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The Jade Egg Store sells sets of yoni eggs. Each set contains three yoni eggs: small, medium and large. They’re drilled and arrive with an attached nylon string and an instruction guide on how to use the yoni egg for kegel exercise. These yoni eggs are made from smooth, tumbled semi-precious stones.



  • Only Drilled Yoni Eggs are available
  • Available sizes are:
    • Large: 4.3cm, 2.6oz
    • Medium: 3.9cm, 1.9oz
    • Small: 2.9cm, 1.0oz


Their Products

1. Xiujan Jade Yoni Eggs


2. Rose Quartz Yoni Eggs


3. Black Obsidian Yoni Eggs


4. Natural Jade Yoni Eggs



Customer Reviews

There’s not much, if any, background information available about the Jade Egg Store. However, customers say they’re happy with the quality of these yoni eggs and shipping is fast.


So Where Can You Buy it?

We do not sell The Jade Egg Store Yoni Eggs, only review them. The Jade Egg Store Yoni Eggs can be purchased online discreetly and securely at:

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