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Mooncup UK (MCUP) Sizes and Models

The Mooncup UK (MCUP) is a menstrual cup that is manufactured in UK. It is made of silicone and comes in 2 different sizes/models:
Mooncup UK (MCUP)
Small (B)
43 mm
71 mm
50 mm
21 mm
14 ml
28 ml
3 /5
3 /5
3 /5
Mooncup UK (MCUP)
Large (A)
46 mm
71 mm
50 mm
21 mm
17 ml
30 ml
3 /5
3 /5
3 /5
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We are embraced by a modern world flourishing with the consciousness of saving this planet, sparing excess expense, and indulging in the better things in life that make our lives easier. The menstrual cup is one of those things that addresses all of these matters by providing a certain peace, convenience, and comfort to a woman that makes the burden of menses more bearable.

The Mooncup was developed with this very figment in mind- and offers a woman an opportunity to contribute to the betterment of the environment, her personal hygiene, and overall health. The Mooncup is a U.K. manufactured menstrual cup that has been sold for over 13 years. It has earned a decent reputation on the market for supplying a woman with a safe and effective feminine hygiene option.



Mooncup Specs

The Mooncup has no frills like some other menstrual cups on the market, it is basic at least and is available in a single-colored, translucent model (2 sizes) and is comprised of medical-certified silicone.

Mooncup Size A:

Mooncup Size A is recommended for women who are over the age of 30, who have experienced a surgical birth or that have previously given birth to a child vaginally.


Mooncup Size B:

Mooncup Size B is recommended for women who are under the age of 30, and who have never given birth to a child vaginally.



What Size Mooncup Will Suit You Best?

The Mooncup’s sizes are not based upon how heavy of a flow you have-instead it is gaged by the tone of your pelvic floor. A woman’s pelvic floor changes as she ages, gives birth vaginally, surgical history and her fitness level.



Mooncup Features & Attributes

The Mooncup is not unique in comparison to the other menstrual cups we have reviewed, but it does have a few key features and attributes that make it a credible option for you to use as your select, go-to menstrual cup.

  • It gets the job done and is basic so it is simple to choose, buy, and use.
  • It lasts for years and years
  • It will not cause any adverse infections (bladder infections, yeast infections, etc.)
  • It has a stem that can be trimmed to customize insertion and removal
  • It is sold at an affordable and competitive price (average for most menstrual cups)
  • The Mooncup brand is very active in their cause to save the environment
  • The Mooncup is the only menstrual cup manufacturer to achieve the certified status of being and “Ethical Business.”



Mooncup Pros

For many consumers the Mooncup is their best asset for menstrual care, because it boasts many pros that make it better than other menstrual cup brands.

Cleaning is a breeze women feel that the Mooncup is much easier to clean in comparison to color-dyed cups like the femmecycle and the iris cup, because it is clear and it is smooth so it does not collect a residual film- and you can see what needs to be clean and when you miss spots.
Provides unbeatable leakage protection – women consumers have stated this time and time again that the Mooncup is very efficient at preventing leaks and providing unbeatable protection.
Does not require such a learning curve, and is easily used – many women who use the Mooncup religiously state that it is much easier to learn the trick of ideal insertion. It does not take more than a few tries to get the cup to suction properly so it forms a tight seal.
Lightens flow and eases menstrual cramps – users of the Mooncup report that wearing the Mooncup helps can ease menstrual cramps and help to lighten flow for an individual who usually experiences heavy bleeding.


Mooncup Cons

The Mooncup has only a few downsides that have been reported by users who have given it a try and that have also used other menstrual cup brands.

Sits very deep in the vaginal canal – a few customer testimonials on the Mooncup have stated that the Mooncup sites very high in the vaginal canal and can be difficult to remove. However, this could be because certain customers have a very high cervix or are not using the proper size for them.
Difficulty with removal – some users report difficulty removing the Mooncup menstrual cup, however the stem of the Mooncup is specially designed to help with removal. If the stem is too long you can trim it to provide yourself a more custom fit. Also, using a new menstrual cup for the first time may be a little tricky. After a few periods of use, a person usually perfects the techniques of removal and insertion.



Mooncup Customer Ratings and Reviews

The Mooncup has made a significant presence on the market for some time, it is one of the most sold of other menstrual cup brands. We found some reviews scattered throughout the net, and thought that these would provide you a clear perspective of the positive experience you can expect from the Mooncup, menstrual cup.

