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WUKA period panties have been featured on the BBC, MTV, Yahoo! Style, The Scotsman, and many other news and media outlets. The company is Co-founded by a team that includes a product developer and an environmental scientist, with a focus on eco-friendly period underwear that also happens to be comfortable.

About WUKA: The Basics

WUKA’s founders searched everywhere for the right combination of fashion-forward design and eco-friendly materials with desirable characteristics. Once they found what they were looking for, WUKA was born!

Though flexible and luxurious, the company’s period panties are super absorbent, with odor- and bacteria-fighting components. All styles feature inner and outer layers of Lenzing MicroModal fabric, which is ecologically conscientious and just as soft as they nylon that goes into many other brands. It is made from beech tree fibers, and is manufactured using 100 percent carbon neutral standards.


How Do They Work?

WUKA Heavy period panties hold at least 4 tampons’ worth of fluid, while WUKA Light period panties hold at least 1 tampons’ worth of fluid. These reusable period panties are designed to completely replace disposable products such as pads and tampons, and they are ideal for backing up a menstrual cup as well. Despite their absorbency, these period panties offer a thin, lightweight feel with comfortable 4-way stretch capacity to keep you feeling your best whether you’re at the office, running a marathon, or sleeping soundly in your bed.

  • The inner layer feels soft and luxurious next to your skin.
  • The absorbent, anti-microbial layer locks in moisture and keeps unpleasant odors from forming.
  • The PUL barrier layer keeps moisture inside the panties while offering breathable comfort.
  • The outer layer feels soft and light. These period panties look just like other midi brief underwear while keeping you protected.

While WUKA period panties are designed for menstruation, they also provide protection from postpartum bleeding and mild incontinence leaks.

These period undies are easy to care for. The manufacturer recommends hand-rinsing after wear, then washing with dark-colored clothing. The underwear needs to be line-dried or laid flat in a warm, well-ventilated spot. It may not be placed in the dryer, and it should not be exposed to fabric softener.


Do These Period Panties Pass the Test?

WUKA period panties are made with technical fabrics that have been selected for their comfort, flexibility, absorbency, and eco-friendly characteristics. There are sizes to fit tweens, teens, and women between sizes 4 and 20, and different absorbency levels to help wearers deal with their menstrual flow. These panties come in an attractive, versatile black color, and are fitted with an elastic waistband that provides a secure, slip-free fit. The outer layers are made with Lenzing® MicroModal fabric, which is made from beech tree fibers. This eco-friendly fabric offers moisture wicking properties for a pleasant feel. The barrier layer is PUL. The absorbent layer grabs liquid and lock it into the fabric’s fibers, helping to prevent leaks. An inner layer, also of Lenzing® MicroModal fabric, feels soft and luxurious next to skin. WUKA period panties are breathable, so wearers don’t suffer from the discomfort and chafing that comes with excessive sweating.



  • The WUKA Heavy period model – Features anti-bacterial properties. It has the ability to hold at least four tampons worth of fluid, or about 20 milliliters. This style is designed to hold up for about 8 hours, either overnight or during heavy flow days.
  • The WUKA Light period model – WUKA Light period underwear can hold at least one tampons worth of fluid, or approximately 5 to 7 milliliters. This style is ideal for light days, and is just right for dealing with spotting and other normal discharge. If you like, you can wear WUKA light period underwear daily and do away with pantiliners altogether.
  • Made with sustainable, comfortable technical fabrics – These period underwear are made with four layers of fabric. The inner and outer layers are made of moisture wicking Lenzing® MicroModal fabric, which offers a soft, luxurious feel. The thin, lightweight inner layers absorb liquid and lock it into the fabric’s structure for leak-free performance. All fabrics are breathable, so you won’t find yourself worrying about excessive sweating.
  • Simple style works well with a variety of fashion choices – WUKA period pants come in a single, comfortable brief style that feels great on while keeping you dry and worry-free. The company’s period panties can be worn without any backup; simply decide which pair to wear depending on your flow, pull them on, and take on the day as usual.
  • Easy to launder – All three models feature a midi brief style that offers comfortable coverage without feeling bulky. Care is simple: Rinse by hand, machine wash in cool water, and then air dry.
  • Breathable design – prevents sweat buildup
  • Works for everyone – Designed to fit tweens, teens, and women, in UK sizes between 4 and 20
  • Multi-pack – Multi-pack “Cycle Sets” provide savings


What’s Available?

To date, WUKA period panties are available in heavy, light, and tween styles. Adult panties are available for women who wear UK sizes 4 through 20.

Style 1 – WUKA Period Pants – Heavy

This classic midi brief offers a comfortable 4-way stretch. Designed for maximum absorbency on heavy days or overnight, these period panties can hold at least 4 tampons’ worth of fluid. They are suitable for light incontinence leaks and postpartum use, as well. Sized a bit more generously than the average panty, it is available in UK sizes 4 through 20. WUKA recommends choosing a size smaller than usual if you prefer a snug fit.

