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Maximum Protection! Built-in absorbent liner to collect your period flow immediately!

Ruby Love period underwear are made with love and care. Their curved gusset design is made to fit securely and keep you dry, comfortable, protected and leak-free all day.

All of the products are washable and reusable. Depending on your flow, the built-in liner can be worn alone or with their double-sided reusable pad, tampon, liner or menstrual cup for additional protection on your heaviest days.

In addition to their period underwear for teens and women, they also offer a full line of swimwear, leggings and sleepwear with built-in backup protection and pad-securing pockets.

RubyLove Period Pants: How They Work

These period underwear have a built-in, 100% organic cotton absorbent liner and a curved gusset that angles perfectly and collects your flow immediately to eliminate side, front, or back leaks. It’s the only period underwear that really can claim “No tampon required” with the optional dri-tech mesh to secure additional protection if needed.

They use only the highest grade of materials in the construction of their underwear, meaning that there is NO plastic and NO latex in them at all.

The period apparel is easy to take care of and is so durable they can last for up to 3 years. Just throw them in the wash and tumble dry! – no handwashing needed. Please don’t use fabric softener because it can interfere with the material’s absorbent properties.

Ruby Love describes their period proof apparel as having four features:

4-layer Absorption System Technology:

  1. Dri-tech wicking mesh with built in pad pocket protects against front, back and side leaks.
  2. Built-absorbent organic cotton liner.
  3. A proprietary super absorbent layer helps to fight odor and keep you dry.
  4. Exterior leak resistant layer.

All of the products from Ruby Love have the features listed above and come in the following sizes (unless specified otherwise):

  • XS/SM (waist size 24-26)
  • SM/MD (waist size 26-28)
  • MD/LG (waist size 28-30)
  • LG/XL (waist size 30-33)
  • XL (waist size 33-36)
  • XXL (waist size 36-40)
  • 3XL (waist size 40-43)


Their Products:

1. Bikini Underwear

Look and feel comfortable on your period. Our Ruby Love Bikini Period Underwear stretches and conforms to your curves so you can be confident and worry-free.

Price: $17.99 to $22.99 each. (5% OFF Limited Offer! Use Coupon Code: “MCR”)

Colors: Solids such as Onyx, Sapphire, Classic Red, Amethyst, Rose Quartz and variety of patterns.


2. Hipster Underwear

Wear your favorite jeans on your period! Our Ruby Love Hipster period underwear sits right along your hips and works perfectly with low-rise pants, shorts, skirts and features our worry-free technology.

Price: $14.99 – $19.99. (5% OFF Limited Offer! Use Coupon Code: “MCR”)

Colors: Solids such as Onyx, Sapphire, Classic Red, Amethyst, Rose Quartz and variety of patterns.


3. High-Waist Underwear

Feel confident, safe and secure all day long. Our Ruby Love High-Waist Period Underwear features a classic look, full-coverage fit and worry-free technology.

Price: $22.99. (5% OFF Limited Offer! Use Coupon Code: “MCR”)

Colors: 6 Solids such as Onyx, Pale Pink, Zircon, Classic Ruby, Latte and Smokey Quartz.


4. Teen Underwear

Never worry about period embarrassment again! Now she can feel confident on her period when at school or out with friends. The innovative design holds sanitary napkins securely in place, while the additional absorbent central layer guards against leaks. Ruby Love’s unique center panel keeps pads from sliding regardless of activity level. The variety of colors and prints makes this underwear a great choice for teens.

Price: $16.99 – $18.99. (5% OFF Limited Offer! Use Coupon Code: “MCR”)

Colors: Solids such as Onyx, Sapphire, Classic Red, Slate, Jasper, Bubblegum and variety of patterns.


  • XS/SM Girls 10-12,Jr. 0
  • SM/MD Jr. 3-Jr.7
  • MD/LG Jr. 9-Jr.13
  • LG/XL Jr.15-Jr.17


5. First Period Kit

Take the stress out of her first period with a really cool, has-everything First Period Kit. Our Ruby Love First Period Kit has everything a girl needs to handle Aunt Flow, practice good hygiene and be worry-free in one of our keepsake boxes.

You can also personalize your gift with a special message. We encourage everyone to demystify period taboos so our girls can feel confident to #DoAnything any day of their period.

For $59.99, you get:

  • Period-Proof Teen Underwear (1)
  • Feminine Hygiene Pads
  • Ruby Love Discreet Carry Pouch
  • Make A Wish Grow-up Bracelet
  • Ruby Love Relaxing Sleep Mask
  • Cooling Eye Gel Mask (cooling ONLY)
  • Warm Cozy Socks (1 Pair)
  • Ruby Love Lip Balm
  • Ruby Love Stress Ball
  • Warming Gel Pad for Cramps
  • Heart Shaped Compact Mirror
  • Facial Essence Beauty Mask
  • Exfoliating Bath Sponge
  • Hair Elastics
  • Inspiration Notepad
  • Keepsake Satin Hygiene Pouch filled with hygiene essentials!
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Hygiene Wipes

Plus many, many more trendy surprise gifts for young girls

(5% OFF Limited Offer! Use Coupon Code: “MCR”)


6. Women & Teen Swimwear

Swim worry-free! Our Ruby Love Swimwear features our built-in absorbent liner and leak-proof technology, so you can swim, paddleboard, surf or just lounge on the sand all day. Our period swimwear is designed specifically for water activity. No swelling in water! One piece, two piece and swim bottoms available.

