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Yuuki Sizes and Models

The Yuuki is a menstrual cup that is manufactured in Czech Republic. It is made of Silicon and comes in 4 different sizes/models:
Yuuki Classic
Small (1)
41 mm
67 mm
49 mm
18 mm
18 ml
24 ml
5 /5
5 /5
5 /5
Yuuki Classic
Large (2)
46 mm
74 mm
56 mm
18 mm
28 ml
38 ml
5 /5
5 /5
5 /5
Yuuki Soft
Small (1)
41 mm
67 mm
49 mm
18 mm
18 ml
24 ml
3 /5
3 /5
3 /5
Yuuki Soft
Large (2)
46 mm
74 mm
56 mm
18 mm
28 ml
38 ml
3 /5
3.5 /5
3.5 /5
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Out of the myriad of menstrual cups produced and sold all over the planet, there are very few that have really made their mark on this society. The Yuuki cup, menstrual cup is one of those brands of menstrual cups that has helped make the menstrual cup a remarkable alternative in feminine menstrual care protection.

The Yuuki cup has garnered much attention on the market for providing a viable alternative to the use of sanitary nappies and tampons. It has been produced for years and has already established a large fan-base of customers who feel that there is no better solution for menstrual protection than the highly-acclaimed Yuuki Cup, menstrual cup.


Yuuki Product Ranges, Sizes, and Options

The Yuuki Cup is offered in 3 ranges of products, 2 sizes, and in value kits that contain 1 or more of the Yuuki Menstrual cups in various sizes with sterilization cups, and the special Yuuki menstrual cup cleanser/wash.


Product Ranges:

The Yuuki Cup has 3 product ranges for the better ease of you being able to make the perfect choice in a Yuuki product specifically designed for you.



The economic Yuuki cup range is the least expensive of all of the menstrual cups that Yuuki sells and is the same firmness as the Classic,

however it DOES NOT come with an infuser cup (sterilization container) or instructions (you can download instructions and seek help on the use and care of your Yuuki Cup through their website. The Economic is available in both sizes as well.



The classic Yuuki is the firmer of the two (between Classic and Soft) and is the most popular sold of all the Yuuki menstrual cups.

It comes with instructions, a Yuuki Cup (Size S or L) and with an infuser cup.



From popular demand, the maker of the Yuuki cup designed a model of their classic Yuuki that had a softer finish of silicone.

The Soft Yuuki is the softest of the product range, and is available in both sizes (S and L) and also comes with a full set of instructions and an infuser cup.



The small cup is for young women or teens that have a light to moderate menstrual flow and that have not had a child vaginally.



The large Yuuki cup is for adult women who have had a child or children vaginally or who are more mature sexually.



Other Options and Kits:

The Yuuki, menstrual cup is also available in various packages which combine and can include (2 different or 2 same size) Yuuki cups in Classic and Soft.

Additionally the Yuuki company sells a special wash for the Yuuki cup known as Aquaint Disinfecting water and offers the infusion cup (sterilization cup) separately.


Cleaning The Yuuki Menstrual Cup

Cleaning the Yukki Cup is super easy and if you have ordered the Classic or Soft Yuuki then you most likely have the infuser box which helps you to clean your Yuuki in a snap (If you got the Economy Yuuki you can still purchase an infuser box separately through the vendors that sell the Yuuki menstrual cups).

  1. Fill the Infuser Box with warm water.
  2. Place your Yuuki Cup in the Infuser Box.
  3. Make sure you tighten the lid and close the Infuser Box tightly.
  4. Then place the Infuser Box in the microwave for 5-6 minutes.
  5. Be sure to be careful when removing your Infuser box and Yuuki from the microwave it can be hot- or you may just want to let it sit for a few to cool down.


