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Voxapod Sizes and Models

The Voxapod is a menstrual cup that is manufactured in USA. It is made of silicone and comes in 2 different sizes/models:
40 mm
70 mm
45 mm
25 mm
20 ml
24 ml
3.5 /5
3 /5
3.5 /5
45 mm
80 mm
50 mm
30 mm
28 ml
34 ml
4 /5
4.5 /5
4.5 /5
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The Voxapod Cup is a unique menstrual cup that was designed with reinforced ribbing around the inside of the cup. The ribbing allows the cup to open easily, as well as comfortably break the seal during removal. The base of the cup features three “pinch grips” that are also supposed to ease the removal process.

Choosing the Right Model


Voxapod Cup (Small)

What’s included:

  • 1 Small Voxapod Cup
  • 1 Storage Pouch
  • 1 User Guide


Who is it meant for?

  • Those with a light to medium flow
  • First-time menstrual cup users
  • Those with a low to medium cervix


Voxapod Cup (Medium)

What’s included:

  • 1 Medium Voxapod Cup
  • 1 Storage Pouch
  • 1 User Guide

Who is it meant for?

  • Those with a medium to a heavy flow
  • Those with a medium to high cervix


The Voxapod Cup is available for purchase as a single cup, dual pack and gift pack (3 cups). 

They also offer a “Buy 1 Give 1” program as well as donation packs.


Special Features:


The small Voxapod Cup holds 20 ml to the air holes and 24 ml to the top of the rim, which is equal to other ‘average’ small-sized menstrual cups.

The medium Voxapod Cup is the larger of the two sizes currently on offer. It holds 28 ml to the air holes and 34 ml to the top of the rim which is equal to other ‘average’ large-sized menstrual cups.


Stem Design

The stem on the Voxapod Cup is a flat, thin, tab with five grip lines on each cup. It’s flexible and stretchy, yet sturdy when pulled. This stem can be easily trimmed if needed.


There is no noticeable secondary rim on the Voxapod Cup, and the upper rim has a slight flare.  

Cup Shape

The body of this cup is short and bell-shaped with a flared rim which is great for those with a low cervix.

Grip Rings

The base of this cup has three “pinch grips” for easy handling. In each of these areas, there are three grip lines that are curved.


The Voxapod Cup is made of smooth feeling silicone and is offered only in white.


Because of the reinforced ribbing on the inside of the cup, the body of the cup is firmer than the rim. The “pinch grips” feel like a slightly thinner area of silicone, which also makes them softer.

Air Holes

There are three large air holes that are strategically placed at the top of three inner ribbings to comfortably and easily break the seal during removal.


There is a visible seam that travels the length of the body, over the stem and backs down the length on the other side.


“VOXAPOD” is featured on the outside of the cup, while measuring lines and numbers in ml. and oz. are featured on the inside.


Personal Experience

These cups are on the shorter side. Also, they are bell-shaped with a slightly flared rim. I found them to ride up and sit around my cervix, while it was on the higher side, making both sizes a little difficult to reach at times. The stem is soft and flexible, but it is also stretchy, which didn’t help me get a good grip, while trying to reach the cup.

If you don’t have any problems reaching a shorter cup with a high cervix, then these might be comfortable. Otherwise, I would recommend them to those with a medium to low cervix.

Since the rim of these cups is softer than the body, it took me a while to figure out an easy way to get them to open. I discovered that folding on one of the inner ribs helped the rim to pop open without trouble. Overall, I feel that the Voxapod Cups have a unique design that is well made and fairly easy to use.


Where to buy

We’re just reviewers of the Voxapod cup, we don’t sell it. However, you can get the best deals on Voxapod cup by shopping from the links in the top of this page.

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