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Will Their Hidden Powers Work for You?

THINX describe themselves as the underwear with hidden powers. These period panties come in two basic colors— beige and black— and six styles:

  • Hiphugger
  • Hi-waist
  • Sport
  • Boyshort
  • Cheeky
  • Thong

Each style has its own level of absorbency, with HipHuggers being the most absorbent and the Thong being the least absorbent. THINX appears to have an active marketing campaign behind them, and there’s been a flurry of blogger and vlogger video reviews of their products. THINX donates seven reusable cloth menstrual pads to a woman or girl in Africa for every pair of panties you buy. They started that initiative after learning that girls around the world regularly miss school because they don’t have the feminine hygiene supplies they need.


How Do They Work?

THINX are one of the few brands of period panties that can be used to replace pads and tampons. Their most absorbent panties, the Hiphugger, holds up to two tampons worth of fluid. They’re able to do this with four thin layers of fabric, including cotton and a waterproof layer made from PUL. PUL is a type of fabric that’s often used with reusable baby diapers for its ability to prevent leaks.

Style #1 – Hiphugger

Style #2 – Hi-waist

Style #3 – Sport

Style #4 – Boyshort

Style #5 – Cheeky

Style #6 – Thong


You have the option of wearing THINX together with tampons and menstrual cups or on their own, it’s up to you and your particular cycle.



Special Features

THINX look just like regular, high-quality panties and are:

  • Absorbent and moisture-wicking, so you stay dry.
  • Anti-microbial. They’re made from a high-tech fiber that’s treated with silver to keep it hygienic.
  • Machine washable, but must be air dried. Also, don’t use fabric softener on them because that will decrease the absorbency of these menstrual panties.



Customer Feedback

The main user complaints are the price and the dry time. It seems that because of the four layers, these panties take a long time to air dry; some customers complain that they take days to become fully dry, and they aren’t meant to be dried in a machine.

Some women like the idea of being able to use these in place of a pad or menstrual cup, but others think it’s too much of a hassle when it’s time to change to have to take off a panty when changing a pad or cup would be easier.

However, lots of women find that they’re great for extra piece of mind when they’re active and overnight. They’re also perfect to wear in place of a panty liner on light days or days when you’re expecting your period.



About the Company

THINX were invented by a pair of twin sisters and their good friend. They came up with the idea after looking for a solution for the monthly mishaps women worldwide know all too well. THINX panties are made in Sri Lanka, at a family-run factory.



The Bottom Line

THINX are an attractive line of menstrual underwear and women say they’re very comfortable to wear. “I forgot I was even wearing them” is a common remark. The price is somewhat high, but they do provide both absorbency and waterproofing; many other brands only offer one or the other. THINX donates to a good cause, and they offer a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. THINX are a winner when it comes to period panties.


Where Can You Buy THINX?

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  1. Overall Score

    I really love my Thinx leakproof panties. I wear them on their own (no diva cup, tampons, etc). It’s a new concept to me so it is sort of hard to build up the trust at first, I’m still testing the limits.

    My favourite ones are the boyshorts– I wish I had gotten enough to wear those all week long. They look like shorts, rather than undies.. so I just wear them around the house.

    These are my first leakproof panties, and I definitely don’t have any regrets, but I am curious to try out other brands as well.

    + PROS: Comfortable, reliable.
    - CONS: They are a bit expensive, but so is a lifetime of buying pads, tampons and replacing regular underwear that you'd bled into.
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  2. Wanted to try them but was turned off by their feminism and left leaning propaganda. I’ll spend my money with a company that doesn’t push their political agenda on their consumers.

  3. Overall Score

    I like Thinx though there are some issues. I wish they didn’t cost so much.
    I have a light-medium flow (due to Liletta IUD) and don’t need to use tampons or anything else when I wear these.

    + PROS: Good quality fabric Absorbent Variety of style and color options Look good Fit well Comfortable
    - CONS: Expensive Smell bad after a while Difficult to wash Very difficult to dry properly. I think you need to live in the country with good weather where these can hang from a line in the wind and sun.
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  4. Bought these for my teenager and she LOVES them! We just ordered more the only downside is the price. She has never had a leak and she has a pretty heavy flow the first two days.

