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First experience with a Menstrual Cup?

My first cup was a Divacup. Even after reading the whole user guide, I struggled to insert it, I even thought I’ll never make it. I couldn’t keep it folded and insert it at the same time, I wondered if it was placed correctly etc…3 days later I got the hang of it and never looked back since.

Try to remember your first time with a tampon, probably wasn’t easy, now there is a revolutionary product. You may feel clumsy the first few days but it won’t last. I am positive you will be as thrilled as I was and as the other millions of cup users out there! That was in 2009 and I never looked back since. was born short after that. Thanks to all of you it is today my full time job to bring awareness around intimate health informing women about healthy and ecological products. Read the full story on


Few Important Questions

  • Favorite Color – Black
  • Favorite Pet – Cat
  • Are You a Morning Person? I guess so since I tend to wake up every morning in a good mood.
  • One Tip for The Future (Except Sunscreen) – Use a menstrual cup would be my best advice of the day 🙂



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