Yuuki Menstrual Cup- Special Features

After performing extensive research into the Yuuki menstrual cup and what it offers to the consumer in comparison to other similar menstrual products and menstrual cup brands, we found that the Yuuki sets itself apart by boasting many unique features including:

  • Your monetary investment will be returned in 4-7 months of use of the 10 year durable Yuuki cup
  • Explicit detailing of Certifications of safety and use on the Yuuki website confirm that the Yuuki cup is entirely safe for its intended purpose of use.
  • Available conveniently in 3 product ranges for the best experience in comfort and effectiveness.
  • Manufactured by a very reputable company that is a main-stream leader in producing very reliable, high-grade, and superiorly safe products.
  • Designed for comfort, easy use, and to last- so that a person gets the most out of their experience and a great life-time of effectiveness for a reasonable initial investment.
  • The large Yuuki boasts a high-capacity of 42 ml of fluid which is ideal for being used for long-durations of time and for those who experience a very heavy flow.
  • The infuser box that comes with the Classic and Soft Yuuki cup ranges can be interchangeably used as both a carry cup and a sterilizing cup.


Yuuki Menstrual Cup Advantages

The Yuuki, menstrual cup dons a plethora of advantages for females who have tried and still use the Yuuki cup in preference over other menstrual cup types. Here are a few pros and advantages that user testimonials and reviews accounted very clearly about their use and experience with this menstrual cup brand.

The stem on the Yuuki is hollowed out and not solid. The stem on the Yuuki menstrual cup is not solid, instead it is hollowed out which really helps with comfort wearing the cup. Additionally, with the stem being hollow it makes it much simpler to grab and pull for swift and seamless removal.
The form of the Yuuki is incredible for using it – Consumers state that in comparison to other cups like the Lunette, Divacup, Iris cup and femmecup that the form (silicone and firmness) is absolutely ideal for it opening properly to form the protective seal.
No discomfort or pressure on the bladder – Because of the ultra- soft Soft version in the Yuuki cup, people with sensitive bladders can comfortably wear the Yuuki without experiencing bladder irritation and pressure from the cups pressing on the vaginal walls.
The small in the Soft Yuuki is perfect for young teens – Many young teens have reported wearing the soft small size in Yuuki without any discomfort or leak problems. Most think this to be the perfect menstrual cup for girls who are still virgins and that also have just began menstruating.
Painless wear and ideal for women with a high cervix – Many menstrual cups are not ideal for women that have been born with a high cervix. However those reviewers who have a high cervix say that the Yuuki is painless, easy to insert and remove, and that either size and product range can be easily used and result in a positive experience.
Consumers Love the fact you can order the Yuuki kit in two different ranges and sizes – Consumers of the Yuuki, get the most out of their Yuuki because the Yuuki company offers their cups in duos of product ranges and sizes- so that a consumer can try two sizes. Customers seem to comment that both sizes work and can be interchanged according to flow, and time used for the perfect menstrual experience.

Yuuki Menstrual Cup Disadvantages

Cup fit not right, leaks, too hard – bad experience: Of all the comments that I looked at on the Yuuki, there were only a few (and I mean very few) that were rated poorly. The common in these negative reviews of the Yuuki were intertwined with the fit of the cup, experiencing leakage, or the cup’s firmness being too “hard.”

*The Yuuki cup is available in duo packs so that a person can experience both sizes- this can help a person find the right size without making too many extra purchases. In addition, leaks are commonly reported with every menstrual cup brand which can be attributed to not inserting it properly (so the cup forms a seal) or that a person selected too small or too large of size. Lastly, for those who say the cup is too hard- now Yuuki has taken the comments in stride and designed a softer form of the classic Yuuki that is silky smooth, petite, and pliable.


Yuuki Customer Reviews and Ratings

“As it turns out, the Yuuki is AMAZING. It is SO much easier to insert (even when dry!) than the Diva Cup and the second I let go of the folded cup—POP! it’s open!” (Amazon.com)

“This thing is amazing. Now that I own it, I do notice a distinct difference in the texture of this cup compared to the Diva Cup. It’s much “slicker”. And the rim does seem ever so slightly larger, but I have zero pain inserting it and I am so relieved to now have a cup I know is 100% open all the time. (Because not having it totally open is the #1 cause of leakage.” (Amazon.com)

“You can wear it all day, no leaks! The cup was easy to clean, I really like the suction holes and the hollow stem is also a lot easier to clean than I thought. This cup surprised me! I love it & I would recommend it to younger women with extremely heavy periods.” (Amazon.com)



Yuuki Menstrual Cup FAQS

As with any product that you are searching and shopping for, there may be some questions that you need answered before committing to a purchase. We have addressed some of the common questions associated with the Yuuki Cup that may help you to make a solid decision on whether it may just be the best menstrual cup option for you.
Can I still use the Yuuki Cup if I wear acrylic or have long nails?

