Ruby Love Period Panties vs. Thinx Period Panties | Comparison

The time has come where you have finally made the important choice of leading a more environmentally friendly life, and decided to stop creating trash and wastage in the use of tampons and sanitary pads. The most trash-free effective life to take care of your menstrual cycle, is through the usage of period panties. Just as a reminder, if you also enjoy wearing a menstrual cup, period panties can be worn for times of any leakage on your heavier-bleeding days. Period panties are extremely popular these days, but it’s hard deciding which ones to use with so many to choose from. In this comparison review, we research two brands in depth that are doing really well on the market, Ruby Love Period Panties and Thinx Period Panties.

Ruby Love Period Panties

Ruby Love was introduced to the market in 2015 as PantyProp. The company was rebranded and relaunched in 2019. They cater for women, girls, men and the elderly, as their products also deal with incontinence. Their technology has a discreet, built-in absorbent organic cotton liner that is angled perfectly to absorb all menstrual fluid. They also offer a range of lovely period swimwear products, all made in the USA.


Ruby Love Period Panties cost anywhere from $16.99 to $24.99, which is not too bad in comparison to many of the period panties products out there. Their Period Underwear Bundles range from $69.99 for 4 pairs of panties to $99.99 for 7 pairs of panties. The fun First Period Kit + Teen Period Underwear costs $49.99. Their Ultimate Collection Boxes cost $189.99 for women, and $179.99 for teens. Their products can be ordered online.


Bikini Period Underwear – This fit is mid-rise with full coverage and a high-cut leg. This style also offers an Extra Stretch option. The fabric is 82% ITY knit blend and 18% spandex. The liner is made up of 2 layers of 100% absorbent cotton and dri-tech mesh. All styles hold 2.5 tampons worth of menstrual fluid.

Hipster Period Underwear – This style can be worn with jeans, low-rise pants, skirts, and shorts. The fabric is 82% ITY knit blend and 18% spandex. The liner is leak-proof and made up of 2 layers of 100% absorbent cotton and dri-tech mesh.

Brief Period Underwear – This style is cut from stretchy, ITY material and designed with a high cut leg that sits higher on the waist than the Bikini and Hipster styles. It’s comfortable and keeps you dry.

High-Waist Period Underwear – This style sits higher on the waist than all the other styles. It offers a classic look with a full-coverage fit. The fit is low hi-rise, full-coverage, and high-cut leg. The fabric is the same as all the other styles.

Teen Period Underwear – This style is especially for teens! It can be worn with or without Ruby Love’s Double-Sided Pad, a sanitary pad, tampon, or menstrual cup. The fit is low-rise, full-coverage, and hip-hugging.


Ruby Love is amazing in the fact that they have such a wide range of colors available, with stunning patterns as well! The Teen Period Underwear is full of polka dots, stripes, stars and fun patterns, while the adult female underwear is offered in a rainbow of colors like pink, red, mauve, turquoise, blue, black, yellow, green, pink and more! It also includes a range of awesome patterns and designs.


The sizes available in the Ruby Love Period Panties range are Junior (for girls aged 10-12), XS/SM, SM/MD, MD/LG, LG/XL, XL, XXL, and 3XL. The measurements for these sizes can be found on their size chart.

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Thinx Period Panties

Thinx Period Panties made its way onto the market in 2013. The facility that makes the period panties is in Sri-Lanka, and has won awards. All of the panties are made with innovative technology that draws away all moisture. These period panties neutralize smells and keep you feeling good, clean and fresh throughout your menstrual cycle. There are many charities linked with this company.


You can pick up a pair of Thinx Period Panties internationally in South Africa, Austria, the United States, Iceland, the United Kingdom, France, Canada, the Netherlands, Australia, Ireland, Japan, and Germany. They can also be purchased online. The prices range from $25 to $45.


