WillowPads – Reusable Menstrual Cloth Pads

WillowPads may be last on this list; however, they’ve made this list because their product is good, they have a vision for a better planet, and they’re customer-satisfaction oriented.

Willow Pads come to us from the Willow Store, a family-owned company guided by a vision of a better future for our planet. Their pads are made from high-quality organic fabrics that they’ve chosen for softness and comfort. WillowPads are a menstrual pad system, not an all-in-one like some other brands. They come with an organic cotton base layer with wings and an organic hemp fabric insert; this way you can adjust the absorbency level to match your flow. The pads with inserts come in two color choices: natural and black. They also offer a line of leak-proof pads that come in a collection of solid colors.

Special Features

WillowPads offers a full range of pads to cover the entire menstrual cycle, from panty liners to maxi sizes for overnight use. The base level, or shell, is made from soft organic cotton flannel. The inserts are made from absorbent natural hemp. Hemp is one of the most ecologically friendly textiles and provides all the comfort and softness of other natural fabrics but is exceptionally durable. The leak-proof pads are all in one and have a waterproof barrier. They have an organic cotton top layer — no hemp.

WillowPads have:

  • An adjustable two-part system of a base layer with inserts
  • No plastic layer; this allows for breathability and comfort
  • A leak-proof option that’s all-in-one with a waterproof layer
  • 100 percent guaranteed with a full one-year warranty
  • A lifetime guarantee on the snaps


Benefits & Positive Feedbacks:

Customers who loved these pads loved them for their eco-friendliness. Even happy reviewers noted that the pads shrink but say that’s to be expected.

Pros of Willow Pads:

  • They’re made from highly renewable resources (organic cotton and hemp)
  • They’re reasonably priced
  • They hold up well over time (just expect some shrinkage the first time they’re washed)
  • The hemp inserts are highly absorbent and even work well on their own as pantyliners

“Saves me a ton of money on throwaway products, and because they are unbleached hemp, I don’t worry about using them every day (as I would with plastic or a bleached product).” (Amazon.com)

“I really love the idea of this more eco-friendly option. So far they have worked way better than regular pads (more absorbent)!” (Amazon.com)


Downsides & Negative Feedbacks:

Some customers complained that the inserts weren’t consistent in size. This could be because this is a family-owned business and the children help out, as the company owner states on their website. Some also said that the pads were too small to be practical for full-period coverage.


  • The inserts are smaller and narrower than other brands’ inserts
  • The sizing of the handmade inserts isn’t always uniform
  • Limited selection of colors

“None of the inserts was the same size when they arrived. They say some shrinkage is normal but, some of these shrank to half their original size.” (Amazon.com)

“I had been expecting these to be longer and wider and then was further disappointed when they shrunk substantially after washing. They still remain useful, especially for light days.” (Amazon.com)



About the Company

WillowPads are part of the Willow Store, a family-owned and -operated business that began in 2005. Catherine Bolden founded the store to contribute to a better future for the planet and her family. Since the Willow Store operates with the “help” of her small children, she states there may be some things that are overlooked. Because of this, she offers a full one year warranty on their products to ensure customer satisfaction.


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