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MiaLuna Sizes and Models

The MiaLuna is a menstrual cup that is manufactured in Chile. It is made of silicone and comes in 4 different sizes/models:

Note: Similar cup design/model can be found under the following name(s): Copa Menstrual M Cup, Daisy Cup, Female Cup, FemiCup, Naturalmama, and others.
39 mm
59 mm
46 mm
13 mm
10 ml
15 ml
3 /5
3 /5
3 /5
40 mm
75 mm
50 mm
25 mm
15 ml
20 ml
3 /5
3 /5
3 /5
45 mm
75 mm
56 mm
19 mm
20 ml
25 ml
3 /5
3 /5
3 /5
45 mm
77 mm
59 mm
18 mm
26 ml
31 ml
3 /5
3 /5
3 /5
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There are hundreds of different brands of menstrual cups sold currently, and in some scenarios menstrual cup fans want to stick with their particular origins when purchasing a menstrual cup. In addition, some menstrual cup brands are not available globally by all retailers in all nations and countries. This can be inconvenient, and limiting to the open consumer market.

(Note: In this old video we found, MiaLuna cups are available only in 2 sizes and there is no color options. Currently, MiaLuna company transpired into supplying greater options and features of colors (5 in all) and sizes (4 sizes)).


The MiaLuna, menstrual cup is a menstrual cup that is manufactured and distributed throughout Chile’ and it appears to be making a remarkable impression on consumers.

As a basic small company, MiaLuna has expanded rapidly by offering more colors in their MiaLuna menstrual cup, and will soon be made more readily available on a Global scale.



Mia Luna Specs, Colors, and Size Options

The MiaLuna Company offers their MiaLuna, menstrual cup in four different sizes.

Size 1, X Small Class ( X-small)

The Extra Small class size in the MiaLuna is recommended for teens and young women who are just starting out menstruating. This size accommodates a scanty, very light flow.



Size 2, Small Class (small)

The Small class size in the MiaLuna is recommended for women who have not had a child vaginally, that are younger than the age of 30. This size also accommodates a light/medium flow.



Size 3, Medium Class (medium)

The Medium class size in the MiaLuna is recommended for women who have HAD a child vaginally, that are older than the age of 30, and this size also accommodates a light/heavy flow.



Size 4, Large Class (large)

The Large class size in the MiaLuna is recommended for women who have had a child vaginally, that are older than the age of 30, and for accommodating a heavy/very heavy flow.



Mia Luna Cup Colors:

The MiaLuna cup is available in the basic non-color, translucent, and now recently the manufacturer is offering them in light green, light baby blue, yellow, and lavender.


Mia Luna Special Features and Attributes

The MiaLuna menstrual cup possesses many features that make it appealing to those who have had the pleasant opportunity of purchasing it and using it to their best advantage.

  • Shelf life of 3-6 years
  • Mialuna is available in 4 sizes (XS, S, M, L)
  • Available in translucent and 4 bright hues
  • Made out of tested, proven, and certified silicone
  • Supple holding capacity in all sizes
    (10 ml-26 ml)
  • Basic and most favored stem design (hollow, flat tab)
  • Glossy finish for most comfortable wear
  • Cost effective (costs less than most brands of menstrual cups)
  • Separate purchase can be made of a gel that is designed specifically to clean the Mialuna and preserve it for years of use to come.


MiaLuna Pros

I found some impressionable reviews by customers that have used the MiaLuna menstrual cup for the best menstrual cup experience and was very surprised at the many features of this specific menstrual cup that were highly praised.