Super Hiphugger – The Super Hiphugger is perfect for those days where you bleed heavy, as it holds up to 4 regular tampons worth of menstrual fluid. These offer more absorbency than any of Ruby Love’s Period Panties, and are a must have if you tend to bleed very heavy, and don’t want to end up changing your panties too many times during the day.
Regular Hiphugger – The Regular Hiphugger holds 2 regular tampons worth of menstrual fluid, and offers a lot of full coverage at the back.Sport – The Sport is a style that holds 1 and a half tampons worth of blood, and is for days when you feel like working out and aren’t bleeding too heavy.
Super Hi-Waist – The Super Hi-Waist is also a fantastic design if you are a heavy-bleeder and need a pair of period panties that offers that extra support and security. It holds up to 4 regular tampons worth of menstrual fluid.Hi-Waist – This style holds 2 tampons worth of menstrual fluid, and suits dresses really well. It is very comfortable, and the stitching on this particular style is stretchier than some of the other styles.
Boyshort – These are great as they hold 2 tampons worth of menstrual fluid, are fantastic to wear to bed, and perfect for you if you prefer a more “masculine” style of underwear.Cheeky – The Cheeky style is aptly named as it shows off the cheeks – just not too much (as that’s for the Thong style). It holds 1 regular tampon worth of menstrual fluid.
Thong – The Thong holds half a tampon worth of blood, and is perfect for those days when you’re spotting. This style is incredibly popular, beautifully constructed, and is a great style to wear under anything, even if you aren’t bleeding, so it’s wise to order many!
Thinx Air – This range is thin, and holds 1 and a half tampons worth of menstrual fluid. They dry exceptionally fast, and are the perfect period panties to take with you when you travel. They are also very stretchy and super comfortable. The style that Thinx offers them in are the Hiphugger and Bikini styles. They’re best to wear on days when you’re not bleeding heavily.
Organic Cotton – This range is very comfortable and breathable. Its range of styles includes the Super Cotton Brief, Cotton Brief, Cotton Bikini, and Cotton Thong styles. They all hold different capacities worth of menstrual fluid.

BTWN – This range is especially for teens, and is made with organic cotton. It’s available in many wonderful bright colors and patterns! They all hold 1 and a half regular tampons worth of menstrual fluid, and the gusset is thicker, adding the extra support needed. These are great for teenagers experiencing their period!


Thinx and Ruby Love are equally great in their color and pattern options, although Ruby Love offers more colors and patterns! With Thinx, you’re able to get leopard print and other patterns, as well as period panties in blue, maroon, beige, black, turquoise, light mauve, and gray!


Thinx Perod Panties are easily available in XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, and 3XL. You can refer to their size chart for exact measurements.

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How to Decide Which Period Panties is the Best Choice!

When deciding what the best option is when looking at the choices available for period panties, there are a few other things to consider:

Availability & Shipment

Ruby Love sells their period panties only online. Ruby Love offers free shipping on US orders that cost $65 and more. They also offer their international customers 50% off standard shipping orders that cost $65 and up. Ruby Love ships worldwide to the US, Germany, the UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. They are also willing to send their period panties off to other countries, by asking you to tag them on Instagram and asking, which is pretty amazing! Thinx offers their period panties in many shops in different countries around the world (as discussed above), and online!


Ruby Love Period Panties – Ruby Love simply holds 2.5 tampons worth of period blood. They’re great but if you have days when you bleed heavy, you’re going to need many pairs of Ruby Love Period Panties. Otherwise, it’s great to alternate with Thinx styles that can hold up to 4 regular tampons worth of menstrual fluid. They feel a little bit thicker, but give you the added security you need.

Thinx Period Panties – Thinx Period Panties offers many different styles that hold different capacities. Their lightest range, the BTWN range, holds 1 and a half regular tampons worth of blood, while their adult range have different styles that can hold up to 4 tampons worth of blood.