Price: $34.99 – $59.99. (5% OFF Limited Offer! Use Coupon Code: “MCR”)

Colors: Variety of solid colors, prints and patterns.


7. Sleepwear

Sleep in comfort and style! Nighttime leaks and sleeping on towels are a thing of the past with our Ruby Love Period Sleepwear. Look cute, be comfortable – will not ride up and features our leak-proof technology.

Price: $34.99 – $59.99. (5% OFF Limited Offer! Use Coupon Code: “MCR”)

Colors: Solids such as Onyx, Classic Ruby and variety of patterns.



8. Activewear

Be Active, Do Anything. Worry-Free! Yes, it really works! Our patented leak-proof technology that works perfectly for our period underwear works just as well for activewear!

Price: $29.99 – $49.99. (5% OFF Limited Offer! Use Coupon Code: “MCR”)

Color: Solids such as Onyx, Classic Ruby, Sun Tan and a pattern style.


Special Features

  • Absorbent built-in liner, can be worn alone or paired with pad, tampon or menstrual cup for additional protection.
  • Curved gusset with pocket can hold our double-sided reusable pad or any standard-sized feminine pad securely in place.
  • It has more leakproof features and options for stains and leaks.
  • It is properly angled to collect your flow immediately onset.
  • It helps prevent back, side, or front leakage.
  • Ruby Love isn’t just period underwear. It’s designed to catch all of life’s pesky leaks.
  • It doesn’t contain plastics, polyurethane laminate (PUL) or other materials that cause odors.
  • It’s machine washable and dryable.
  • It’s affordable.
  • No chafing.
  • Four-way stretch fabric provides a snug fit.
  • Period apparel does not contain plastic so they allow for free airflow and comfort. – Click to Enter!


Customer Feedback


About the Company


Founded by Crystal Etienne in 2015, Ruby Love (formerly known as PantyProp) is an apparel company rooted in the belief that periods should never stop women from doing, being and going. She developed a smart, intuitive, patent-pending technology that offers maximum absorption, protection against leaks and stains, peace of mind, and complete discretion, so period days can be like every other day.

Final Thoughts

The Ruby Love line of functional undergarments, swimwear and clothing were thoughtfully designed with menstrual pad wearers in mind. Not only do they hold pads in place, they have leak-proof absorbent qualities for extra comfort.

The only downside to these panties is that the pad holding gusset can only hold standard-sized pads. If you prefer extra-long pads, you can still place them on top of the gusset, they just won’t fit into the pad-holding pocket. However, it will effectively hold standard-length pads of all thicknesses and absorbency levels. And the absorbent liner is built-in.

Even if you don’t normally wear pads, you may appreciate the absorbent qualities that give back-up protection against leaks. Also, Ruby Love period underwear will hold a pantyliner in place. Normally, small panty liners are notorious for bunching up and slipping out of place. That won’t happen with Ruby Love menstrual underwear and clothing.

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  1. Overall Score

    these are really comfy (I got a swimsuit) I haven’t tried it in the water for the simple reason that I don’t have my period at the moment. I am really scared that I would leak sooooo yaaaaa.

    + PROS: - fast shipping - comfortable - fits well
    - CONS: - a bit small - a little bulky
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  2. Overall Score

    These underwears are like diapers. If you want an alternative there are better brands. I suggest doing a google search. The fit is terrible and the customer service is TERRIBLE. Way over priced. They are a rip off do not buy these. I don’t know what underwear you were sent but these are embarrassing.

    + PROS: My daughter liked the one piece bathing suit
    - CONS: Terrible customer service No returns even on unopened boxes FIT LIKE DIAPERS Embarrassing for anyone that wears them Sizes run strange
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  3. Overall Score

    Buyers beware, this company has appalling customer service, one of the worst I’ve ever received and I would never recommend them for this reason alone. If you’re happy with your purchase all good, but if you’re unhappy or they send you the wrong items that you’ve paid good money for, like in my case, they will do nothing for you other than make you pay for shipping to do an exchange. What you see may not be what you get. There are other companies offering similar products and I would recommend going with a company that doesn’t make you pay for their mistakes. I’m now off to the Department of Commerce to file a formal complaint and demand a refund, an absolute waste of my time and resources humpf 🙁

    + PROS: None
    - CONS: Lots
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  4. Ruby Love is the absolute worst!!! Do not use this company. I placed an order and I needed to change the delivery address because it would not be delivered in time. They said they could not do that and cancelled the order but would not give me a refund (because I paid with PayPal). They gave me store credit which is useless because now I have to pay for shipping even because the store credit no longer qualifies for free shipping. I also have to purchase more than my original amount because my new state as less sales tax and I cannot use ANY of the store credit, unless I use ALL of it at once. I really just want a refund!!! I have complained to the BBB, but they refuse to reply even to the BBB. I have never had a problem getting a refund via PayPal ever. I would just as easily accept a check in the mail, but they have refused everything. My items that I ordered never even left their warehouse, so I never got any products, but I am out about $100. This happened in December and I still have no resolution. DO NOT USE RUBYLOVE!!!!

