The Funny Reactions Pets Have to Our Periods

It’s true that animals have the strongest instincts and senses. The interesting thing is, they can actually pick up when we are menstruating, and they react in the most interesting of ways! Have a pet cat, dog, or even iguana? Then read on!!

Canines – Mind Your Privates!

Let’s start off with dogs. These furry companions, that are usually our best friends, have really sharp noses when it comes to smell – that’s the reason they’re used by the police, as well as soldiers in the army. A dog’s nose has almost 220 million sensors when comparing it to our 5 million sensors. Dogs have been even known to detect early cancer due to their sharp sense of smell. Although they don’t know that we’re busy bleeding into menstrual cups, period panties, organic cotton tampons or reusable menstrual pads, they recognize that we smell different, and will dunk their snouts in our crotches, as well as trash full of used tampons and pads.

Cats – Loving Carers

Cats are also highly intuitive, and have a sharp sense of smell. However, their intuition is very interesting, as many of them will detect the change in hormones through our smell. They will often also detect that we are in pain, if we are holding our stomachs while cramping, or even crying due to the pain. Many times, they will just snuggle up close to us, so that they can make us feel better. Often, they will lie on our stomachs, purr and give us comfort – I know mine does!

Rats, Hamsters and Mice – No Worry, No Fuss

Rats, hamsters and mice aren’t the perfect pets for everyone but they are actually incredibly intelligent, cute and are able to form a loving bond with us. These animals have a really strong sense of smell, especially when compared to their sense of sight. Though, these furry little creatures don’t really react much when we have our periods.

Birds – No Need for Surprise

Similar to the rodents above, birds (whether they’re parrots, parakeets, canaries, or any other type you may have) don’t have a strong sense of smell, and are rather indifferent to our periods since they don’t pick up on them at all.

Reptiles – Don’t Get a Fright

You may own a snake, or even a bearded dragon, but if you own a male iguana, you really need to stay away from it while menstruating. Even though these cute reptiles are normally peaceful and calm, when menstruating, male iguanas have been known to attack their female owners!

This is because our pheromonal odors change when we menstruate. Certain male iguanas get really aggressive with these pheromonal changes – especially when looking them directly in their eyes.

Melissa Kaplan is the author of the book Iguana for Dummies and explains (now don’t get a fright!) that not only do male iguanas attack their female owners during menstruation, but they even try and MATE with them!!! This is because certain iguanas have special organs that actually have the power to detect our hormones while menstruating. Therefore, they often “feel” they have found a mate – the female owners that love them!

Just a note that snakes can also detect menstruation through their sense of smell!

Fish – Think Twice Before Taking a Dip in the Ocean

Although you will never own this pet – a shark is classified as a fish, and you really need to stay out of the water when you’re bleeding – especially in the Indian Ocean of Durban in the province Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa where great white sharks are prevalent, as well as in Australia’s and Florida’s oceans where there have been many shark attacks. 


Well, we certainly love our pets, and they do bring us a lot of comfort, so when you’re menstruating next, hug your dog, cuddle up with your cat, but don’t even think about playing with your male iguana – or you might get a VERY nasty surprise!!!

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