Syncing Your Menstrual Cycle with the Phases of the Moon

For centuries people have been fascinated with the moon. In many cultures, religions and myths, there is a god or goddess that represents the moon. In Roman mythology, Diana is the virgin goddess of the moon and fertility – she protects childbirth.

In fact, there are so many gods and goddesses of the moon!

It is also known that the moon exerts a gravitational pull on the Earth, so much so that it affects the ocean and the tides. Since it has such an effect on the oceans of the planet, it only makes sense that it affects our bodies, our blood and our periods too!

Astrologers even warn about having operations on the full moon. They discourage them as it causes more bleeding on the operating table!

Farmers use the phases of the moon to know when to plant their crops, and even knowledgeable hairdressers know when the best times are to cut hair according to the moon. For instance, it is not wise to cut hair on a full moon or when it is waning, if you want thick luscious hair! 

The point of all of this, is that the moon definitely affects us in more ways than imaginable. It is also very well known that many women get their period on a full moon.

It’s quite surprising, but there are actual ways to sync your menstrual cycle with the moon, and here they are:

1. Bathe in the Moonlight

When the moon is bright and full, go and stand in its light for at least 15 minutes. The Native American women used to separate themselves from the men during menstruation, and get together with the other women in their tribe in a “moon lodge.” They would tap into all their feminine energy during the new moon. Standing in the full moon and syncing it with your menstrual cycle works especially well when the moon falls into the sign of Taurus (the Moon is exalted in this sign) or Cancer (rules the moon).

A great idea is to get together with a bunch of girlfriends and do this as a ritual, in a circle together where you can dance and let the energy of the moon pour over every month.  

2. Internalize During the New Moon

You can help your menstrual cycle sync with the moon by honoring its energy. Once it is in sync, estrogen increases between the new and full moon, and this results in ovulation when it is the full moon.  It is important to eat right, honor the body, and it is even advised to not have sex during your period, especially when the moon is full. The reason for this is that blood should be released downwards, as this is its natural energy flow. That is why a menstrual cup works so well, as it collects all your menstrual blood as it flows downwards, it is just so natural! When you have sex during your period, blood is pushed back in, and this can mess with your natural menstrual cycle and flow of energy.

3. Wear a Moonstone Crystal and a Pearl Necklace

A natural way to help your natural flow of your menstrual cycle is to wear a moonstone crystal around your neck. This special crystal should be energized outside under the new and full moon overnight for at least 4 hours. This will re-energize it and when you place it on your skin, it will help sync your menstrual cycle. Also place your pearl necklace outside for the moon to re-energize it.

4. Eat Special Food Relating to the Moon

It’s important to eat as many fruits and vegetables as possible, especially during a new and full moon. Rich bulbous plants like beetroot, sweet potatoes, as well as turnips, and carrots are great. Eat whatever has the highest water content, as this will help flush the body and make it feel well and connected to the moon. Avoid spicy food, and food with too much sugar and salt.

5. Go to the Ocean

On a new and full moon spend time by the ocean. Take a blanket with at night, put it on the sand and listen to the rhythm of the ocean, breathing in and out. Spend time closing your eyes, meditating and listening to the sound that the gravitational pull of the ocean creates. Collect shells and bring it home, placing it in a container next to a white candle that you can light, and keep moonstone crystals nearby.  

Pay Attention to the Color, Cycle Length, Quantity and Quality of Your Period

You really need to look at certain properties of your period to know if it is healthy. If you’re having a normal, regular period, there will be blood, and a few little blood clots. If it is brown or black, don’t get a fright – this just means that this blood is old and lacks oxygenation. Sometimes you’ll see brown blood at the end and beginning of your period. However, if you see brown blood all throughout your period, there is a stagnation of energy and optimal health. It needs to come out of you for 3 to 5 days so that when you bleed again, healthy red blood will flow. Bathe in the moonlight and wear your crystals, and the moon’s energy should sync with your menstrual cycle.


The wolves may howl at the moon, and man may even have stepped on the moon, but the moon will always call out to the feminine and a woman’s body. Once you have your menstrual cycle regulated according to the phases of the moon, you’ll know that it is healthier, and the energy flowing inside is what it should be!

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