The Price is incredibly low in comparison to other menstrual cup brands but performs just as well – References from consumers of the Mialuna cup remark that it is much like the Lunette cup in style, comfort, design, and performance, but that it costs much less.
Features the flat tab stem that makes removal a cinch – The flat tab stem design featured on the Mialuna cup is well-liked by beginner to expert menstrual cups users as customers state that it is durable and very well designed to promote easy removal.
Now available in an array of colors which are beautiful and glossy – Consumers seem very excited that their Mialuna cup is now available in very bright and brilliant colors. This adds to the custom feminine touch and puts the Mialuna up to par with some of the other brands of menstrual cups who also offer their cups in pretty hues.
Easy to clean with special Mialuna gel cleaner – The MiaLuna cup can be cleaned with ease, and additionally a consumer can purchase a Mialuna company manufactured gel that makes sterilizing and preserving the Mialuna very seamless and simple.


MiaLuna Cons

So similar to the Lunette that it is mistaken as an illegal knock off brand – consumers of the Mialuna cup remark that it is so much like the Lunette cup in style, comfort, design, and performance that they think this brand stole or ripped off the design and is selling the Lunette illegally under a different name. We can assure you that this is not the case, although these two cups may have similar features, the Mialuna is legit and has a legal patent on their menstrual cup design and brand.


MiaLuna Customer Comments and Reviews


MiaLuna Frequently Asked Questions

As with every review on various menstrual cup brands, we have addressed the frequently asked questions that you might have in regards to using or purchasing the Mialuna menstrual cup.
How long will the Mialuna menstrual cup last before it needs replacing?

On average the durability of the Mialuna will last for 3 years, however with great care and attention the Mialuna can last for up to 6 years before needing to be replaced.

Can I wear the Mialuna while having sexual intercourse?

No. The Mialuna is not a method of contraception and is not recommended to be worn during penetrating sexual activity.

How often should I sterilize the Mialuna menstrual cup?

The Mialuna company recommends that you sterilize the Mialuna after each monthly use, and before storing it away for a few weeks.

How long can I wear the Mialuna before emptying?

The Mialuna can be worn for up to 12 hours, however depending on your flow, the size of the Mialuna you are using, and other circumstances you may need to empty and wash the Mialuna about 3-4 times per day.

Is the Mialuna safe for a virgin?

The Mialuna, menstrual cup can be worn in the extra small size by young teens and virgins safely. However use of the Mialuna can tear the hymen- so it is wise to decide if it is important to you before using the Mialuna menstrual cup.




MiaLuna Company Profile

The company that manufactures, distributes, and sells the Mialuna menstrual cup has been in operation since the year 2011. It started out just offering the Mialuna in 2 sizes and no color options and has now transpired into supplying greater options and features of colors (5 in all) and sizes (4 sizes.) The Mialuna is made in Chile’ and sold to local females. Many consumers have come to respect, rely on, and trust the Mialuna menstrual cup for its effectiveness, comfort, and economic benefit in comparison to other non-green menstrual hygiene alternatives.



MiaLuna Menstrual Cup Bottom Line

The Mialuna menstrual cup is not openly available quite yet to all retailers and networks who could sell it, however within its short life-span as a viable menstrual aid product brand on the market- the Mialuna has garnered a vast amount of fans. Customers of the Mialuna, rate it highly on the basic scale and acclaim it for its ability to perform as good (if not better) than other competitive brands sold on the market.


Where to Buy MiaLuna Menstrual Cup

The Mialuna is not openly available at retailers outside the vicinity of Chile’, however if you are interested in trying the Mialuna menstrual cup on for size and performance you can find the Mialuna through the links of online sellers listed at the top of this page.

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    I currently live in South America and purchased a Mia Luna M to try out menstrual cups for the first time. I don’t know why I didn’t try them out sooner, like when I was living in the US. I chose Mia Luna because it was the only one available to try out. I am currently searching for a better alternative because I found the stem a bit uncomfortable at times, especially during exercise. Which cup or cups would you recommend trying out for active lifestyle? I work out regularly and do yoga twice a week.
    I am reviewing several options and want to order on Amazon so a relative can bring it or them when they come in a couple of weeks.

    + PROS: Very easy to use for a first time user. It pops open quite easily. I have the M.
    - CONS: The stem can be a bit uncomfortable for more active scenarios. I purchased the cup for around $28 dollars
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