Period Panty Sets

Ruby Love offers amazing Panty Sets that offer more than just panties. Their First Period Kits cost $49.99 and include everything from a cooling eye gel mask to feminine hygiene pads and underwear, as well as many other things a teen would love. Their Ultimate Collection Boxes cost $179.99 for teens and $189.99 for women, and include period swimwear, period sleepwear, period underwear and a gift, among other things. Their Period Underwear Bundles are available at $69.99 for 4 pairs, and $99.99 for 7 pairs of panties.

Thinx Saver Sets are offered in sets of 2 or 3, with 6 options to choose from. They are available from $68 to $93.

Other Thinx and Ruby Love Options

There are other superb period panties out there that are comparable to both Ruby Love and Thinx. These include Flux Period Panties,  Lilova Period Panties, ModiBodi Period Panties and more!

Conclusion – Ruby Love Period Panties vs. Thinx Period Panties – Which is better?

At the end of the day, us women normally have menstrual cycles at least 12 times a year, and it’s nice to know we can take care of them in the best way possible. Ruby Love is great in that they offer so many different colors and patterns and lovely swimwear, are really affordable, and have amazing gift box sets. Thinx is fantastic as some of their styles offer absorption of up to 4 regular tampons worth of menstrual fluid, whereas Ruby Love only offers 2 and a half for their Period Panties range. Thinx also offer their Thinx Air range which is great to bring along when traveling. Both offer amazing choices for teens. These are two amazing Period Panties companies, so the choice really lies in your hands according to your lifestyle and menstrual cycle!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Thinx work?

Thinx Period Panties soak up all your menstrual fluid. They have a patented design built within their panties that’s moisture-wicking, controls odor, is leak-resistant and ultra-absorbent! They keep you nice and fresh and dry for a long period of time. They’re ultra-thin as well, and feel like normal underwear!

How do I wash my Ruby Love Undies?

Ruby Love period panties must be washed with tender love and care. You can machine wash them AND tumble dry them – an option unavailable to many period panties out there. When machine washing them, it’s important to wash with similar colors. It’s VERY IMPORTANT to tumble dry on a low heat. Fabric softener must never be used.

Are Thinx free of harmful chemicals?

They sure are! Every single Thinx Inc. product gets tested for any sort of harmful chemical. They are all independently certified through STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® which includes REACH requirements. No one has ever discovered anything harmful in any of Thinx Inc. products. All products are tested and certified.

Can Ruby Love Period Panties replace pads and tampons?

Ruby Love period panties are made to hold pads in place should you feel the need for extra security. Standard-sized or super-absorbency sized pads can be worn. Ruby Love also offers machine washable, all-natural Double-Sided Pads. Ruby Love period panties can replace tampons and pads, but they only hold up to 2 and a half tampons worth of blood each!

What’s the difference between Thinx Super and Thinx Classic?

Thinx Super is fantastic for heavy bleeders as it holds up to 4 tampons worth of menstrual fluid. This is great as you don’t need to wear any pads with it in case of leaks. The Super style’s gusset is slightly thicker too. Thinx Classic holds up to 2 tampons worth of menstrual fluid, and is the perfect choice for when you’re not bleeding too heavy!

  1. Ruby Red has the worst customer service. I made a purchase of over 150.00. There %off offer was that if you spend 150.00 you get 20% off. I put the 15% code in by accident and now they won’t honor it. They are willing to give me a 5% credit. I just bought what I needed I don’t want a store credit. The last set I ordered leaked so I ordered a different size.I don’t know how good these are going to work. I haven’t opened up the package yet, I think I’m going to return even though I’ll have to pay for shipping. Thinx got great reviews on their customer service which means a lot to me. I will now purchase from Thinx. I read the reviews and if you’re not happy after trying they’re product you get a full refund even after trying out the product. Can’t go wrong with that. By Ruby Love, you won’t be missed.

  2. Ruby Love has the worst customer service! I like period underwear but Ruby Love sizes are terrible. I bought all mediums same style and only half fit. They are all sown different. Bizarre! They do not back their products and you can’t return anything even if it’s defective on the first use. One of mine was defective and they spoke to me so terrible in the email.
    I’m going to try Thinx.

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