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Ruby Cup Sizes and Models

The Ruby Cup is a menstrual cup that is manufactured in China. It is made of silicone and comes in 2 different sizes/models:
Ruby Cup
40 mm
65 mm
46 mm
19 mm
19 ml
24 ml
3 /5
3 /5
3 /5
Ruby Cup
45 mm
68 mm
51 mm
17 mm
24 ml
34 ml
3 /5
3 /5
3 /5
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Women all over the globe are learning that the menstrual cup is the best menstrual care product of this generation. The menstrual cup is a convenient, safe, green-friendly, and very cost-effective solution in comparison to other menstrual aid products such as tampons, and sanitary napkins. It also offers females of all ages a certain feminine freedom that cannot be acquired by any other means.

The Ruby Cup is similar to many other menstrual cups sold on the market, and is sometimes compared with the Fleur cup in likeness. However it does possess a unique one size for all design, and is apparently well-liked by consumers overall for its versatile performance in supplying viable menstrual leakage protection.


The Ruby Cup has reached epic proportions in helping women in third-world countries to have a healthier, cleaner, environmentally compatible, and more comfortable menstrual solution.


Ruby Cup Specs, Sizes, and Options

The Ruby Cup, medical-grade based menstrual cup is available in only a single size that can suit all women, and possesses a grooved, hollow stem. The Ruby Cup can be reused time and time again for up to 10 years.


The Ruby Cup is offered in the classic clear color, and also in colors- blue and pink.




The Ruby Cup company also offers an array of sets of their menstrual cups in duo packs and with other compatible feminine aid products. All single purchases of Ruby Cup Classic and Ruby Cup Colors come with the cup of choice, a pretty cotton pouch with a ruby gem emblem on it, and a full set of instructions.


Buy One Give One

The Ruby Company offers a buy one give one package for those who want to purchase a cup for themselves- for every purchase of a single Ruby Cup the company’s campaign supplies one to a female in a third world country with limited resources for feminine menstrual care.




Two Classic Sister Pack (“one for you, and one for your sister”)

The Ruby Cup Classic Sister Pack is a package of two Classic Ruby Cup, menstrual cups, 2 carrying pouches, and instructions.


This can be purchased for a discount in comparison to making two divided purchases of the Classic Ruby Cup.



Two Colors – Sister Pack

The Ruby Cup Color Sister Pack includes two Ruby Cups – your choice of 2 like or different colors- (blue and pink), 2 carrying pouches, and instructions. This is also available with a discounted price in comparison to purchasing two divided Ruby Cups.



One Colored & One Classic – Sister Pack

The pack includes 1 Color Ruby Cup (your choice between pink and blue), and one Classic (clear color) Ruby Cup, 2 carrying pouches, and instructions.




Ruby Cup Classic/Color with Sterilizer Cup

This package includes a Ruby Cup Classic/Color, one carrying pouch, one sterilizer cup (1 choice of 5 colors, and instructions.


Ruby Cup, Sterilizer Cup

The Ruby Cup Sterilizer Cup is a cup that is microwave and oven safe. You can just place your ruby cup in the sterilizer cup after filling it to the line with water. Let it reach a boil for 2-3 minutes (microwave) or 10 minutes in the conventional oven. It is available in the packages above or individually for sale. The Ruby cup, sterilizer cup comes in 5 colors: green, blue, black, orange, and pink.



Ruby Cup, Menstrual Cup Special Features

The Ruby Cup, menstrual cup dons some impressive features and attributes which could enable it to be just the right menstrual cup for you.

  • Can be reused for up to 10 years without needing to be replaced
  • Boasts a squishy form, which makes it very comfortable as a fit
  • Capacity of up to 34 ml (good capacity for protection)
  • Stem features extra grooves for easy grip removal
  • Design of cup allow for best ease in use, comfort level, and protection
  • Is widely available through countless retailers online and off
  • Box that the Ruby Cup merchandise is shipped in is bio-degradable
  • The pouch for the Ruby Cup is very flattering and feminine
  • They Ruby Cup company matches every purchase of a Ruby Cup and supplies one to a female in need of one in a third-world country.
  • Ruby Cup is produced in strict accordance with ROHS regulations and has passed SGS quality control.
  • Ruby Cup is made of medical grade silicone and the material reaches FDA and LFGB standards.