  • Material: Lenzing® MicroModal fabric, PUL, Polyester, and Absorbent Fabric Blends
  • Colors: Black only
  • Estimated Price: £24.99
  • Customer Reviews: WUKA customers appreciate this style for its comfort and practicality, as well as its ability to absorb a full day’s worth of flow.

“Overall, I was massively impressed with these – I had a slight concern that they might not actually work, but they smashed all my expectations.”

“I like wearing these at night. I prefer them to reusable sanitary towels!”

Style 2 – WUKA Period Pants – Light

The WUKA Light period panty is designed to manage light flow, along with spotting and occasional leaks. Its lightweight appearance belies the fact that it can hold more than one tampons’ worth of fluid. These period panties are available in sizes XS-L, or UK sizes 6 through 16-18. The four-way stretch fabric is forgiving, and the midi-brief style provides comfortable coverage without bulkiness. The manufacturer recommends measuring your hips at the widest point and referring to the size chart to ensure a comfortable fit.

  • Material: Lenzing® MicroModal fabric, PUL, Polyester, and Absorbent Fabric Blends
  • Colors: Black only
  • Estimated Price: £24.99
  • Customer Reviews: WUKA customers like the fact that they can replace pantyliners with these underwear. They appreciate the comfortable coverage, lightweight feel, and overall quality.

“My first impression in donning a pair of WUKA underwear was how comfortable they were.”

“I’ve been doing it differently for the past 26 years and felt it was time for a change. It seemed like a bit of a leap, but we should leap sometimes. I like the way these underwear fit and feel.”

Style 3 – WUKA Tween (9-13)

WUKA Tween period panties are designed for active tween between the ages of 9 and 13, who prefer active lifestyles and want an alternative to pads and tampons. These lean, lightweight period panties can absorb up to 4 tampons’ worth of fluid, keeping wearers comfortable and odor-free all day long, minus problems like slipping and rustling noises. These period panties are available in UK sizes 4 though 8, which correspond with classic tween sizes 9 through 13.

  • Material: Lenzing® MicroModal fabric, PUL, Polyester, and Absorbent Fabric Blends
  • Colors: Black only
  • Estimated Price: £24.99
  • Customer Reviews: Reviewers like the sporty styling of these period panties, which look similar to boyshorts. They get high marks for absorbency and comfort, as well as convenience.

“These are great for my period, I feel comfortable and secure, not at all embarrassed.”

“My daughter has special needs and this time of the month is a bit of a pain but these solved all her problems. No leakage even in first couple of days, and great for night time.”

Customer Feedback

Please look also at the individual customer review summaries for each style of WUKA period panties.

  • New Wuka period pants review


About the Company

WUKA Period panties are designed in the United Kingdom and manufactured in China. The company assures that its workers are protected by oversight, and that they enjoy safe working conditions, fair wages, fair working hours, and appropriate social benefits. UK shipping is free. Worldwide shipping is available for an additional cost.

Ruby is the CEO and Co-Founder of WUKA Wear. She is a passionate environmental scientist who combines her scientific knowledge and passion for lean startup methodology to solve the problems that surround disposable menstrual products.

The Bottom Line

WUKA period panties have only been on the market since 2017, and so far, only a few configurations are available, all in a versatile black color. What these underwear lack in style options, they make up for in performance and comfort. They are wonderfully absorbent, odor-resistant, and leak proof, all in an eco-friendly design that feels fantastic on. Laundering is simple, but you’ll need to take time for air-drying.

Since these period panties can hold an average of 4 tampons’ worth of fluid, they’re ideal for wearing all day or night, completely replacing conventional tampons and sanitary pads. If you’re among the many who want an easy option for absorbing postpartum flow or occasional incontinence leaks, these period panties are definitely an option worth considering.

The company’s ethical stance is admirable, and its pricing is competitive.


Where Can you Buy WUKA Period Pants?

  • Official Website:
  • Prices on Company’s Website:
    £24.99 – £74.97

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  1. Overall Score

    I’ve been using WUKA period pants for a few months now, and absolutely love them and doing my part for the environment – Super comfortable , I actually forget that I am on my period

    + PROS: Absolutely comfortable , absorbs so much of flow
    - CONS: It comes bigger in size, I had to get one size smaller.
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  2. Overall Score

    I’ve never used a cup tbh. Never fancied it. But these WUKA pants are amazing. You can wear one pair all day even on your heaviest. No leakage. I go climbing in mine. Don’t have to worry about changing them. Then just rinse them out and Chuck them in your normal wash. Thank you for bringing amazing product.

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  3. Overall Score

    WUKA is a real game changer. I have looked carefully at your competitors and you have just knocked them out of the park. Great cut, sleek fabric, beautiful mesh detailing and incredible fit. You have not just created a product, you have created a Movement.

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