The P-Mate Full Review – Is it Worth a Go?


The P-Mate is a disposable cardboard device that works like a funnel. It’s coated with a fine layer of wax to make it water resistant. This item can help you “stand” to go in places you usually can’t stand to go! Get it?

P-Mates are white with black-and-pink lettering, and they kind of resemble paper airplanes ready to take flight. They are about 9 inches long and 2 inches wide. They fold down the middle so they can lay flat to be carried in a pocket or purse. Ideally, store it in a zip-lock bag so when you’re done using it, you can store it in the bag until you have a chance to dispose of it. This item should never be flushed.

The P-Mate is described as a “urine-directing device.” It’s designed to fit against the female body. Like most pee funnels, you use it by placing it over your body. Aim it downwards, and go. Throw it in the trash or recycle after use.


User Feedback

Many reviewers love this product and appreciate not having to sit on gross public toilet seats or squat bare-assed in the woods. However, a few users complained the corner on some of their P-Mates weren’t securely glued, and a small amount of leakage occurred during use.


Pros vs. Cons


  • Economical
  • Folds flat
  • Discounted for customers in the military


  • Clearly labeled with, “STAND UP AND PEE.” If one of these falls out of your purse, it will be obvious to everyone what it is. Maybe this won’t bother you. Maybe it will.


About the Company:

The P-Mate was created by a Dutch woman named Moon Zijp who realized a need for an item like this during a journey through Indonesia where squat-style toilets are the norm. Living up to their reputation as an open-minded people, a Dutch talk show interviewed Ms. Zijp and actually broadcast her giving a live demonstration of the P-Mate on national television. The P-Mate is distributed in North America by a company called Go Your Way.


Final Say: Is it Worth a Go?

This item is a basic pee funnel at a very good price. The founder has major chutzpah for using the P-Mate live on national television. I’d buy this product just to support such a bad-ass chick. And aside from that, it works.


Where Can You Buy it?

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  1. Overall Score

    They are wonderful. I have tried other brands and “yuk” the kind you have to wash and reuse….none compare. It has made a wonderful change in my life when having to use public restrooms or camping, hiking, etc. It would be great if they could get the price down a little, but still…I buy them because they are a marvelous invention.

    + PROS: freedom to go when and where you need to go without being afraid you would catch some disease.
    - CONS: A little pricey
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  2. Overall Score

    Pros: Disposable
    Cons: it’s like a boat shape that you hold under you, so you have to be careful to angle it right and not move at all while you are going.

    + PROS: Pros: Disposable
    - CONS: Cons: it's like a boat shape that you hold under you, so you have to be careful to angle it right and not move at all while you are going.
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