Cleaning and Storing of the Ruby Cup

The menstrual cup is so convenient to clean and store, especially when it comes to the care and maintenance of the Ruby Cup, menstrual cup. The Ruby Cup is a breeze to care for!

Cleaning Ruby Cup During Use

When you are on your period and need to empty your Ruby Cup, menstrual cup you should:

  1. Wash your hands before and after removal
  2. Empty the fluid out of the Ruby Cup
  3. Wash with warm water and gentle soap
  4. Dry with cotton cloth
  5. Reuse




Public Restroom or Other Circumstances

If you find yourself in a less private atmosphere, and need to empty and reuse your Ruby Cup, you should:

  1. Empty your Ruby Cup contents into a toilet
  2. Wipe out with a wet wipe, cloth or toilet paper as best you can
  3. Reuse
  4. Rinse and wash your Ruby Cup as soon as you can in private setting


Sterilizing Your Ruby Cup

After a full use (1 month) of the Ruby Cup, you should sterilize it. You can use the Ruby Cup sterilizer cup (if you purchased it) to microwave your cup for 3-4 minutes- or the oven method for 10 minutes.

If you DO NOT have the sterilizer cup for the Ruby Cup, you can boil it in a pot or pan on the stove for 3-4 minutes, let cool, and then dry & store.


Storing your Ruby Cup

Storing your Ruby Cup is a cinch! All you have to do after use is to make sure it is clean (sterilized) and dry- and place it into the cotton Ruby Cup pouch that came with your purchase until next use.

*Make sure you store it in a cool, dry area for the best preservation of your Ruby Cup.


Ruby Cup Pros

Although the Ruby Cup has only made its presence about 4 years ago, the Ruby Cup has made many females very happy with what it offers them in comparison to other menstrual cup designs and brands available. The Ruby Cup has received an extensive amount of great ratings and praise for being many reviewers’ perfect fit, ideal- “Goldilocks Cup.”

Grippy Dot Stem Best Feature – The grippy stem is the most talked about feature of the Ruby Cup. Consumers like it because it is trimmable and also provides enough friction with a grip to easily remove the cup.
Can be worn during activity, overnight with fool – proof leak protection- Consumers report that the Ruby Cup is great at providing protection, especially through activity and during the full night. They seem ultimately surprised that even in the first use, that there are no common leaks experienced as with many other menstrual cups brands.
Very good quality silicone, still squishy, ultimately comfortable – A few commenters stated that the quality of the silicone is superb. The cup appears to have a matte finish, is squish-soft, but firm enough to allow it to perform when inserted optimally.
Very easy to insert with punch -down fold (pops right open)- Females love the Ruby Cup because it is just about the best menstrual cup there is to insert. The cups can be inserted by using the punch-down fold method, and then it pops right open to form the leak-proof seal of protection.

Ruby Cup Cons

After much perusal all over the web, it was very difficult to find anything negative about this brand of menstrual cup. The usual “learning curve complaints” which are common with most cups were made along with the fact that the single size was not truly ideal for some females who chose to go with other routes.

Higher price tag then some cups – Some reviewers stated that they would rather use a menstrual cup that features a little less expensive price tag. However- considering the 10 year life-span of the Ruby Cup the investment is paid back in full within only 2 months of use.


Customer Reviews & Customer Feedback


Ruby Cup Frequently Asked Questions

There may be some questions that you want answered before making a decision to purchase the Ruby Cup. To address your inquiries and concerns, we have listed some frequently asked questions with the pertinent answers below.
Is the Ruby Cup dishwasher safe?

No. The Ruby Cup can be microwaved or even sterilized in the oven, however only through the sterilization cup method. The Ruby cup should not be ran or cleaned through a dishwasher. It could permanently damage your cup.

How do I know if my Ruby Cup is inserted correctly?

You will know when the Ruby Cup is inserted properly, because it will not even be noticeable when worn and will not leak at all.

Should I cut the stem of my Ruby Cup?

Some users of the Ruby cup do not cut the stem as it works for them, but if you feel the stem when you wear the cup you can trim it down gradually in increments to achieve the best fit and comfort. It is also important to be cautious when trimming your stem so that you do not damage your cup.

