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MenstroCup Sizes and Models

The MenstroCup is a menstrual cup that is manufactured in China. It is made of silicone and comes in 2 different sizes/models:
43 mm
65 mm
50 mm
15 mm
21 ml
30 ml
2 /5
2.5 /5
2.5 /5
46 mm
69 mm
54 mm
15 mm
26 ml
35 ml
2.5 /5
3 /5
3 /5
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The MenstroCup is one of the numerous menstrual cups to make its debut in 2015, and it is gradually establishing its reputation in the heavily saturated market as a decent menstrual cup that is effective, comfortable, and efficient.

However, from our extensive research we have discovered that it actually has been the ‘cup’ that some women are changing to or finally trying on for size!

It is evident by its 4.8 rating on amazon that it may offer the female consumer a vast amount of advantages.

Is the MenstroCup the rising star of menstrual cups, and could it be the cup you have been longing for? Before you make any quick decisions, let us present all of the real facts and all of the information about this particular menstrual cup that you should understand and know before you decide to buy it.



MenstroCup: Specs

The MenstroCup is a menstrual cup that is made out of a medical-grade silicone. It is offered in two sizes for your convenience (small and large)- and is only manufactured in the translucent, BPA FREE color.

It features a soft but durable bell and a flat tab stem that may be trimmed and customized.


Sizes of the MenstroCup

The MenstroCup, is made and offered in two sizes (small and large) that you can choose according to the following recommendations:

Small Size (S):

The small size should be chosen by young adults, women under the age of 30 and/or women that have not yet experienced a vaginal birth.

  • Diameter: 43mm (Largest Diameter)
  • Cup length: 51mm
  • Stem Length: 14mm
  • Total Length: 64mm
  • Capacity (Up to the air-holes): 23ml
  • Capacity (Up to the rim): 30ml

Large Size (L):

This large size should be chosen by women that have already experienced a vaginal birth, or that are over the age of 30.

  • Diameter: 46mm (Largest Diameter)
  • Cup length: 54mm
  • Stem Length: 14mm
  • Total Length: 68mm
  • Capacity (Up to the air-holes): 30ml
  • Capacity (Up to the rim): 35ml


MenstroCup: Features and Attributes

The MenstroCup is an ordinary menstrual cup that offers an array of unique features and attributes. After reviewing the particularities of this menstrual cup we found the following features that stood out:

  • MenstroCup is a real brand cup not a rebrand (name etched on the cup)
  • Two sizes offered to find the best suited fit for your circumstances (small and large.)
  • BPA free, dye free, and medically tested silicone
  • Competitively priced 60% lower than most popular brand cups
  • Has received average Amazon rating of 4.8
  • Manufactured by the reputable Femogene
  • Short, thin stem (may or may not be trimmed)
  • The MenstroCup does have measuring lines
  • Claimed to be designed and have the quality of the Blossom and Dutchess cup



What You Get in the Box

  • 1 MenstroCup in choice of 1 size.
  • 1 satin storage pouch
  • 1 set of instructions

Click on the instruction images below:


MenstroCup Pros

We looked over a myriad of reviews written about the MenstroCup and found that according to customer accounts this menstrual cup best boasted the following pros when used as a tampon/pad alternative:

Does not have a flared rim which often causes bladder or urinary discomfort
Medium firmness of the cup makes it durable, easy to insert & remove, and comfortable to wear
Very efficient at preventing leaks
Easy to open, and seals nicely but not too much you cannot remove it
Femogene has excellent customer service
The manual with instructions is proclaimed to be one of the best, useful, and detailed manuals included with a menstrual cup brand
Shipping is much faster than consumers expected


MenstroCup Cons

The MenstroCup received only a few lower ratings 4% below 3-stars for the reasons that are listed below:

Some users claim the cup gets stuck easily and was painful when using (ONLY according to the very few negative reviews we looked at).
Some users claim the cup leaked because it didn’t seal properly which could be attributed to poor positioning upon inserting or not selecting the correct size.