“Cleaning it is easy! If you want to make the green choice, or just do your bit to reduce waste, go for it. I’m still using mine, after two years. I’m glad I bought it, I’d say definitely give it a try.” (

“When I saw an advert for the Mooncup, I thought ‘what a fabulous idea’ and bought one. I’ve never looked back and haven’t bought a tampon since, so you’ll soon get your money’s worth.” (

If you’re considering taking the plunge I really couldn’t recommend this product more. If I ever have daughters they’ll be receiving these the very same day they acquire the curse.” (


Mooncup Menstrual Cup FAQS

Can the Mooncup be used if I have a retroverted (tipped or tilted) uterus?

You can safely use the Mooncup if you have a tipped uterus, however it may be tricky for you to get the right knack of positioning it. In some cases, women who have a tipped uterus are unable to get the protection needed for the Mooncup to be effective for them- so it may not work for all.

Can I trim the stem of my Mooncup so it is easier to handle and shorter?

Yes, the Mooncup’s stem can be trimmed down to accommodate your custom needs. However, you need to be careful not to damage the stem. A damaged stem will cause the cup to leak permanently.

Can I use the Mooncup if I just recently started my period?

Yes. The size B is smaller for girls who have just began their periods. However, if you are a virgin and want your hymen intact- you need to avoid use of the Mooncup.

Is the Mooncup compatible with the Nuvaring?

Yes, the Mooncup is perfectly safe to be used in combination with the Nuvaring, and other IUD devices. However if you experience a prolonged period of bleeding after using Nuvaring or an IUD with the Mooncup- you should discontinue use immediately.

Will the Mooncup intensify my menstrual cramps?

No, the Mooncup does not cause or intensify menstrual pain. In fact, many female users of the Mooncup claim that using this menstrual cup actually helps alleviate some of the pain and cramps associated with menstruation.

“I hear many menstrual cups cause candida/thrush (yeast infections)- will the Mooncup cause infections?”

The Mooncup is dye-free and allergy-safe so that it does not cause any adverse reactions such as vaginal infections, bladder infections, and candida/thrush (yeast) infections.

“Why is the Mooncup sold under the name MCUK cup in the United States?”

The Mooncup is FDA approved to sell safely in the US but the Mooncup cannot advertise this product based on that so they named the Mooncup USA version- MCUK.

“What is the Mooncups capacity in comparison to a tampon?”

A tampon can hold an average of 6-18ml of fluid in comparison to both sizes of the Mooncup which hold an average of 28-29.3 of fluid.

“Can I wear a Mooncup safely swimming, while participating in sports, and overnight?”

The Mooncup can be worn during activities such as swimming and while actively participating in exercise and sports. It also can be worn confidently overnight for good protection, but it is advised that you empty your Mooncup every 6-8 hours to avoid leakage.

“Is the Mooncup safe for me if I suffer from a prolapse in my uterus, bladder, or bowels?”

A prolapse (or caving in) of any organ near the vaginal wall can alter the shape and position of the vaginal canal. It is best that you consult with a physician before using the Mooncup or avoid the use of menstrual cups entirely.



Mooncup Company Info

In 2002, the Mooncup Ltd. Company was born and established by a woman named Su Hardy. Upon the discovery of menstrual cups, Su set out on a mission to manufacture and produce a quality, eco-friendly, and safe menstrual cup that would supply as many benefits to women as possible.

She began developing the Mooncup and started operating the company from her home. Boots a popular UK pharmacy stocked their shelves when word broke about this amazing menstrual cup, and the business took off from there. Presently the Mooncup by Su Hardy is now distributed all over the planet, is available in all 50 countries, and the Mooncup’s user guide is produced in 12 different languages.



Mooncup Conclusion: Does it Compare?

Whether you are looking to spare expense, decrease your carbon footprint, or to better your overall health, there are many reasons to choose the  Mooncup menstrual cup. In a market saturated with menstrual cups- the simplicity, ease of use, and quality performance of the Mooncup will certainly offer you a great deal of benefits.

If you are a newbie to menstrual cups- the mooncup is a very good cup to begin with. In addition, if you are into menstrual cups brands who are very involved in their cause to save the environment- the Mooncup brand has acquired a notable respect for producing a menstrual cup that is ever-evolving to ultimately make the disposal of unrecyclable menstrual products obsolete.



Where to Buy The Mooncup Menstrual Cup does not sell any of the menstrual cups that we review, however the Mooncup is available for your convenience at a wide-selection of local retail chains all over the planet. Additionally, for the best purchase experience you can also buy the Mooncup from the trusted sellers listed at the top of the page.