Can I share my Ruby Cup?

For the best hygiene safety and health it is not recommended that you share the Ruby Cup.

Will the Ruby Cup cause bacterial infections or thrush?

The Ruby Cup is made of medical-grade silicone that is ultimately safe and will not cause any allergic reactions. The cup should not cause any bacterial infections or thrush when cared for and used properly, washed regularly, and worn as recommended.

Is the Ruby Cup smelly or odorous?

No. The Ruby Cup DOES not absorb it captures so there are no odors or smells associated with it.

Can I wear the Ruby Cup while participating in SEX?

No. The cup is not a contraception method or should it be worn during any sexual activity where penetration is made to the vagina.

Will the Ruby Cup cause more menstrual cramps and pain?

No. In fact most users of the menstrual cup reports that when used in the correct way that the Ruby cup actually can help minimize and alleviate cramps and menstrual pain.

Can I wear the Ruby Cup if my flow is heavy?

The Ruby Cup boasts an ample capacity and is perfectly great for use with those females who may have a heavy flow or experience clotting.


Ruby Cup Company Profile

The Ruby Cup manufacturer is Makit, “an award winning social business with passion and drive for creating social change”. However the Ruby Cup was innovated, developed, and designed by three women- Maxie Matthiessen, Veronica D’Souza and Julie Weigaard-Kjaer, who met in Denmark during their business school studies in Copenhagen. They set up a company in Nairobi, Kenya, and did a lot of inclusive product development. Currently Maxie is running operations based in Berlin, and Julie manages the financial and social impact of the business side of Ruby Cup. The Ruby Cup has been sold on the market since 2011, and has established a good reputation for providing females with a menstrual cup alternative to other menstrual aids and products.

The company produces mainly the ruby cup, and the sterilizer cup which have become critically acclaimed for quality, performance, and comfort.

The whole mission of the Ruby Cup is to provide a sustainable and healthy menstrual hygiene solution to women and girls worldwide and the Makit company stands by its #1 product by supplying one female in need of a menstrual cup with a Ruby Cup for every single Ruby Cup that is purchased.


Ruby Cup, Menstrual Cup: Bottom Line

The Ruby Cup’s performance as a main stream menstrual cup is quite surprising. It offers a basic one size, but has all the criteria necessary for it to be one of the leading cup brands ever produced. Women like the silicone quality, the sleek design with the rippled dot grips on the stem, and the leak protection is outstanding.

To top it off the cup manufacturer is a firm supporter of educating women, providing women in need with menstrual cups, and also creating an awareness for everyone about the need to support eco-friendly feminine solutions. When you invest in a Ruby Cup menstrual cup, you are not only getting a single cup for yourself but you are also providing another woman with the same opportunity to have the freedom that the menstrual cup gives that is so highly acclaimed.


Where to Buy The RubyCup Menstrual Cup

The Ruby Cup, menstrual cup has a wide-spread reach on an International scale of availability throughout retailers like Walmart and other popular drug store chains. Additionally, the Ruby Cup is also available with deep incentives and discounts through a variety of well-trusted online sources (check the list at the top of this page).

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  1. Overall Score

    I have the larger size clear Ruby Cup. I am 46, have a wide vagina and a high cervix, have delivered two children, have a very heavy flow.

    I love my Ruby Cup. My older kid loves their Ruby Cup. I have tried a Diva, a Yukki, and a Lily Compact, and the Ruby is my favorite. I like the firmness, the ease of insertion, ease of removal, the capacity (since I have a very VERY heavy flow), the texture. Even though I am fat, I find I can reach around my belly to insert the Ruby, and I find that it is still very effective for me although I have strong vaginal walls. I like that it is secure, comfortable (almost too easy to forget!), and I have fewer issues with leaking than with any other period product.

    I do find that if I have a particularly heavy flow at night, the cup leaks a little (which I don’t have a problem with when I am upright), but it’s better than any of the other options I’ve tried.

    I did have trouble with staining in the hollow stem, but an overnight soak in hydrogen peroxide dealt with that just fine. The cup sterilizes beautifully, the carrying pack is easy to have with me, and I never worry that I’m going to be out somewhere and start my period without an option.

