High Capacity Menstrual Cups

Whether you’re looking for a cup for your extremely heavy flow, or seeking a cup to hold you all day with a moderate flow, a “high capacity” cup is generally what works best!

First of all, it depends on how heavy your flow is. Remember, what we sometimes see while using a pad or tampon can be deceiving and is not always as much as we imagine. However, at times, it still can be a lot and a lot to handle!

There have been many cups launched over the past few years with features to combat almost every user’s issue. However, not too many have taken on the challenge of a very heavy flow. For whatever reason this may be, who knows? But, like all things, once you fix up one issue, another can prevent itself. Also, it’s safer, easier, and there is less risk to go with a size and firmness that’s more similar to menstrual cups already established.

When Designing a High Capacity Menstrual Cup, the Following Needs to be Considered:

  • Tweaking a design to make sure the cup is firm enough to open, but soft enough to be comfortable.
  • Long and wide enough to support the capacity, but not too much that it won’t be wearable.



  • The average large-sized menstrual cup holds 30-35 ml to the top of the rim. For most individuals with a heavy flow, this will grant 3-4 hours of protection compared to 1-2 hours using a high absorbency tampon.
  • There are a few cups that hold slightly more than the average 30-35 ml, but not too many that hold over 40 ml and beyond.


Still Searching for Higher Capacity/Wear Time?

The large Venus Cup holds 47 ml to the top of the rim, and the Merula XL holds 50 ml to the top of the rim – both hold much more than the average large-sized menstrual cup.

Before you run out (or jump online) to buy one of these high capacity cups, make sure that the shape, length, or diameter is right for you. Although a high capacity cup may be impressive, if the cup doesn’t feel comfortable or is hard to reach, you might not end up using it. Therefore, something with a bit less capacity might be the right cup.

Cups Worth Mentioning:

The large Casco Cup, large LaliCup, large MyCup, and large XO Flo, all hold 40 ml to the top of the rim. While, the large Tieut holds 42 ml, and the medium & large LuvUr Body hold 43 ml.


I’m Looking for High Capacity! Not Less!

To design a high capacity menstrual cup, one of two things needs to happen in order to hold more than the average cup – adding either width or length. Different companies take different approaches to this design.

Adding length to a cup will make it easier to reach for someone with a medium to high cervix. The Casco Cup, LuvUr Body, and Venus Cup are among these.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t use a high capacity cup if you have a medium to a low cervix, but you might find shorter or rounder cups (with more width), to be more comfortable. Cups such as the LaliCup, MyCup, Tieut, and Merula might be the better option. You can also use our simple comparison tool to see more highly rated and high capacity menstrual cups.

No matter what, at the end of the day, if you have a heavy or moderate flow and need a high capacity menstrual cup, the options are definitely available to you!

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