Yes, most certainly. You may have to be extra cautious when inserting and removing the Yuuki cup if you have long nails or acrylics, however it is perfectly safe. You should also make sure to always wash your hands before and after inserting and removing the Yuuki cup to prevent bacteria from transferring.

Can I share and use my Yuuki cup with another woman to save money?

No. It is understood that in certain parts of the world, the menstrual cup can not be afforded for ever woman. But the Yuuki maker suggests that it is very unsanitary to share another reusable menstrual cup with another woman, because it can contribute to the spread and transmission of some diseases.

If there is no running water near that I can wash my cup with- how do I clean my cup?

If there is no running water where you are at the point you have to empty your cup. Use a dry cloth, or wipe, or anything clean to wipe your cup out until you can sterilize or wash your cup with soap and water.

Is the cup safe to use if I have endometriosis?

There is no danger or risk in wearing a menstrual cup if you have endometriosis. Many women report having less pain during menstruation while wearing the Yuuki cup.

Can I wear the cup in the shower or bath, and while swimming?

Yes, the Yuuki cup is completely safe to wear while taking a shower, or having a bath or even swimming.

How does the Yuuki cup stay in place or position?

The Yuuki cup is made to cup at just before the cervix so that it opens and forms a seal that fixates the placement. It should not slide or move while wearing it.

Do you have any suggestions on helping me to insert my Yuuki Cup easier?

To better insert your Yuuki cup, you can practice a few times to see what works and what doesn’t and if you are finding that it is not lubricated enough you can opt for a safe lubricant to help slide it into place easier.

Can the Yuuki cup be used for post-natal (right after having a baby) bleeding?

No, the Yuuki cup should not be used for any post-natal bleeding as it can pose a risk for added infection and is not recommended by physicians.

Is the Yuuki Cup delivered in a discreet fashion?

Absolutely, yes. The Yuuki cup is packaged very discreetly so that no one will know what the product is when you receive it in the mail.

What is the best way to store the cup so it lasts the longest possible?

There is an infusion cup included with most purchases of the Classic and Soft cup, you can use it to store your Yuuki cup in, or you can wash and place your Yuuki cup when not in use in a cloth bag. Make certain you keep your Yuuki in a cool, dry place to assure its longevity and effectiveness.



Yuuki Cup Company Profile and Info

The company that manufactures the Yuuki cup is Czech-EU based company (BETA obchodní společnost, s. r. o) that operates in the Czech Republic. It has been making the Yuuki cup for some time and also now makes the Yuuki menstrual cup in 3 different grades of firmness out of Silopren LSR 4050 (a specific medical grade silicone manufactured by the German-based Momentive company.)

The BETA obchodní společnost, s. r. o. company is best known as the Yuuki menstrual cup maker, and is a big contender as the leading menstrual cup brand throughout countries overseas. The Yuuki cup and other like products produced by BETA obchodní společnost, s. r. o. are well-documented for safety, quality, and effectiveness through intense monitoring, certifications, and production standards.


Yuuki Menstrual Cup- Bottom Line

The Yuuki Cup offers a variety of options that make it easy to find the perfect fit, size, protection, comfort level, and effectiveness from a purely-certified menstrual cup. It is affordable priced to sell, openly available online and off, and notably remiss from other common menstrual cup adversities.

The Yuuki has become trusted by women who have been using it for years, and also by new consumers who have discovered that the Yuuki Cup’s advantages are difficult to find in other brands and makes of menstrual cups.




Where to Buy the Yuuki Menstrual Cup

Vendors all over the world affiliate and sell the Yuuki menstrual cup. Although we do review all sorts of menstrual cup, we are not an official affiliate or retailer of any of these menstrual cups. If you would like to purchase the Yuuki Menstrual cup and want to try it for yourself to discover what the Yuuki cup can do for you- then here are some trusted online sources (at the top of this page) where you will find the Yuuki cup.

