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Tree Hugger cloth pads come in a variety of colors, fabrics, and sizes, all designed to help keep women and girls feeling comfortable while keeping conventional period products out of landfills. They are a small company owned by Crystal Burton, a mom of two. She and her husband Scott started their venture into cloth pads in 2008, after discovering that cloth menstrual pads are an eco-friendly alternative to conventional ones.

This company sets itself apart by using luxurious fabrics in fun colors and prints, plus they partner with WeForest, and plant a tree for every single cloth pantyliner and pad they sell. The company is based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, and produces other eco-friendly products including cloth diapers and nursing pads.

How They Work

These cloth pads are lined with a product called Zorb, which was originally designed for making cloth diapers. Zorb holds plenty of liquid, absorbs fluid quickly, and stays soft and absorbent for years. It dries in about ¼ the time of cotton or bamboo cores, and is non-allergenic.

Like many other cloth pads, Tree Hugger’s designs feature wings with snaps to hold them in place. Simply place them in the crotch of your panties, wrap the wings around the front, and secure the snap. The largest sizes have wider wings with multiple snaps for added security.

Tree Hugger recommends washing its pads once or twice before the first use. After use, they can be laundered and dried along with other garments. There is no special care required. Each pad is designed to last an average of five to ten years.

Do These Cloth Pads Pass the Test?

Not only are Tree Hugger cloth pads soft, absorbent, and comfortable, they come in a vast array of appealing colors and patterns, as well as in sizes to meet your needs on light and heavy days alike. New moms will appreciate these cloth pads for postpartum use as well. For those who prefer an organic reusable cloth pad, the company offers organic undyed bamboo.

The Zorb material inside these pads makes them lighter than some other reusable cloth pad brands, while offering about the same absorbency as a similarly-sized conventional pad. The winged design keeps the pads in place, preventing leaks day and night alike.

How Well Do They Work?

Because they are capable of holding about the same amount of fluid as a similarly sized conventional pad, Tree Hugger cloth pads can replace disposable feminine hygiene products completely or be used as a backup for your menstrual cup.

It’s worth noting that these cloth pads are easier to care for than some other brands. After wear, simply toss them in the laundry. Wash and dry them, then put them away until the next time you need them.

Special Features

  • Made with your choice of comfortable, absorbent fabrics
  • Available in a wide range of colors and sizes
  • Breathable, plastic-free design
  • Easy care
  • Dries faster than the average cloth pad with a cotton or bamboo core
  • Save money by purchasing surprise colors / patterns
  • Ask for an extra snap when ordering if you like; this enhances the fit for narrower underwear


What’s Available?

To date, Tree Hugger reusable cloth pads are available in four different fabric options: Minky, cotton, bamboo, and organic undyed bamboo. Each variety comes in different sizes ranging from pantyliners to night/postpartum pads. Starter sets are available, as are reusable cloth pads for incontinence.

Style 1 – Minky Topped Pads

Tree Hugger Minky cloth pads are made with an upper layer of ultra-soft minky polyester fabric for a luxurious feeling next to your skin. An absorbent Zorb core keeps fluid contained, and a water-resistant fleece backing helps keep leaks at bay. All sizes come with snaps for a secure fit. These pads may be purchased one at a time, or in convenient multiple packs.

  • Materials: Soft Minky polyester top, water-resistant fleece backing, absorbent Zorb liner
  • Sizes: Pantyliner, Light Flow, Heavy Flow, Overnight/Postpartum
  • Colors: multiple
  • Estimated Price: $9.50 – $174.00
  • Customer Reviews: This style is popular for its softness as well as for the many designs available.

“I was lucky enough to receive some of these from a friend after giving birth to my son and oh my!! Sooo comfortable on my very raw and sore lady bits…my friend and I renamed them ‘vagina hugs’ I would recommend the switch to anyone! Also I find them so easy to wash no pre wash or anything necessary, just throw em in… (Atleast my washer doesn’t require it and it’s not a very good washer lol)”

“I honestly wish I had found these sooner. They are so comfy and cute. My favorites are the minky pads. My ten year old daughter is excited to start her period because of these pads. My first order were pads that she picked out for herself. I encourage everyone to make the switch for their comfort, as well as eliminating the trash from our planet. I will only be using cloth from Tree Hugger from here on out.”

Limited Offers:

  • Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 CAN/USA

Style 2 – Cotton Cloth Pads

Tree Hugger Cotton cloth menstrual pads are made with a cool, comfortable 100 percent cotton top. These pads come in a variety of sizes, and feature snapping wings for a secure fit.

  • Material: 100 percent cotton top, Zorb core, water-resistant fleece backing
  • Sizes: Pantyliner, Light Flow, Heavy Flow, Overnight/Postpartum
  • Colors: multiple
  • Estimated Price: $9.50 – $174.00
  • Customer Reviews: Cotton Pads get lots of excited comments from customers who love the adorable patterns, as well as from those who appreciate the cool, comfortable feel, particularly during hot summer weather.

“Great quality pads, so comfortable and with tons of super cute prints! Also great customer service and I always love to support family owned businesses rather than large corporations. Love tree hugger cloth pads and would highly recommend to anyone looking to reduce their environmental impact while increasing their comfort!”

“I was hesitant to try reusable pads as I was unsure with how it’ll hold my flow. Most of December I actually waited till the day came to actually take the pad on a test drive. I was very surprised with how much it could hold with its leak lock protection, how soft it was, and how clean it got without any stains after washing it by hand! During “Sharkweek”, I made the transition to using the pad more vs the remainig disposables I had kicking around. I made the decision after to make a purchase online through the Tree Hugger Cloth Pad website to get the 3pk so I’d be good to go for the next time. There’s a lot of prints to choose from for just about everyone! I don’t think I’ll go back to disposabe pads or tampons anymore.”