  5. Honestly the worst customer experience I have ever experienced. I bought these and shethinx for my daughters first period and I would definitely recommend shethinx over the Ruby love. Better shopping experience, better product.

  6. RubyLove Were A Waste of Money!!

    Sooo disappointed by Ruby Love.
    Firstly they are not cheap…
    And in actual fact when compared with several other companies are one of the most expensive…
    Stupid me I thought this would mean better quality and better customer service… NOOOOOOOOO…
    I was charged Tax and Shipping on top of the 7 pairs of panties I ordered for a total of around $180 NZD (New Zealand $$) which is not a small amount of money.
    Also when they arrived they were just loose in the box which didn’t concern me until I saw reviews etc all saying that they were wrapped.
    When they did they were not the same size….
    The labels say the same size but they are most definitely not!!!
    Next I had a light flow and it couldn’t even hold 1 tampon’s worth of blood….
    They leaked on the side and through the bottom….
    And they put in the box that they give 0 refunds only exchanges!!
    Why would I want to pay for them to send more that don’t do the job and don’t fit…
    I have emailed them 3 days ago with 0 response and I doubt I will get one based on a lot of other people’s comments…
    And I was even polite to them when I didn’t want to be…
    My advice shop elsewhere as there are plenty of other companies I have now found that don’t add on Taxes and Shipping costs, are a better price, ship faster AND offer money back guarantees…
    This company should be ashamed of themselves….

  7. Overall Score

    I was very disappointed with these. They claim to give full coverage, but leaked right through, staright away. The company were not helpful and di not consider my grievance. Other brands, specifically Modibodi do not leak for me.

    - CONS: These leak terribly and can't be relied on apart from on the lightest days
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  8. Ruby love products arrived horribly packaged – everything was thrown loosely into a poly mailer and the packaging for everything was damaged. The swimsuit I bought for my daughter was nice, but the underpants and sleep shorts were awful. The elastic was tight and the rest was too big – and they looked and fit like diapers. I was upset enough to immediately contact them and ask for an exchange – that was over two months ago. I got a response today with instructions for an exchange but I long ago threw these pieces of junk away.

  9. Overall Score

    Please do not buy this product…

    I bought this to use along with my menstrual cup, and have run into nothing but problems, despite the fact that I paid almost $200. I ordered 4 pairs of underwear for myself and 4 for my mum. I only had the option of $30 shipping and had to pay $20 tax. To begin with I found this very overpriced, especially considering they have a “50% off international orders offer”. It was delivered a week later, and I had no problems with the shipping, but I shouldn’t have had, considering it was $30. When they first arrived, it all came neatly packaged in cute little boxes, but that is all the good things about this brand. Firstly, in the pack which I specifically asked for dark colours only, they gave me a yellow pair of underwear, which, Im sorry to say, is not dark. Also, the underwear itself didn’t really look like the quality of almost $20 a pair underwear… Then, when I tried the underwear on, it was way too small, to the point where it felt extremely uncomfortable. I don’t know why this is, seeing as I wear an XS in everything, and sometimes even an XXS, and I ordered the XS/S pair. My mum also had the same problem, so we wrote to RUBY, asking them what we could do. They sent an auto-generated email, a week later, despite the fact they claimed to write back in 72 hours. They provided no solution for the problem, other than trying to stretch the underwear, and that we could exchange it, only if we paid for the shipping to their warehouse in America. Considering we live in Saudi Arabia, this is almost impossible, but luckily we were going to France soon, so that wasn’t a problem. I took my mums underwear, which was a size up, and that fit okay, so I kept it. Now, my period started today, so I decided to try on the underwear, without any other protection. After less than an hour, I found that my shorts had been ruined because the underwear had leaked. Now keep in mind that my period is relatively light on my first day, and on top of that, the underwear claims to hold 2 1/2 tampons, without leakage, and I had not bled much at all, it was like the blood had just gone right through the underwear. Now, the problem is that RUBY does not accept refunds unless they send you the wrong thing, only exchanges, if you haven’t worn the underwear without your own underneath. So I have just wasted almost $200 on something that does not even work. If you want to buy period underwear, please buy more recognized brands, like thinx, which actually provide solutions for your problem, have good customer service, and don’t sell products that don’t do what they claim…

    + PROS: -Fast shipping if you pay $30 for it
    - CONS: -Overpriced -Don't send you the colours you ask for -Sizing way too small -Leak after less than an hour on light days -Bad customer service -Awful refund policy
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  10. Overall Score

    BUYER BEWARE, Rubylove does not accept returns if an item doesn’t fit. I ordered an overpriced swimsuit that didn’t fit my daughter and learned this the hard way. Their competitor Modibodi does accept returns.

    - CONS: No refund policy
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