic Goods of Australia onin 2011 and began selling the Juju cup. Since its debut, the Juju cup by Freedom Products in Australia has received awards for “2013 Wellbeing product of the year” and the 2014 Eco Parents, “Product of the Year.” Juju’s name-sake and core values represent the ability for all to heal the mind and body through doing good deeds- unselfishly.



Juju Menstrual Cup- Bottom Line

With the high volume of menstrual cups produced all over the world today, it is difficult to decipher through them all to find the best diamonds in the rough. There are a few new menstrual cup brands that have just entered the market that are catching up quick with some of the most sold menstrual cups to be manufactured- and the Australian originated Juju cup is one of these products.

Juju, the Australian made and owned menstrual cup is continually gaining momentum as it is earning more and more of a reputation for being a brilliant new menstrual aid product. The Juju cup is living proof that sometimes the best is yet to come.


Juju Menstrual Cup- Where to Buy

The Juju menstrual cup is not available in some countries, however it is sold all over the world via online vendors. You can purchase the Juju cup from the trusted sellers listed on the top of this page.

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  1. Overall Score

    The juju cup is very comfortable. The shipping is insanely high, but I do live on the other side of the planet. I really like this cup, and there’s no need to cut the stem because of how it’s made. The only drawback is the grips at the bottom aren’t really good enough and it’s hard to grab onto.

    + PROS: Comfortable Nice looking
    - CONS: Hard to grasp
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  2. Overall Score

    I have been using my first Juju cup now for a few years and it’s been the best, most liberating thing I’ve ever owned.
    Everything positive that the women have said in the other reviews are spot on. My flow is not heavy at all though, I can get away with not emptying it for well over 12 hours, like once a day. My heaviest days are probably only equal to medium flow that other women experience so I’m really lucky there.
    Personally I had no issues getting it in, although my first go removing it was a bit scary as I tried to do it on the loo and simply couldn’t. My vagina did not want to let it out, haha! Then I re-read the info and it said to try squatting in the shower and kind of pushing down, and relaxing, which worked a treat! Now I do that it’s totally fine. I wish I had known about these years ago! I would have been on board. Tampons are so horrible and dry me out, my Juju is the best. I have got a Lunette but for some reason I find it a bit uncomfortable, not sure why.. I keep trying it but it just doesn’t feel quite right. I also have a hard time getting it to open compared with Juju which opens so easily and never leaks. Maybe the Lunette is just slightly too big for me? Not sure. Anyway, five stars for the Juju for making my life so much easier. I just purchased a second one and waiting on its arrival. Yay! New cup. 🙂

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  3. Overall Score

    I absolutely love this product!

    + PROS: works like they said it would Reliable Durable Easy to use
    - CONS: None
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  4. I am so glad I have this cup a try. I have really strong periods and had to change tampons so many times a day. This was really annoying at work and it’s gross having to change them at public toilets etc.
    After reading a lot of reviews abut the cup I was kind of terrified that I can’t get it out BUT ITS SO EASY!!
    I can’t feel it at all when I wear it and I have left it in for 12 hours at a time. I totally forget that I have my period until I change it before I go to bed. There’s no annoying tampon changes.
    For me this has been a life changer and has made my period so much more convenient 🙂 I am so happy and I would highly recommend anyone to try it.
    It needs some getting used to at the start (try putting it in and out in the shower, that’s great practise) but once you’re used to it it’s the best thing ever!!
    5/5 for sure 🙂

  5. Overall Score

    Well, I had absolutely no issues putting this in and it was immediately comfortable and I had zero leakage. What was problematic, however, was the removal. The cup sat too high for me to reach and I unfortunately had to go to a nurse to get it removed after hours of trying. After seeking advice from JUJU I tried a few ‘dry runs’ (without my period) to try and get the cup to sit lower, although the cup rode up during the day despite inserting it further down. It wasn’t until the fourth attempt that I tried a pushing motion which lowered my cervix and I was able to reach the cup and remove EASILY!!! Hooray!! So glad I persisted and found a technique that works 🙂

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  6. Overall Score

    I have recently converted to using a menstrual cup after many years of using tampons. Let me first say that the Juju cup is a total game changer! I will never go back to using tampons again. I live in the USA, so I was hesitant on ordering the Juju because of the currency exchange and the shipping costs (The total was around $64.), but I am so glad that I went with my gut instinct. I decided to order the Juju over other brands because the reviews said that the Juju is soft yet firm enough to stay in place. It measures, including the stem, a bit shorter than other menstrual cups, which I liked. It is very easy to insert and soft enough to master all the folds I read about (I prefer the punch-down fold).

    I will be honest though….the first few days, even the first week, was definitely a learning curve. I realized in just 10 minutes how much I did NOT know about my own body. The first night it took me 45 minutes to insert it. Don’t let that discourage you though. Once I got it in, I could not feel it at all. I went to the store to buy tampons just in case I woke up in the morning in a puddle of my fluids. However, I never touched the box of tampons; the Juju did not leak at all! (With tampons, I always leaked during the night.) When I woke up the next morning, it took me a while to get the cup out. Apparently the cup can crawl up further while you are sleeping which I was unaware of, so naturally I freaked out when I couldn’t quickly find the stem. No worries though…I found it. It came out! A lot of people said that the first few times removing it, they made a mess. I never once made a mess. It was actually much cleaner than removing a tampon. The cup collects all the contents, and when you pull it out, the cup is still upright, so you shouldn’t spill it unless you are laying down.