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  1. Overall Score

    I love my yuuki cups. It was really nice to be able to purchase a classic and a firm in the same size together. As an experienced cup user, I know what size I needed but I wasn’t sure what firmness I’d like better. Turns out, I really like them both. I use the classic (the firmer cup) when working out and it holds up very well. Haven’t experienced any leaks. Both cups are very comfortable (can’t feel them at all) and the capacity is wonderful. Even on my heavy days I can go a full 12 hours between changes. The cup would even hold more, but I empty after 12 hrs because its suggested for safety. I’ve tried/used many different menstrual cups and some soft cups are very difficult to get open. The yuuki soft isn’t one of those. It is still firm enough to pop open and seal without too much manipulation. I just got a rainbow version but haven’t had a chance to try it yet. I’m hopeful that it will work just as well as the classic and the soft. This cup is best used by someone with a high cervix because it is quite long. Even the small is longer than a lot of cups on the market and I can’t imagine it would work for someone with a low cervix.

    + PROS: capacity, firmness, ease of use
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  2. Overall Score

    I love it almost perfect!

    + PROS: No leak doing sport
    - CONS: Small pain while removing
    Helpful(1) Unhelpful(0)You have already voted this
  3. Overall Score

    I switched from Lena Cups to Yuuki Cups and I’ll never go back!

    + PROS: Firm, opens easily, simple, mess free, 12 hour protection, comfortable
    - CONS: Literally none!
    Helpful(1) Unhelpful(0)You have already voted this
  4. Overall Score

    I have been using this cup since september 2016 which means I’ve been using it for over a year now and I couldn’t be happier with my yuuki menstrual cup.
    Before I got the yuuki cup I had a MeLuna. Unfortunately I had a very tough time getting the cup to open once it was inside. It was a size M classic firmness. I’d spend 30 mins or so to get the cup to open but it would remain folded and turning and twisting wouldn’t help. After 2-3 months I noticed the cup would get squished and would start leaking. I tried another MeLuna cup in size S. There was a small improvement but after a while this cup’s seal would also break and start leaking. I wrote the company and they told me I should try it again with the M size because there was a learning curve to it and there would be a small chance I needed a firmer cup (MeLuna Sport) however I should definitely first try it with the M size again before getting another cup.
    However, I decided to get another brand of cup as I had grown tired of the constant leaking and hours spent trying to get the cup to open up. I had read somewhere that yuuki cup was one of the firmest cups out there. So, I decided to give it a shot and I must say I couldn’t be more satisfied. The fit is perfect, I almost have no leaks at all. The only times I experienced some leakage was when I hadn’t inserted the cup fully before opening it and I could actually tell there was no tight seal. The cup opens up instantly without any effort and it doesn’t get crushed if you have stronger vaginal muscles. The cup’s capacity is good for a medium flow. On my heaviest day I can go 10 hours without emptying the cup which gets me through the day.

    + PROS: Pops up easily without much effort Seal is easily broken without discomfort Doesn't get squashed or deformed like softer cups so the seal remains intact Doesn't ride up a lot like softer cups Fits perfectly for higher cervix
    - CONS: Can feel a bit stiff on lighter flow days Stem is very long and might need trimming
    Helpful(7) Unhelpful(0)You have already voted this
  5. Overall Score

    This cup is one of my favorites. It’s comfortable, and holds a lot.

    + PROS: Comfortable High capacity
    - CONS: Price
    Helpful(2) Unhelpful(0)You have already voted this
  6. Overall Score

    I have the Yuuki small and large cup in soft. I love these cups, they are my favorite. I use the small on light days and the large for heavy days. I also have the Lolacup in small and large but I prefer the Yuuki cups because they are firmer, I feel like the Lolacupa are a little too soft and I have more leaks. I do a lot of physical activity and the Yuuki cups are firm enough to stay put during physical activities.

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  7. Overall Score

    I tried a classic and it leaked the first time I used it. It didn’t feel comfortable. Maybe one day I’ll give it another go but I didn’t like it very much

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  8. Overall Score

    My favourite cup (classic). Opens easily, no leakage, feels like it’s not even there after a couple of seconds.

    Helpful(2) Unhelpful(0)You have already voted this
  9. I love the large classic cup as it ensure absolutely not leakage and is able to hold a larger volume, allowing for longer wear. I have the #1 rated cup as well and I always go for the Yuuki cup over the more popular version.

  10. Overall Score

    I love this cup, my favorite one to use. Unlike other cups that I’ve tried in the past, this one pops right open. It comes with a container to disinfect and store the cup.

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