EvaCup ® Menstrual Cup Review – Does it Provide You the Best Period Experience?

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Eva Cup (by Anigan) Sizes and Models

The Eva Cup (by Anigan) is a menstrual cup that is manufactured in USA. It is made of silicone and comes in 2 different sizes/models:
Eva Cup (by Anigan)
43 mm
62 mm
51 mm
11 mm
20 ml
25 ml
3 /5
2 /5
3 /5
Eva Cup (by Anigan)
46 mm
67 mm
54 mm
13 mm
25 ml
30 ml
3 /5
2 /5
3 /5
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The world is becoming more environmentally conscious these days, and with the rate at which technology is evolving– it is bringing light to options in personal care and hygiene to consumers everywhere. The (USA Manufactured) Anigan™ Evacup is a reusable (eco-friendly) option of period protection that allows the average female to take one small step towards not only their better feminine health & comfort- but also for the greater good of environmental health.


What is the Anigan™ Evacup?

The Anigan™ Evacup is a feminine hygiene option that provides protection against leakage during the time of menstruation. It is a soft, menstrual cup that catches menstrual fluid instead of absorbing it as with other options such as pads and tampons. The Anigan™ Evacup can be reused time and time again and usually lasts several years on average.

The Evacup is more comfortable than wearing a tampon and more discreet than using a sanitary napkin for period protection. It also is one of the only alternatives of all feminine hygiene protection that is safe for the environment. Above all the Evacup can save you a ton of expense! As opposed to the $93.00 annual average spent on menstrual products such as pads and tampons, one Evacup can last up to several years with the initial investment of about $22.00.


Evacup Product Description

The Evacup menstrual cup is made from medical-grade silicone and is a 100% safe medical device used to provide women ultimate menstrual protection.

  • Comprised out of FDA Approved medical-grade silicone
  • Comes in 2 sizes and 8 color options
  • Is reusable and has a shelf life of up to 15 years
  • Is the least expensive brand of many menstrual cups
  • Includes a harness that makes insertion and removal easy
  • 100% Leak Proof
  • Is available in a Evacup Gift Set and Evacup + Sterilizing Cup


Evacup Sizes

The Anigan™ Evacup company offers the Evacup in 2 sizes and the consumer also has the added option of many color choices. You can also get a premium Evacup kit which includes other accessories such as carry pouches and microwavable sterilizing cup.





Size 1 – Small Evacup:

Evacup size one is for women who have not yet had childbirth vaginally, It is a smaller size that accommodates light to heavy flow for most young adult women, petite women and women who have shorter vaginas.

Size 2 – Large Evacup:

Evacup size 2 is for women who are more mature, and that have already given birth naturally to a baby. It is built a bit larger to accommodate medium to heavy flow.



Choosing The Right Size

You can also use the following table as a general guideline to help you select the best size for your unique body needs:

Circumstance Light Flow Heavy Flow
Virgin Smaller size Smaller size
Teenager Smaller size Smaller or Larger
Young woman pre-baby Smaller size Smaller size
Young woman post-baby Smaller or Larger Larger size
Adult woman pre-baby Smaller or Larger Larger size
Adult women post-baby Smaller or Larger Larger size
Short Vagina Smaller size Smaller size
Active in sports Smaller size Smaller size



Evacup Color Selection:

The Evacup menstrual cup is offered in a convenient variety of 8 colors: Chartreuse Yellow, Blizzard Blue, Aqua Blue, Sunset, Moonstone, Rose, Cherry Blossom, Meadow Green, and Lavender.


Evacup Kits and Accessories:

Evacup can be purchased in singular form or you can opt for an Evacup duo that also includes a microwaveable sterilization cup that helps you to keep your Evacup clean and sterilized. Additionally, the Evacup gift set features a number of Anigan™ Evacup accessories.

Evacup + Sterilization Cup

  • 1 Evacup (2 size choices)
  • 1 Sterilization cup: Anigan manufactured Collapsible cup with lid that can be interchangeably used as a microwave-safe sterilizing aid and a storage container for your Evacup.


Evacup Gift Set

  • 1 Evacup (2 size choices)
  • 1 Sterilization cup: Anigan manufactured Collapsible cup with lid that can be interchangeably used as a microwave-safe sterilizing aid and a storage container for your Evacup.
  • Anigan Velvet Pouch
  • Anigan Heart Shape Reusable Instant Heat Pad


Evacup Directions: Insertion and Removal

It is important to make mention that the Evacup as with other menstrual cups- may be initially difficult to insert and remove. However one of the features of the harness-type handle/grip makes the Evacup very easy to insert and remove. Because it is made from the softest silicone gel it is easy to pinch and maneuver to cradle your cervix for the best leakage protection.