    I have used the Juju for 4 cycles now. I never feel it and never have to worry about it leaking. You should not feel it once it is in. If you do, that is a clue that you have inserted it incorrectly. Also if it is leaking, it was probably inserted incorrectly. Just take it out and try again. I inserted it incorrectly once and could feel it immediately and knew something was wrong. I have run with it in and went to zumba with it in, still no leaks and didn’t feel it once! With the Juju, I can completely forget that I am on my period. It does the job!

    It definitely takes practice inserting and removing it. The stem and base of the cup are smooth, so the first week, I found it difficult to remove. Once I found a technique that worked best for me, I could remove it with no problem. (Hint: Squatting works best for removal because your body naturally pushes the cup down a little for an easier grasp. Then use your kegel muscles to push it into reach.) Apparently other cups have easier to grasp stems and bases for first time users, but after a few uses, I had no trouble removing the Juju. I think you just have to figure out what removal technique works best for you. The same goes for inserting. I could not figure out how to insert it using the c-fold which is a popular fold and the one on the instruction manual. I found it was just too wide and difficult to insert. I googled other folds and found the punch-down fold works best for me because the tip becomes the size of your index finger.

    By the end of that first period, I became a professional at inserting and removing it, less than 5 minutes to remove, wash, and reinsert. It takes a lot of patience and practice to master. If you are going to try a menstrual cup for the first time, DO NOT give up. Be persistant and at least use it for 3 cycles, then you can judge whether it works for you or not. If tampons and pads aren’t your thing, menstrual cups actually might be. Definitely worth a try in my opinion. I love mine and want to tell every woman about it and how well it has worked for me! I no longer dread my period. With the Juju, my period is no big deal!

    Below I have listed the pros and cons of the Juju cup and menstrual cups in general. The Juju is the only cup I have tried, so I cannot compare it to other brands. Some of the information is TMI, but then again we are talking about menstrual cups here.


    – Never leaks!
    – Left it in for 12 hours. Still no leaks!
    – Cannot feel it at all!
    – Does not hurt to insert or remove once you get the hang of it.
    – Does not smell like tampons and pads!
    – Does not irritate the lady goods.
    – Can use it during strenuous exercise.
    – The stem on the Juju is very soft, and I cannot feel it.
    – Cleaner removal than tampons.
    – Smooth texture makes it easy to clean.
    – Excellent for travel.
    – More cost efficient compared to tampons and pads.
    – Juju pops open easily once inserted.
    – Easy and convenient to use through my entire period.


    – The stem on the Juju is difficult to grasp because it is smooth which in turn, makes the base more difficult to reach.
    – The base is also smooth and difficult to grasp at first.
    – Huge learning curve the first period. (But weren’t tampons too when we all started out?)

    Overall, the Juju is an excellent invention, worthwhile monetary investment, and total game changer! I love my Juju!

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  7. Overall Score

    I love my juju cup! it’s such a game changer. I love that I can go 12 hours in between emptying. Compared to changing tampons every 4hrs. I can run with it comfortably. The only thing is that it can be hard to pull at first coz it’s slippery but you get better with practice. Would definitely recommend it.

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  8. Overall Score

    I was quite skeptical at first, however most definately worth a try, comfortable and easy. For everyone at school, very convinient ! You can leave it in for the whole school day with no worries :-)) great product !

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  9. Overall Score

    Ive had to give up in this cup. Way too much difficulty to remove. I gave a good try 5 times. A shame as it was great otherwise, more comfortable than tampons, no leaks, easy to insert. I may try again with a different brand

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  10. Overall Score

    I’ve recently become a convert to menstrual cups after years of using tampons. I only wish I’d heard of them sooner!

    Currently, I’ve tried the Diva Cup and the Juju and examined a friend’s Lunette. My first cup was the smallest Diva and I thought it was great except for one thing- my cervix is very low on the first couple days of my cycle. After doing some sizing research, I decided to try the smallest Juju. The length of the cup was ‘just right’ and I appreciated its smooth contours as the stem and ribbing of the Diva had to be removed. That was the reason I decided against the Lunette.

    I tried the Juju this cycle and it’s great. The stem and cup are very pliable but with just enough stiffness to pop open perfectly. The shorter cup size feels more comfortable on the first few days, and the capacity is just fine. I do feel more safe using the Diva at night but to be honest I think that’s more paranoia over leaks than any reflection of reality. I’ve never filled the Juju or Diva anywhere near capacity, although using tampons my flow was/seemed heavy and required frequent changing to avoid leaks.

    I intend on using the Juju long term, with the Diva for nights. Mixing and matching according to need is great. Now I just need to buy another set for my bag. With my erratic cycle, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Even buying extras, the cost is much less than what I was spending on tampons and panty liners!

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