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  1. Overall Score

    bought one back in 2014, still using it today. at this point it is very stained and needs a deep clean but still functional. i am, however, considering buying a new one due to the fact i find the material to be hard and makes my cramps worse sometimes. i do have a sensitive everything though, so this might not apply to most people.

    + PROS: -cost effective -only need to change every 12 hours -large capacity -durable & lasts forever -no leaking
    - CONS: -learning curve for using it -hard material making it uncomfortable at times -sometimes tricky to remove (gets suctioned to my cervix every 8-ish months leading to panic i'll never get it out for about 10 minutes)
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  2. Overall Score

    I’m a big proponent of reusable items but unfortunately this one isn’t as great or easy to use as it’s being sold. What you aren’t being told is that the material is quite thick and quick to snap back to it’s original shape so when it is folded for insertion, it is uncomfortable (quite big). And if you don’t let it go just right, at the right time, it will unfold too soon and cause pain. The stem is also uncomfortable, even when adjusted to different depths. As far as removal, it is difficult to remove (it doesn’t give easily because it is thick material). Meaning, it is difficult to pull out. Pinching it from the bottom to make it smaller (as you remove) leaves a huge mess on your hands when it is finally out. I was in my own bathroom and able to clean up while sitting but I can’t imagine not being able to clean up in a public toilet where there is no running water in the stall. The Mooncup is unfriendly and unusable without discomfort. Mine, unfortunately, is $30 lost and another landfill item.

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  3. Overall Score

    I normally don’t post reviews, but I felt like after almost a year with the Mooncup that it’s time to express my gratitude.

    -This menstrual cup turned my nightmare periods into something that is barely noticeable. I tried pads (and I still use them sometimes when I don’t feel like inserting the cup) and tampons (they were terrible – Dried my vagina completely), and neither can compare to this menstrual cup. This cup is the first and only one that I used, so I can’t compare it to other menstrual cups out there, but I’m really pleased with mine.

    -It made my periods less painful! I used to cry and scream in pain for hours during my periods. With this cup, while I still do get terrible cramps in my thighs, my stomach no longer feels like something in it is dying. It also feels to me like it makes me menstruate less, but I can’t really measure that.

    -Periods no longer mean having to be stuck at home doing absolutely nothing, or staying close to the bathroom. I have a VERY strong flow, and have to switch the biggest pads in two to three hours (could get to even every hour on the first day or two). With this menstrual cup I can leave the house, come back 10 hours later without having to clean it once. It lasts even 12 hours and more (though I wouldn’t recommend more than 12 hours. One time I forgot it in for 15 hours and it smelled like a dead animal). This makes periods so much easier to maintain!

    -This cup is somewhat firm, which might be a bit uncomfortable at first (though, once you get used to it, you can barely feel it), but it seems to be helping it to stay in its position. I jog, dance, do aerobics and yoga very often and I experience little to no blood spillage when I exercise. In the first several periods it would spill immediately, and when I was dancing or jogging I was constantly worried that it’s falling, but with time I learned how to use it correctly.

    -I barely feel like it’s there! I can go 10-12 hours with little to no thought about my period thanks to this. Once you learn how to place it correctly, it’s extremely comfortable.

    -It is easy to clean! I boiled it when I first got it. I haven’t boiled it again since, but I wipe it with alcohol wipes before the first use in the month, every 2 days of use and before I put it back in its little bag until the next month arrives.

    -It is packaged very nicely! There are two sizes and I took size B. the instructions are very simple and clear and it comes with a small and cute cloth bag.

    -I feel more comfortable with my body. I never panicked at the sight of blood, but it wasn’t much of a pleasant experience to have to touch my menstrual blood when I insert and remove the cup. Now I really couldn’t care less. It’s also really nice to be able to see how much blood I “lost” with the measurements on the cup. Kind of gives a fun element to using the cup.

    -Pays off in the long term! This may seem expensive as a first purchase, but considering the amount of pads that I used to have to use during my periods, this really is a money saver. It’s also more environmentally friendly.

    Now I suppose it’s time to move to the downsides.

    -It took me at least 5 months to learn how to insert it correctly! I didn’t give up, though, as even with the struggle that was included in trying to use it, it was still better than having to rely on pads and tampons. It takes some practice and fiddling until you really know how to place it.

    -One time I inserted it really incorrectly and it actually felt like it was sucking my cervix. That was a hell of a day. I nearly fainted from the pain, became almost as white as the walls and was trembling for hours after it. Quite a terrible experience. I suppose this isn’t the fault of the mooncup, as it was because of me not placing it correctly, but I had to write about it as it was truly a nightmare.