    I’ve been using this cup for at least 2 years, and I only wish I’d started using a cup sooner! This is definitely my Goldilocks cup and I’m so happy to have one, and to have been able to give a couple to friends.

    + PROS: comfortable, easy to insert and remove, great capacity, easy to clean
    - CONS: hollow stem can stain, can be less protective when lying down
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  2. Overall Score

    I bought a number of brands of cups when I started out with cups, thinking I wanted to find the right one. This one is one that I have stuck with, while not my favorite it is used regularly. I mainly use a Diva Cup but find I want a softer one near the end of the cycle so I sometimes switch to a Ruby at the end or if I am crampy. I find the Ruby much softer and it is slightly shorter than the Diva and the grip rings are very smooth so I don’t get any irritation if it sits low. But also because it is soft I have to use the 7 fold rather than the punch down, if I use punch down fold the Ruby is prone to not opening. The only down side is I cut the stem of mine and now find it a bit harder to remove without it since the grip rings are so rounded. The suction release holes were ok on it (but I enlarged them slightly anyways just for comfort and ease when removing).

    + PROS: soft very comfortable
    - CONS: smooth grip rings, could be more gripy
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  3. Overall Score

    I’ve been using the Ruby Cup small for probably 4 or 5 cycles by now, and I love it! I’m writing this review because I feel so strongly about it and all my friends who remain unconvinced about menstrual cups are tired of hearing about it by now, haha. The silicone is just the right amount of flexible to make folding it long enough to insert it very easy, and for me the size and shape is great. I have a lower cervix, so I had to cut off the entire stem, but the cup itself is just right for me, and easy to grab and remove now that I have the hang of it.
    I can normally wear it for the full 12 hours; occasionally it has leaked but that’s after more than 12 hours in bed when I know I should have gotten up anyway, or on exceptionally heavy days? (Still unsure if that was user error or simply too much blood) I don’t even bother to wear a pad or liner with it ever, I always trust it to catch everything when I’m out of the house, and if there is an issue, at this point I would be comfortable changing it anywhere because it is so easy to use! The Ruby Cup has totally changed how I experience my periods and in a way I actually look forward to using it now because I think it’s so cool.

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  4. Overall Score

    This was the first cup I tried when I started on my journey into eco-friendly periods. After reading many reviews, I decided to go with Ruby Cup mostly because I love that when you buy one for yourself, you’re buying one for a girl in Kenya too. They also do a lot to educate these girls about periods and hygiene since it’s a big problem over there. I choose the medium since my flow can tend to get heavy. First time I put it in, it went great. It was so much easier than I thought it would be. I didn’t have to struggle to get it to open or get it into place. No leaking at all. Easy to remove. My cervix tends to get low during my cycle, so unfortunately there are days where I can’t wear the cup because it sits too low in my vagina which is a shame. I bought a Sckooncup in size 1 hoping that would help, but the Ruby Cup is still far more comfortable even though it’s slightly too long for me. I think I’m going to purchase a Ruby Cup in small and hopefully that solves my problem with the bottom of the cup poking out of me all the time.

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  5. Overall Score

    I started using my Ruby Cup for the first time a few days ago. It’s the first menstrual cup I’ve tried. No complaints whatsoever about the ease of insertion or the wearing comfort, seriously great! I’ve never experienced any other cup but I can feel that this one is made very well and of a high quality silicone. No serious leakage either, although I didn’t keep it completely dry… not even after a short time of 4 hrs, and I have a light to medium flow! The cup was never filled over 5ml.

    But now I’m getting to the actual reason why I only give Ruby Cup 2 stars, and I really cannot believe no one else has had this issue: getting it out again! Wtf!!!! Total drama! Since I’m new to menstrual cups and was already a bit anxious about not being able to get it out anymore, I left the stem sticking out a little bit. But it just works itself up there during the day! By the time I wanted to get it out I could only reach the tip of the stem with the tip of my index finger, so the only thing could do is to try and push it down by using my abdominal muscles until I could reach it… Sorry for the dirty talk but because of the minor leakage the stem gets all slimy too so these grip dots don’t work anymore either! What the hell, Ruby Cup?!!! Couldn’t you design a cup with a ring you can just put your finger through and pull it down?