What MenstroCup Customers Say

The MenstroCup averaged 4.8 only having 4% of its 58 ratings bed 3 stars or lower. For the most part, consumers liked this cup because all around it worked efficiently to protect them against leaks during their period.

However, there are many more reasons why the MenstroCup racked up 96% 3-5 star ratings included in these testimonials:

“This cup doesn’t have a very flared or jutted rim, which I think could be great for anybody who experiences bladder pressure or extra cramping when wearing a cup. The stem is thin, solid, and flexible. A perfect happy medium. The cup is a very medium firmness at the rim, which makes it springy and easy to open, but the base is very soft, so it folds easily- even in the more intricate folds like origami or labia” (Jennifer Lewis,

“I currently have 4 menstrual cups and this is by far my favorite. The MenstroCup is soft but has a firm ring around the top. This makes it easy to get adjusted and open once inside. The cup has a nice grip even if it didn’t have the rip rings or the steam. I have a light flow and can use this for 12 hours without cleaning it out.” (Nicole,

“I really love the concept of menstrual cups and this one seems to be a lot more bendable than others I have seen or tried.It comes with easy to follow instructions and a very nice bag to keep it in.” (Rebecca,


MenstroCup FAQS

We understand that every woman may have certain questions that they seek answers to in regards to a menstrual cup product, and to oblige you here is a list of FAQS regarding the MenstroCup:
What is the most effective way to insert the MenstroCup?

The best way to insert a menstrual cup is to be in a position where your foot is propped up on the tub or toilet and one leg is down so that you can reach the opening of your vagina. You can squat, or lean to accommodate the cup’s insertion, and the most important thing is to relax, and take deep breaths as you insert it.

Can I wet the cup or use lubricant to make it easier to insert?

Yes. Wetting the cup a bit or using a water-base lubricating gel can help easier slide the cup into position upon insertion.

What could be causing my MenstroCup to leak?

There are many causes that can contribute to a leaky menstrual cup experience, including the seal and cup has not opened properly, is not inserted high enough to cover your cervix, and also the cup’s breathing holes may be clogged- or the cup may just be too full and need to be emptied.

What can I do to make sure the cup does not leak when I use it?

You can make sure the cup is opened or positioned properly. Practice can help you get the feel of an ideal positioned cup. Make sure the breathing holes are cleaned out and not blocked. And also, make sure the cup is positioned underneath your cervix (not too high and not too low.) Also be sure to empty your cup regularly 7-12 hours is best. Letting it fill up will cause it to leak.

Will the cup accommodate a heavier, thicker flow?

Yes, the large and small cup has a good capacity that can capture and protect against leaks from heavy flow. You may need to empty the cup more often when your flow is heavier, though, to prevent leaks.

Can I wear the cup during the nighttime?

Yes. You can wear the cup for up to 12 hours at a time. It should work fine to protect you against leaks and accidents during the night.


MenstroCup Company Info

The MenstroCup is currently manufactured by Femogene – which is a reputable company that has been garnering much acclaim for producing a safe, effective, and affordable option for period care. Its customer service is praised highly for catering to its customer base. Even though it has only been producing the MenstroCup for under a year, there are many MenstroCup users that claim it is a good quality menstrual cup.


MenstroCup: The Bottom Line

The MenstroCup appears to be making strides in the menstrual cup market as it has received high ratings from users who really seem to like the design, quality, price, and efficiency of this specific cup.

Reviewers note that customer service is very helpful, and the user manual explicit with good directions assist the buyer or new menstrual cup user in having the best experience with the MenstroCup.

It looks as if this MenstroCup is a rising star in process among all of the other menstrual cup in comparisons in some retrospect and according to opinions of many menstrocup reviews. If you like short stems, narrow bell cups, and want a quality cup that provides viable leak protection- the MenstroCup is definitely worth a further look.

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