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  • Official Website: TamponTribe.com
  • Prices on Company’s Website: $10.00/month
  • Promotions: Exclusive 15% off coupon code: MCR15

There aren’t many plastic-free tampons out there, but they’re getting easier to find. Tampon Tribe sets itself apart by offering organic tampons that also happen to be completely free from any plastic. Curious? Keep on reading for a full review.


About Tampon Tribe

Tampon Tribe is an American company based in Southern California. They’re on a mission to make organic feminine hygiene products accessible to everyone while doing the best they can for our planet. Since the average woman who uses plastic-laden tampons goes through more than 7,000 tampons throughout her lifetime, everyone who switches from plastic to biodegradable tampons makes a difference.

Unlike traditional tampons, these products aren’t sold in stores. Instead, they are offered via a monthly subscription. You can order one month at a time or go with a multi-month subscription. You decide when to have your monthly order delivered, and it arrives right on schedule.

Tampon Tribe doesn’t stop at working toward better convenience and greater sustainability. For every month of biodegradable tampons or pads purchased by consumers, the company helps homeless women by donating one day pack of feminine hygiene products per month.


What’s Available?

Tampon Tribe offers a full lineup of environmentally safe and organic feminine hygiene products including pads, pantyliner, menstrual cups, and of course, tampons. This review focuses on Tampon Tribe tampons. If you’d like to learn more about the company’s pads, be sure to pop over to the Tampon Tribe organic pads review next.

How they Work

There’s absolutely nothing weird about Tampon Tribe’s tampons. They work the same as other applicator-style tampons, minus the plastics and chemicals. Just rip open the package, position the tampon, and discard the applicator afterward. If you’d like to compost the applicators and packages you can do so safely. Just like the organic cotton tampons inside, they’re completely biodegradable and healthy for our earth.

Do These Tampons Pass the Test?

Tampon Tribe did a great job with designing organic tampons that manage to be comfortable, absorbent, and way better for your body as well as for the planet.

These tampons are made with 100 percent GOTS certified organic cotton. There are no toxins built in, and no chlorine bleach is used during the manufacturing process. The absorbent cores are wrapped in a safety layer that ensures no fibers are left inside your body.

The twist applicators are made with smooth biodegradable cardboard. The round-end tip is shaped for your comfort, and the entire tampon is wrapped in biodegradable paper.

It’s worth noting here that a few reviewers did have some trouble learning how to use the unique twist applicator, attempting to simply push the lower section of the applicator into the upper segment.

Unlike tampons with plastic applicators, these arrive fully extended. During the application process, twist the stem of the applicator one way and turn the body of the applicator the other way. If you decide to try these tampons, you’ll want to pay special attention to the application process to ensure that you have a smooth, trouble-free experience.

Because these tampons don’t contain chemical-laden superabsorbents, they do need to be changed more often than other brands.

Users receive a jute bag with their first month’s subscription. Monthly refills are wrapped in recycled paper, so there’s even less waste. There’s even a plastic-free shipping option for those who want to reduce their environmental footprint even further.


  • Viscose free
  • Dioxin free
  • Super-absorbent free
  • Herbicide free
  • Pesticide free
  • Toxin free
  • Plastic-free

Tampon Tribe tampons come in three sizes: Regular, super, and super plus. Users can customize their orders with all one size, or mix and match multiple sizes. If you want pads and/or pantiliners, you can go for the “mashup” option, which allows you to customize your monthly order with a variety of organic, biodegradable menstrual products.

Customer Reviews

Tampon Tribe users are overwhelmingly satisfied with these organic cotton tampons, mentioning just a couple of minor drawbacks from time to time. We encourage you to visit the company and check out Tampon Tribe’s reviews for yourself; in the meantime, here’s a sampling:

“I didn’t have harsh cramps with these like I do with regular tampons.”

“I like the tampons so far; they seem to be a step above another brand of organic tampon I have used.
I used them this past week while backpacking in the Adirondacks and they were very comfortable. Grateful to be able to purchase such a product.
Caveat- though cute and part of the marketing I feel the burlap bags are unnecessary (but preferred to more paper or plastic packaging).”

“I LOVE these tampons! I have been using them for over a year and am extremely happy. I am grateful to have an affordable option to keeping my body healthy and making a real difference for our planet. Thank you Tampon Tribe!”

“I love them! The fact that I can choose the number of each type of tampon I need during my cycle is amazing! Plus I enjoy the convenience of having my tampons delivered to me right before my cycle starts. The relief of knowing that the tampons are made of just cotton are a plus and “V” friendly.”

The Bottom Line

Even though there’s a slight learning curve and it might take a little time to accustom yourself to more frequent tampon changes, this product has a lot of great things going for it. The tampons are comfortable, environmentally friendly, better for your body than chemical-filled options, and completely biodegradable. If composting is your thing, you’ll love the fact that all components can be turned into healthy soil for your flowerbeds.

Where Can you Buy Tampon Tribe Organic Tampons?

  • Official Website: TamponTribe.com
  • Prices on Company’s Website: $10/month
  • Promotions: Exclusive 15% off coupon code: MCR15
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