What is Menophobia (Menstruphobia)?

Menophobia is the fear of menstruation. Just like any other phobia, the symptoms can vary based on personal levels of anxiety. It can also affect someone whether or not they are the one menstruating. Someone with menophobia may have anxiety because they lack the information about menstruation; they may not understand why they’re bleeding, why it isn’t stopping, or what to do. They may fear that it will be painful, or feel like they can’t control their emotions, for example. There may also be a fear of the blood itself, which is called hemophobia.

Others may have had an early traumatic experience that triggered the phobia.

As with all phobias, there is no quick fix treatment or cure for menophobia. If you feel that you suffer from symptoms of this condition, talking to a therapist may help you understand the root of the fear and how to work towards improving it. There are also anti-anxiety medications to help reduce the symptoms, but there are always risks and the anxiety may become worse if the medication is suddenly stopped. Medication alone will likely not be enough to treat the phobia. Please see a medical professional for the best advice regarding your situation.

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