Evacup Pros and Advantages

More Affordable than other Menstrual Cup Brands
Sizes 1 AND 2 fit more comfortably than other sizes of Mooncup, Lunette, Softcup and Divacup
Variety of choices in colors make it appealing
When compared to other brands of menstrual cups, it is one of the easiest to use (insertion and removal)
A++++ for comfort- you barely notice it is in there
The Evacup provides exceptional leakage protection because it hold more fluid than other menstrual cups
Evacup does not stain as easily as other menstrual cups
Evacup seems to have a longer shelf-life than other brands of menstrual cups



Evacup Cons and Disadvantages

Can cause vaginal infections and act as an irritant for those who have a sensitivity to silicone
The Size 1 and 2 are still too short for some women to use


The Evacup:
What do Customers Really Think About it

After perusing Evacup reviews, it was obvious that the Evacup has many women hooked. It is a menstrual cup that offers economic value, quality, variety, comfort, and leakage protection.

“I love it. I was surprised at how easy it is to insert and even more surprised at how easy it is to remove and clean.“

“Comfortable, leak free, environmentally sound, discrete, protection for modern women. I’ll never go back to tampons or pads. There is a learning curve if it’s your first cup. Totally worth it!”

“The first time I used this cup, it was…interesting to put it in, but once it was firmly in place, I couldn’t feel it at all, and it got the job done. I love it; got it in lavender and cherry blossom.”

Comment sources: Amazon.com.


Evacup: Frequently Asked Questions

“What is the Evacup Made Out of?”

The Evacup is made out of a medical-grade silicone that has been tested and approved by the FDA.

“How many color choices are there for the Evacup?”

The Evacup comes in 8 different colors, chartreuse, rose, meadow, aqua, blizzard blue, sunset, moonstone, lavender, and cherry blossom.

“Can I order a special color in the Evacup and sterilizer and gift sets?”

Currently, the gift sets are available exclusively in only the rose color, and the Evacup+sterilizer are available in 7 colors.

“Will wearing the Evacup cause me discomfort?”

When inserted properly, the Evacup is used 100% comfortably.

“How do I know how to insert and remove the Evacup properly?”

The Evacup comes with very detailed instructions that clearly explain the proper way to insert and remove the Evacup so you can get the best benefits and use out of it

“Will the Evacup protect me from sexually transmitted diseases?”

No Evacup should not be worn while having sexual intercourse, and it most definitely not safe as a preventative STD method.

“How long on average does the Evacup last?”

The Evacup has a shelf-life of several years, but this can be altered in a variety of circumstances.

“How much does the Evacup cost?”

The Evacup can range in price according to the vendor who is selling it, however it retails for the average price of about $21.00 (just the Evacup.)

“What sizes do the Evacup come in?”

The Evacup is available in 2 sizes. Size 1 is for women who are young adults and that have not had a baby vaginally and Size 2 is for adult women who have had a child vaginally or that are over the age of 30.

“Is the Evacup safe to wear or are there any health risks by using it?”

The Evacup is safer than tampons, and should not cause any health risks. However there have been reports of women getting vaginal infections from using the Evacup which are caused by a sensitivity to the silicone material.



About Anigan Company

Anigan™ is a California-based company that manufacturers an array of feminine hygiene products (namely the Evacup, menstrual cup). The product lines that they offer consist of first period kits, stain-free panties, the Evacup menstrual cup in 2 models and 5 color choices, and menstrual accessories such as pouches, scented carry bags, sterilizing cups, heating packs, and gift sets.

The Anigan™ company strives to bring cleanliness, comfort, and confidence to women of all ages. They have made it their priority to also produce the Evacup and Evacup accessories so that they can play an essential role in the safety and health of the environment. Anigan™ sells affordable products that a woman can depend on and feel ultimately confident using. Their high-quality feminine hygiene products are offered in a wide-variety of options & styles to suit any female’s personal care needs.


The Evacup: The Bottom Line

When compared to other menstrual cups sold on the market, the Evacup holds its own. Firstly it is much less expensive than other brands of menstrual cups. Secondly the variety of colors makes it fun to choose and use. Additionally the Evacup has a special harness which makes insertion and removal easier than in other models of menstrual cups.

Consumer females who have used other menstrual cups drop their old brands of menstrual cups to switch to Evacup upon their discovery of how economically, environmentally, and comfortably beneficial Evacup is.


Where to Purchase The Anigan Evacup

We do not sell Anigan EvaCup menstrual cups, only review them. The Evacup is sold in a variety of drugstores in the United States and is available for purchase from numerable online vendors who sell the large-variety of colors and each size.

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  1. Overall Score

    I’ve had this for 5 years now. I’ve tried other cups and this is by far my favorite. Never any leaks. I have the small – I’ve never had kids. I use this for workings 12 hour shifts, the gym, etc.

    + PROS: Easy to use No leaks Can’t feel
    - CONS: Stem is long - had to trim
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  2. Overall Score

    I’ve tried 3 different cups and this is my favorite. I am a mother of 2, vaginal births and 30 years old.