    This happened now twice in 3 days, and I’m totally done spending almost an hour in the bathroom, close to crying, hopelessly trying to get that stupid thing out of my body. Menstruation is already a burden enough without that. I’m back to using tampons.

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    • Sounds like many of the issues are due to being the first time using a cup. It takes a few months to get use to them, it took me over 6 cycles before I was comfortable and got the right hang of things. I would recommend trying a different style of cup. If it is leaking it may not be opening properly or it may be a bad fit or two soft for your body. It also sounds like you may have a high cervix so may do better with a taller/longer or firmer cup such as the Diva. If you cannot get a cup out after a few tries just leave it, take a relaxing shower and try again a half hour later. Getting frustrated does not help and the cup can stay in 12 hours no issues, an extra hour or two is not a problem so give yourself time to relax and come back later. It could be suction issues as well, I enlarge the holes on mine with a 2mm craft punch to help make removal easier (definitely recommended for the Diva as well, it has tiny holes, way to small in MHO).

  6. I’ve tried the Diva, Keeper, and Fleur cups. They were all okay but the Ruby surpasses them. I did not like how some brands recommend their larger size after you have children. I have a light flow, even after having two children and find large cups excessive and a bit uncomfortable. The Ruby Cup is available in two sizes, similar in dementions to the Diva Cups. The sizes are for a light to moderate flow, and a moderate to heavy flow as opposed to, “Oh, you’re older/a mother? Your vag must be huge and/or gushing copious amounts of blood!” The Ruby’s cup isn’t as long the Diva’s cup, which I find to be much more comfortable (although the Diva didn’t bother me terribly, once I made the switch I immediately noticed the difference). To make up for the shorter, stockier cup, (holds the same amount of fluid, just shaped better) the stem is a bit longer and covered with tiny nubs that are actually extremely efficient grips, even when wet. Out of all the cups I’ve tried, The Ruby is, by far, the easiest to remove and the most comfortable. I’ve never had a leak, it comes in cute colors, and for every cup purchased, they donate one to a girl in need. My one complaint is that after ordering, I never received a confirmation email or shipping email. I emailed customer service and they were very personable and immediately helpful; my item had already been shipped. Oh, also that they’re made in China… Ugh… Almost lost a star for that. But the cup itself is really wonderful.

  7. Overall Score

    Really great! I love it. When I first started using it I thought there’d be leaks because I was a beginner and didn’t master the art of putting it in, but not a speck of blood got outside my vagina. The grooves really help with pulling it out and surprisingly I actually managed to quickly learn how to get it out without it spilling.
    It’s like I’m not even on my period when I wear it, I can wear whatever I want with no fear! It’s truly very freeing. And for a lazy bones like me it is SO nice to not worry about having to change a pad or tampon. No icky cotton too! Feels way better than tampons which can be painful to remove because they absorb your vagina’s natural lubricant.
    The only problems I saw were the fact that it seems to give me mild pain in my abdomen and it absolutely smells horrible after use. Maybe all it needs is a good thorough wash or to be boiled, but when you first take it out, oi. Prepare yourself.
    But I would gladly take this cup over any other period products. I think it really made periods a lot more pleasant.

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  8. Overall Score

    it’s a cup! so that’s amazing, it’s a wonderful invention. as far as compared to other cups, i’ve noticed in the ca 5 times that i’ve used this ruby cup, that it is harder to remove, than previous cups i’ve owned.

    today i finally figured out why. when i first got it i thought it was a bit larger than the diva cup or the keeper ( i have owned them all) but i think it’s also a bit thicker, so it’s harder to pinch, and when i do finally manage to pinch it, on pulling it out the edge of the cup gives more resistance. sometimes my hands are so sore from trying that i have to walk away and try again later.

    it helps to remove some of the slithery stuff off the surface of the cup before i try to pinch it, but i’m really not sure how much more i want to struggle with it, and i may have to replace it with another brand.

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  9. Overall Score

    Ansley one of my favorite cups! I rotate between this one, the lunette cup and the Si-Bell cup. Ruby Cup is both firm enough to stay open if you have strong vaginal walls yet soft enough to be used when you’re cramping. I HIGHLY recommend this cup to friends.

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