The 5 Best Menstrual Products You Need to Know About in 2023

Most of us women experience our period once every single month. That means we need to be prepared when it comes, with either menstrual pads, tampons, cups, and more! There are so many different menstrual products out there, we need to know what’s best to use when the crimson tide appears. Here’s a comprehensive list of the 5 best menstrual products to use in 2023, when it’s that time of the month!

1. Menstrual Cup – Venus Cup

As many women found out in 2020, the year of the Covid-19 pandemic, it wasn’t always easy getting out to go to the shops to buy tampons and pads due to strict lockdown rules. That’s where menstrual cups came in handy – all they needed was a wash, and they could be used a multiple number of times.

I like the Venus Cup because it sits so nicely in the vagina. It’s safe to use as it’s made of 100% medical grade silicone which you can wash over and over again. It’s comfortable and also comes in two sizes – so you’re able to try out both and see which one fits right. It also has one of the biggest capacities on the market, allowing you to do your own thing without having to change it constantly throughout the day. It is a very popular cup, and many women love using it. If you want to start using menstrual cups, this is the one to go for!

2. Period Panties – Flux Undies

Although many are skeptical about using period panties, they actually work really well! It just depends what pair of panties you are wearing in correlation to the day of your period. In other words, whether you are just spotting, or having a light or heavy flow.

Flux Undies are hugely popular, and consist of four layers of technical fabric designed to protect you from spills and leakages. They also hold up to four tampons worth of menstrual fluid. They are fun, as they come in different styles and colors, and are free from harmful chemicals, meaning they’re safe to wear. These are a wonderful choice, so choose your style and color today!

3. Reusable Pads – Tree Hugger Cloth Pads

Reusable pads are a wonderful alternative to regular sanitary pads, as regular sanitary pads are so environmentally unfriendly. They also cut a lot into your pocket, as you need to keep on purchasing one or two packs every single month. They’re also not so comfortable, as they can be very bulky, and sometimes even stick to your pubic hair.

That’s where reusable pads come in! One of the best brands I have found is Tree Hugger Cloth Pads. As you can tell by the name, it is very centered around an eco-friendly mindset. The company actually partners with WeForest, and plants a tree for every cloth pantyliner and pad sold. The company also makes cloth diapers and nursing pads. The cloth pads are made of luxurious fabrics in many colors and prints in different sizes.

4. Organic Cotton Tampons – Natracare Organic Tampons

Millions of women today use regular tampons – but did you know they’re not 100% safe to use. Most are made of chemicals that aren’t meant to be infused in your menstrual blood, and women have actually got infections over the years from using regular tampons that didn’t agree with them.

That’s where organic cotton tampons come in. They don’t have harmful toxins, and are safe to use during your period. A great brand to use is Natracare Organic Tampons. Natracare has been around since 1989 and produced the first ever certified organic cotton tampons. Their tampons are nice and soft, and made of biodegradable materials, and the applicator is even made out of cardboard. They consist of 100% organic cotton, are free from any plastic, have no chlorine inside, don’t shed inside the vagina (this is great news, as it reduces the risk of bacterial infections), offer applicator-free tampons, and come in regular, super and super plus sizes.

5. Menstrual Discs – The Lumma “Unique” Menstrual Disc

Menstrual discs are designed so that you can have penetrative sexual intercourse while still having a “container” in place to catch all your menstrual fluid. If you enjoy having sex during your period, and many women do, as hormones are raging during this time, then you may want to consider a menstrual disc.

First launched in Brazil, the Lumma “Unique” Menstrual Disc is the only one of its kind to be offered in more than one size. It is also available in different colors. It even has a long, thin stem attached to it, so you can locate it and pull it out easily. It is made of reusable silicone, and is one of the best menstrual discs on the market today!

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