    I like that these come in colors. Mine started staining about 6 months in, but It comes clean when you scrub it with lemon juice.

    The color I bought is Aqua and is the darkest color they have. Make sure when choosing that you look at the colors of the individual cups and not the color wheel they have. The individual pictures are more accurate to the color.

    I have tried the Divacup and the MeLuna as well. The divacup is a close likeness to this cup, it just doesn’t have a good grippy part on it, doesn’t come in colors, and is much more expensive than this cup. I also like that you get free shipping on these.

    In usage, even on my heaviest days (I’m a borderline heavy bleeder) I may only need to empty this twice, three times if you count before bed. The cup is very comfortable and no harder to put in than any of the others I’ve tried. The only time I’ve had leaks was when I waited too long (as in 7 hours on a heavy day) or when I put it in just a little odd. I love that even on heavy days I can go at least 6 hours without emptying it. It’s comfortable and after cleaning smells as if it’s never been used.

    The way I get mine to open is to just to the usual c-fold and then push it up to where it’s just past the pelvic bone, hold the grippy part with one hand and use a finger on the other hand to push against the back of the vaginal wall so that it fills up with air. It’s best if you make sure to fold it so that one of the air holes will be about where you put that finger so that it fills easier. Then you just push it up. I have also discovered that instead of trying some ridiculous rotation thing that some people mention in making it seal against leaks, I just push it into position and then grip the grippy and tug down on it till the cup moves down about half an inch. Something about doing this allows it to ride back up in the proper position on its own and keeps leaks from happening. I’ve read all kinds of ways of how to put them in and this works best for me.

    I intend to buy another one of these just to have 2 to switch out.

    + PROS: Pretty colors. Large size. Comfortable. No after smell. Has a good gripper on the bottom.
    - CONS: Starts staining after about 6 months of use, but can be cleaned with lemon juice.
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  3. Overall Score

    This cup is comfortable but harder to open. Since I’ve finally grown comfortable with cups, I’ve decided to get rid of all my cups that don’t comfortably just pop open. Unfortunately, this was one of those cups. I don’t want to have to fiddle with a cup every time, and stick my fingers up in there just to manipulate it to open.

    + PROS: Comfortable Cheaper in price
    - CONS: Hard to open
    Helpful(6) Unhelpful(0)You have already voted this
  4. Overall Score

    Sooo much easier to insert than other brands…have tried on & off for years with another brand, and no success even inserting it! Thought it was just me, but success first time trying with Eva cup!! So excited, this is going to revolutionize my life, as I’m a nurse & work 12 hr shifts (often don’t have time to run & find a tampon lol;) You guys seriously have to give this a try!!

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  5. Overall Score

    I used Eva cup during 2 years. It is too great. Soft and comfortable.
    I used both Yuuki cup.
    They were great for me. I love Eva cup and Yuuki cup.

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  6. Overall Score

    I really really love my Anigan Eva Cup. I’ve tried diva cup but I constantly leaked when using it during my menstruation. But with eva cup, I never experience any leakage and very comfortable as well

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  7. Overall Score

    This thing is pretty darn comfortable.

    Helpful(2) Unhelpful(2)You have already voted this
  8. Overall Score

    This is my first cup and I love t. After a few days of learning to get it in its super easy. It’s so comfy I forget i have it in, and i have had no leakage. In fact I write my lightest panties on one of my heaviest flow days.

    Helpful(2) Unhelpful(0)You have already voted this
  9. Overall Score

    Love it on my light days, no leaking after several hours. On my heavier days it lasts about twice as long as a super flow tampon. I think my cervix may be a tad bit to low for the cup because I will leak with it being half full sometimes. Generally happy with the cup after 6 months or so.

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  10. Overall Score

    I just got my EvaCup yesterday, which was coincidentally the first day of my period. So I haven’t been using the cup long, but I am far too excited not to write about this cup. I love it so much. This is my very first menstrual cup, and I don’t think I made any mistakes in choosing this one. I got cherry blossom pink, and it makes me so happy to get my period. The first day of my period the past few months has gotten increasingly more painful and almost unbearable. With this cup, my cramps weren’t nearly as bad. Maybe that’s because I didn’t have to stress so much about getting tampons or pads, or getting a horrible itch or infection. The cup is the perfect softness and had no problems opening up. It was scary at first simply because I’m a huge newbie, but it wasn’t hard AT ALL. Removal wasn’t difficult at all. This cup makes me feel really happy to get my period and it makes me feel like I’m doing a really good thing for my body. Waking up this morning knowing that I didn’t have to change it for another hour or two was so nice, and it was wonderful to know that I wasn’t going to die if I didn’t empty it right away. I got the size 1 and it was perfect. I’m 18 and have never given birth. I would definitely recommend this cup!!!

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