    -This doesn’t work for me during very light-flow days, especially in the last or near-last day of my period. I suppose my vagina is just too dry to open up during these days, as there isn’t much flow, but it’s still a shame as it’s a whole lot more comfortable than pads and tampons and I don’t like having to resort to them.

    -The stem can be a little painful sometimes, but that might not be such a bad thing as it could be an indicator that I haven’t inserted the cup 100% correctly.

    Overall, I would highly recommend anyone who wants to improve the quality of their life during their period to use a menstrual cup. This specific one is probably better for those of us who exercise, but there are less firm varieties out there for those of us who don’t (though I haven’t tested any myself, so I can’t confirm how good they might be). This really made my periods a much more comfortable experience.

    + PROS: Less cramping (and possibly weaker blood flow) Needs to be extracted very infrequently Little to no spillage Extremely comfortable Easy to clean Comes in a cute package and with a nice little bag for the cup itself Made me more comfortable with my body Saves money in the long term
    - CONS: Can take a long time to learn to insert correctly Doesn't work (for me) during very light-flow days Slightly painful stem at times (Can be fixed by cutting the stem a bit)
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  4. Overall Score

    I really wanted to love the mooncup. Day one of period everything was fine, a little difficult to get in, but that was what I expected. But after my first night of sleep I couldn’t get it out. I had to get my partner to help me. Even here it was painful. I just went further up. At one point we where talking about going to a doctor to get it out. Finally got it out. Maybe I got a wrong size, I’m not sure but I won’t be trying again, as the pain wasn’t worth it.

    - CONS: Painful to get out
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  5. Overall Score

    So, I started using my menstural cup today, and I already love it!!!
    I’m not sure on the make of it as I just got one from eBay (a cheaper one just to try) it was the best idea I’ve had!! I was a bit curious about putting it in, but I had no issues at all. And so far so good. I will never ever go back to disgusting unhygienic tampax and pads again!! All hail the menstural cup!!! Whoop!! 🙂

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  6. It’s the only cup I tried and I used it for 3 months now. Not sure if I will continue though. It’s tricky to insert. It’s much bigger than any tampon, so you need to fold it and insert with at least two fingers inside. Then I normally go ahead and check that it’s fully opened to prevent leakage. It takes a lot longer than to insert a simple tampon. I have very light periods but if inserted incorrectly it will leak. But the worst for me are the cramps I have when it’s in. I got the smaller size and I can feel it although it’s fully inside. I think it’s because my cervix is quite low and a bit on the side and I think the cup is pushing against it. Quite painful. I have tried it for three months though using only this device. But today on the first day of my period I though nah.. I can’t be bothered any longer. I have spend 5 minutes putting it in and then got such a sharp pain. On some days when it wasn’t that painful to have it in and it didn’t leak, it was great. Feels like your regular day and you can wear it all day. I have never tried swimming with it, but tried simple cardio, it was okay. I definitely would’t do any reverse yoga poses with it though.

  7. Overall Score

    Generally unimpressed. I bought this product to reduce the amount of sanitary products I use so it seems counter-productive that I have had to use more sanitary pads than when I used tampons. I have a heavy flow and it leaked badly throughout the heavy flow days; I also had to empty it every couple of hours as I would with tampons which is not the ideal “8 hours” as specified on the pack. Furthermore, emptying on a heavy flow is something I would NOT feel comfortable doing anywhere but in my own bathroom; it is incredibly messy and so not good for “out and about” as well as being fiddly to clean. The product seems okay on a light flow – no leaking, easier to deal with changing it re. mess and have to less often – so I don’t believe I have the wrong size, however I am so far unconvinced. I am reluctant to try it again in case I am not at home and cannot deal with leaking; because of this and the hassle of mess I feel overall it was a waste of £20.

    + PROS: Okay for lighter flows
    - CONS: Problems with leaking, messy to deal with emptying, fiddly to clean
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  8. Overall Score

    I have had my Mooncup since I was 30, I am now 43 with it still going strong. Even though I have no children I went straight for size B. Over the years my body has changed, yet my Mooncup still works as well as when first purchased. The amount of money I have saved is incredible.

