Heart Felt – Reusable Cloth Menstrual Pads

Heart Felt is an eco-friendly company that produces household goods in addition to cloth menstrual pads. They also distribute the Cerene Menstrual Cup.

Special Features

I once heard the term “menstrual lingerie” used to describe feminine hygiene products, but this is the only pad that seems to come close to living up to that description. These pads have a blue lace pattern on their outer layer.

Heart Felt Pads:

  • Have a layer of charcoal fabric that absorbs liquid and odors
  • Have a top lining with a dark color that doesn’t show stains.
  • Are made as an all-in-one piece; there’s no need to add inserts.
  • Are lined with a breathable PUL leak-resistant layer
  • Have wings that snap for a secure fit


Benefits & Positive Feedbacks:

Customers tend to agree that these pads are very absorbent and comfortable. They also stated that the patterns are awfully cute.

Heart Felt pads are:

  • Soft and absorbent.
  • Breathable and non-irritating.
  • Machine washable, and they come out clean.
  • Supported by great customer service.

“They hold up nicely in the wash and don’t shrink or bunch.” (Amazon.com)

“I wore it to a high impact boot camp and kickboxing class and all was well. Not anymore bunching or adjusting than regular pads.” (Amazon.com)



Downsides & Negative Feedbacks:

A common complaint with PUL-lined pads is that they move around a lot. Heart Felt Pads were no exception to this trend. A few customers complained that there was a chemical smell to the pads when they first received them. Heart Felt does recommend washing the pads before wearing them.

Heart Felt pads:

  • Don’t stay in place well unless wearing tight clothes.
  • Are thicker than some customers would like.
  • May have a “chemical” smell when new.

“I wish they were a little longer. I use them on lighter days.” (Amazon.com)

“These were soft and cute, but didn’t stay in place well. I was constantly adjusting because they would spin sideways.” (Amazon.com)

“Immediately after taking these out of the package I noticed a strong chemical smell.” (Amazon.com)




About the Company

Heart Felt is based in New Zealand and produces natural household goods like wool felt dryer balls as well as cloth diapers and reusable menstrual pads.


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  1. Overall Score

    I love these pads. I bought the XL Heavy Flow pads. They hold a ton of liquid and never feel “squishy”. I have a very heavy flow and usually have to change my pad several times a night as it gets full. The first time I tried this pad, I went a full night during my heaviest flow (weekend=9+ hours) with the one pad with no leaking and no wet feeling. I’ve never been able to do this with any other pad both reusable and disposable. I was so impressed, the next day I was online buying more.

    + PROS: Very absorbent Soft stay-dry pad top No Smell Easy care
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  2. These are my favorite pads I use! I would only suggest that a double snap would make the the best they could be! I would buy these over and over. They do not stain, do not discolor when bleached, and keep my skin dry. I will NEVER go back to disposable pads!

  3. Overall Score

    It sucks. It has low absorbency, travels up my underwear, and is pretty uncomfortable. Pretty easy to clean though, I recommend it for those with ridiculously light periods.

    + PROS: Easy to wash
    - CONS: low capacity, leaks, uncomfortable
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  4. Overall Score

    It’s not very absorbent, and VERY bulky…

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