  5. Overall Score

    I don’t think these are worth the cost. they are $30. 00 a pair a purchased 3 pair its been about 6 month sand they all need to be replaced because eth mesh band has come apart on all of them rendering them useless.

    + PROS: make you feel more secure than regular underwear.
    - CONS: Poor craftsmanship. very expensive.
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  6. I am checking out all these reviews, because after having 7 pairs of Thinx for two years, I have finally decided I need another 7 pair so I can get rid of all my “regular” panties and wear these full time. But, I decided to see what other choices are available. Why? Because why not? I like to do a little market research before spending >$100.

    So in two years of wearing Thinx, I have never been disappointed. I do still wear tampons two days a month, when I can soak a super in just an hour. Where Thinx has come through for me is stress incontinence. I can sneeze or cough and I’m covered. I have a spare in my purse in a watertight container and have only used the backup ONE time at work, when I had been in a first-grade clas sroom all morning and got a coughing fit. The panties were sopping wet by the time I got to the bathroom to change, but there was no leak.

    I haven’t noticed a smell either.

  7. Pretty pricey so I thought it would perform well. I have some leaking and they were really uncomfortable. Disappointed. 🙁 Save your money and pass by these products.

  8. Overall Score

    Very Disappointing. I have very light flow and my mid-day I was leaking and smelling. Not sure what tampons they compare to but definitely not 2 tampons worth. And I want to know whose hips the hip huggers are for. Very uncomfortable.

    + PROS: refund policy good.
    - CONS: Slippery, too low for hip huggers smell not 2 tampons worth Expensive
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  9. Overall Score

    I have had one pair of Thinx black boy shorts for over a year now and they’re wildly comfortable. Also, I’ve never had a leak. Sounds great, right?

    The things is this fabric smells so dang awful that I cannot recommend these to anyone. When I first read the review by an author from the HuffingtonPost mentioning the awful smell of Thinx period panties, I naively assumed the author simply had a funky smell to her, (apologies my dearest damsel! I had no idea. The future me can definitely state now: It’s not us. It’s them!). Furthermore, the smell does NOT go away after washing. It wasn’t something I noticed right away but now that the smell is there, it’s there for life.

    However, I HIGHLY recommend period panties to everybody, so it’s just a matter of finding a fabric that doesn’t leave you questioning everything you ever thought you knew to be true about your own hygiene. I’m pretty excited to try ModiBodi. They too have the boyshorts style that this athlete has grown to love. Plus, because I’ve purchased bamboo socks in the past, I know bamboo fabric really does help “eat” my fella’s foot odor. (Yes, I realize bamboo is not a sustainable fabric like many would believe but regardless, it’s hard to deny the plus sides to it). I didn’t think I had to worry about odor but now that I’m scarred from my expensive Thinx experience, I’m hypervigilant about choosing an odor-reducing fabric.

    Thank you to everybody who has posted. It’s always great to hear other’s experiences, both good, bad, and “meh”.

    + PROS: ~The boy shorts are so comfortable for sleeping in at night or for being active during the day. ~I've never experienced a leak.
    - CONS: ~The smell is outrageously bad with the fabric they use. ~Did I mention the smell? ;-) It's so bad, I can't consciously recommend them to anyone.
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    • You’re absolutely right about the smell. I noticed the funky smell thru my jeans one day. I was horrified and could only pray no one found out where it was coming from. I plan on selling them soon and will buy another pair of modibodis.
      You’ll like Modibodi. I bought one pair and when I took them out of the package, it looked as though they would be way too small, but I tried them on anyway. They fit beautifully and were so comfortable and felt like a second skin.
      Also, because of recent trade deals between the U.S and Australia, there are no more exorbitant fees. I can’t remember if I still had to pay shipping, but the pricing was way down.

  10. Overall Score

    Mine have not arrived yet so my review is solely based on the process of getting them not the actual product. I’m UK based and just had to pay a £13.40 customs charge. So just wanted to warn all my UK friends out there: expect a hefty charge on top of your order. Info think things could place more emphasis on pointing this out to costumers as they’re trying to expand on their European market. A review of the product to follow ( once they finally arrive 1-2 cycles later…)

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