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  9. Overall Score

    When reading reviews I always find them completely one dimensional. People either love or hate a product, making one or two points. I decided to keep a brief diary of using my Moon cup for the first time and try to give something a little more comprehensive. I’ll spare you the minute by minute commentary.
    So , I bought the moon cup purely as it was the one I had heard of, no other reason.
    It arrived on the very last day of my previous period, I gave it a shot and following the instructions inserted it, using the “C” fold. I had read that the cup is designed to sit lower than a tampon, I immediately could tell that, for me, this was not the correct position and I could feel the stem rubbing uncomfortably against my labia, I took it out and trimmed the stem to about a centimetre long.
    Again, to give a more in depth review, I am 5ft 7in, and an obese 90kg belly heavy, I feel this is important as users should be aware that not only every woman is different as is their vaginas but body shape affects dexterity.
    After trimming I re inserted, this time higher up like a tampon, boom, nailed it.
    I washed/sterilised the cup ready for next period
    OK, day 1: inserted cup as before, in a squat position, found it really awkward as the cup is slightly more bulky than a tampon, felt it pop just at the entrance to my vagina, had to push quite firmly and give a good waggle back and forth, stood up and immediately aware of wrong position, out, rinse repeat x4 eventually getting it in place, around 15 minutes later I became hyper aware of the cup bulging.
    The muscles in my vagina do not like intruders so will push a foreign body out (lols) again out rinse repeat, extremely frustrated now.
    This scenario played out for a few hours, but I was determined to give the cup a fair trial. Eventually, I succeeded. Comfortable, leak free sleep
    Day 2: heavy day. In out, in out, leaking like mad, googled leaking moon cup, discovered it wasn’t opening properly, learned to insert a finger and run it along the outside of the cup and to squeeze the base to pop the cup open, since I was working a 13 hour shift I did not trust the cup to not use a pad, I leaked a tiny amount around the 4 hour mark, cup was full.
    Day 3-5 pretty uneventful, cracked position and no more leaks

    I have noticed a few things:
    You have to become comfortable touching your vagina, especially in order to check for positioning, inside the vagina there are folds of muscle, you have to recognise the correct position for you, mine is high up and angled left back and the cup sits above the muscle fold.
    Always check it’s fully opened, that’s why I leaked!

    Removing the cup is a strange sensation, never painful for me, but uncomfortable.
    You will grunt, groan and probably swear alot, but practice really pays off.

    You can’t expect 100% accuracy all the time, I still had to take the cup in and out a couple of times before i got it correct, once in though, I had no need of pads.
    I personally find tampons an embuggerance as I rarely manage a successful position first time either, often ruining at least 3 in the process.
    Another positive in the cup,is, at home I can visit the toilet as often as I need to, but I don’t have the same access at work, so I used to be constantly paranoid of odour, slippage and leaks with tampons, I found the cup stayed in place until I removed it, no odour, even when full.
    I really advise you to be comfortable with your body as more often than not, you will have to dig around to access your cup, if like me it sits high up, don’t worry, it can’t get lost, the opening of the cervix to the uterus is tiny and does not dilate unless your in labour.
    Today is day 6 the day where I stop bleeding and its just the stained mucus, I found that I ashamedly forgot I had the cup in, I had a busy day and it wasn’t until I sat down and a tampon advert came on I suddenly remembered it, I dashed to the loo, imagining all sorts of grossness only to be met with minimal liquid and no grossness, cup is now out and sterilised ready for next month, absolutely no doubt I will grunt, puff, pant and curse the blooming thing again, but I am confident the more I use it the more accurate I’ll become…ish.

    I have heavy periods and normally can saturate and leak through a super plus tampon 1-4 hours, tampons usually slip down. I also use a pad as back up.
    I am over 30 and have had two vaginal births.
    Hopefully this review helps someone to persevere and find out how their vagina works in order to improve feminine hygiene.

    + PROS: Cost effective Easy to clean Reusable Large capacity Effective
    - CONS: Tricky positioning Bulky Leaks if not fully opened Practice needed to use
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  10. Overall Score

    I LOVE this cup! i honestly think it’s going to change my life- no exaggeration. After I had children- I developed a heavy flow that tampons just didn’t quite stem. Tampons also left me with horrible and uncomfortable dryness and sore skin- even making sex painful. Sorry but pads just weren’t for me either! I like to be cleaner than they make me feel. This cup has changed a lot for me! Quite frankly my list of ‘loves’ for this is endless!! No more running out of tampons mid moon and running out to buy elephant period pants and adult nappies! I can finally have a period every month without the cringe and without the hassle and paranoia of leakage and smell! This is clean, easy, discreet and comfy. I love love love it!

    + PROS: Environmentally friendly Financially friendly Vaginally friendly :) Practical Discreet Comfortable Clean Literally life changing!!
    - CONS: I can't see any cons
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