Limited Offers:

  • Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 CAN/USA

Style 3 – Bamboo Cloth Pads

Hand-dyed organic bamboo cloth pads offer a combination of fantastic colors and the soft, smooth feel of bamboo velour. These pads come in a variety of sizes, all with snaps to hold the wings closed.

  • Material: Organic hand-dyed bamboo velour top, Zorb core, water-resistant fleece backing
  • Sizes: Pantyliner, Light Flow, Heavy Flow, Overnight/Postpartum
  • Colors: multiple
  • Estimated Price: $13.50 – $35.00
  • Customer Reviews: Reviewers like the soft, luxurious feel of these bamboo cloth pads, as well as the absorbency and comfort.

“I love Tree Hugger Cloth Pads! If you are thinking about making the switch to cloth pads Tree Hugger Cloth Pads are the Best! Comfy, cute designs and so easy to wash!
An incredible bonus is that a tree is planted for every pad sold!”

“I have been using these for over 5 years now, they’re better for you and better for the environment.”

Limited Offers:

  • Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 CAN/USA

Style 4 – Undyed Organic Bamboo Cloth Pads

Soft, comfortable undyed organic bamboo fabric makes these pads a luxurious and eco-friendly alternative to conventional period products. Snapping wings keep the pads in place.

  • Material: Organic undyed bamboo velour top, Zorb core, water-resistant fleece backing
  • Sizes: Pantyliner, Light Flow, Heavy Flow, Overnight/Postpartum
  • Colors: Natural
  • Estimated Price: $34 – $204
  • Customer Reviews: Women who want a dye-free alternative appreciate these pads not just for their quality, but for their comfort as well.

“Great pads! They are very good quality and customer service is awesome!”

“I’m pretty sure I never saw myself trying reusable pads, I sure wish I’d learned about them sooner. I have converted both my girls and my sister. I can’t say enough about the quality of Tree Hugger Cloth Pads and Crystal is absolutely amazing.”

“I have been using Treehugger Cloth Pads for quite awhile now, and I always buy from Crystal. I like supporting a Canadian mom and I love not using disposables. Disposables made me itchy and it was a continuous cost and continuous landfill garbage. Just makes sense to go back to the real ways. I like wearing something soft and comfy, cuts down on symptoms like cramps by a lot, I’m not wearing chemicals, and it washes out so effortlessly and I can reuse them. I even have a whole stash for my daughter when it becomes her turn. Treehuggers is definitely reliable and their pads are well made, they have stood the test of time!”

Limited Offers:

  • Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 CAN/USA


Customer Feedback


Please also look at the individual customer review summaries for each style of Tree Hugger cloth pads.


About the Company

Tree Hugger has been making reusable cloth pads since 2008, with a strong commitment to the environment as well as its workers. Customer service is excellent, and multi-packs and “surprise” color packs help customers save money on the products they want.

Besides offering environmentally friendly products, Tree Hugger employs work-at-home individuals to manufacture period panties, so no one is exploited and there’s no commuting to add to the company’s carbon footprint. Workers can spend a few hours per week making reusable cloth pads, or they can work as much as they need to in order to fulfill financial commitments and goals. The fabric used in Tree Hugger’s bamboo cloth pads is dyed by work-at-home entrepreneurs as well.

The Bottom Line

Tree Hugger reusable cloth pads are well-made by skilled seamstresses who work from the comfort of their own homes according to a schedule that suits their needs. The company offers a full line of products that absorb your flow at about the same rate as similarly-sized conventional pads, minus the plastic packaging and components that traditional period products add to landfills.

Not only are these products ecologically sound, they’re also comfortable – so much so that they’re often described as luxurious! If you’re looking for a way to treat yourself to added comfort during those times when your body craves special care, then your search may be over with Tree Hugger pads.

Since these pads lack plastic, they can leak if they are not changed regularly. The company advises that it’s a good idea to change them as often as you change your conventional pads, and mentions that by doing so, you can be confident that your clothing will be well-protected.

Many manufacturers call for special care for their reusable cloth pads. These are different. You can simply toss them in the laundry, wash them, and dry them. There’s no need to hand-launder them, and the Zorb cores make for fast drying.

These pads have an excellent reputation for longevity. They are designed to last for an average of five to ten years. While the initial investment is a bit more than you’ll pay for conventional products, it’s in line with average cloth pad prices. At the same time, these pads last longer than some other brands. If you like, you can save quite a bit of money by purchasing a multi pack or letting the company pick your colors for you.

Overall, Tree Hugger cloth pads are sure to be an asset to anyone who wants to replace traditional menstrual products with a comfortable, environmentally-friendly alternative, or who wants a more comfortable solution for dealing with urinary incontinence or heavy postpartum flow.


Where Can you Buy Tree Hugger Cloth Pads?

  • Official Website:
  • Prices on Company’s Website:
    $9.50 – $204.00
  • Limited Offers:
    Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 CAN/USA



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  1. My favorites!

  2. Overall Score

    Great! Love them

    + PROS: 4 types of fabrics to choose from. Competitive pricing Comfortable A tree gets planted for every pad bought.
    - CONS: Only 3 sizes available
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    Love them!

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    They’re okay

    + PROS: Has a good package for starting out
    - CONS: I have soaked through more then once
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    Great product

    + PROS: Great product 3 types of fabric to choose from minky, bamboo or cotton Plus the plant trees with every purchase
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