Sckoon Organic – Reusable Menstrual Cloth Pads

If you like lots of choices, Sckoon might be the reusable menstrual pad makers for you. Founded in 2002, Sckoon produces a menstrual cup that’s available in a rainbow of colors. They also offer loads of colorful options for their organic cloth pads. First, decide if you want waterproof or breathable pads. Then you get to choose your size. Finally, you’ve made it to the fun part: selecting your favorite print! Sckoon offers a wide selection of lovely, girly prints that you can choose from.

There’s also an assortment of value sets available on their website where you can get a discount off the individual prices of the pads.

Special Features

All of Sckoon’s pads are made from certified organic cotton. The no-leak and breathable pads are made from the same fabric, except the no-leak pads have a leak-proof polyurethane sheet as a base layer. They have a unique design in that the pad inserts are held in place with two straps.

Their pads also:

  • Are available in three sizes (Mini, Day and Maxi)
  • Come with two liner inserts so you can adjust the level of absorption
  • Have wings with nickel-free snaps to prevent allergic reactions
  • Can be stored in matching, leak-proof carrying pouches
  • Are made to last from six to eight years


Benefits & Positive Feedbacks:

Most users report that these pads absorb very well and are comfortable. They also love the wide selection of prints.

“Very comfy, easy to use, shipped quickly, arrived in great condition. I thought these wouldn’t hold very much (I am a heavy bleeder) but I put two liners in at night and have never woke up to a leak!” (

“I own several pads from other brands, but Sckoon is my favorite because it’s the softest of all and I never had a leak with it because it’s so absorbent.” (


Downsides & Negative Feedbacks:

Customers have a complaint that’s common to pads with inserts: they tend to bunch up. Some people also had issues with the bands that hold the inserts in place.

“Too bunchy and wonky after first washing- going with another all in one brand for my next try.” (

“This is the weirdest idea I have ever seen for non-disposable pads. The inserts go under the straps, and the straps go toward the body. How do you keep the straps from rubbing delicate skin and more important, how in the world do you expect to use another liner when the straps are messy on the holder?” (



About the Company

Sckoon Organics has been in business for over 10 years. In addition to SckoonPads and the SckoonCup, they also make organic cotton baby clothes, cloth diapers and quirky items like a kimono for your dog! Their products are distributed in nearly 40 countries and 2300 stores and growing. Sckoon Pads are made in India at Sckoon’s fair trade factory, but all orders ship out from Miami, Florida.

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