Vcup ® Menstrual Cup – Full Review

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How to use the Vcup

When you first receive your Vcup, you should clean and sterilize it before use. To do that, wash it with mild soap and water, and then boil some water in a pot and lower the Vcup into the water and leave it there for about 10 minutes.

  • Vcup insertion. To insert the Vcup, fold it in half to make it smaller for insertion. Hold the folded cup carefully between your fingers and insert the cup into the vagina. You can do this while sitting, squatting or standing. If you do this while standing, try putting one leg up on the toilet seat. Once the cup is inserted, release it with your fingers and then gently rotate the cup so that it forms a seal.
  • Vcup removal. Wash your hands before removing your Vcup. Try to relax and then with your fingers, squeeze the bottom of the cup to release the seal. You may actually hear the suction release. Gently pull down on the cup to remove it, with a slight back-and-forth rocking motion. Try to hold the cup upright so that you don’t end up spilling its contents during removal. Simply empty your cup into the toilet and flush. Rinse the cup with cold water and reinsert. You could also rinse, wash with warm water and soap before reinserting the cup.
  • Vcup care. During your period, you should care for your Vcup with daily care. Rinse it with cold water, then wash it with hot water and a mild, perfume-free soap. Vcup recommends that you boil their cup once a month for about 5 to 10 minutes in order to sterilize it. Store your Vcup in the cotton bag that came with it.
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